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The family's younger brother, Brian Tom Everett Scott , must stay in school. Yes, a nurse could be hired, but the professor doesn't want a nurse poking around the house and disturbing his routine. Kate herself doesn't want Ellen to stay, but wasn't consulted by her husband or her daughter about the decision.

As autumn winds down into winter, Ellen coexists in the house with a mother who is clearly demented in the area of domestic activities. She belongs to a local group named the Minnies, who decorate Christmas trees with the fury of beavers rebuilding a dam. The luncheon meetings of the Minnies could be photographed for layouts in food magazines, and of course the Minnies cook everything themselves.

When Ellen breaks a piece of Kate's china, Kate asks her to save the pieces because she can use them in her mosaic table.

One True Thing by Anna Quindlen

Ellen finally tells Kate she thinks the Minnies are like a cult group. George, on the other hand, throws his daughter a bone; he asks her to write an introduction to his collected essays. She is flattered, although a little wounded that he then immediately asks her, in more or less the same spirit, to launder some shirts.

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The novel and film are based on Anna Quindlen's real life and her struggle of dealing with the death of her mother, Prudence Pantano Quindlen in , due to ovarian cancer. As the movie begins, she is visiting her family home for her father's surprise birthday party.

One True Thing

It becomes obvious that she deeply admires her father, George, a once-celebrated novelist and college professor, but has barely restrained disdain for her mother, Kate, and the domestic life she lives. When it is discovered that Kate has cancer, George pressures Ellen to come home and take care of her mother. Haar vader George vraagt Ellen naar het ouderlijk huis terug te keren om voor Katherine te zorgen.

Hoewel ze het idee in eerste instantie niet ziet zitten, wordt Ellen de zorgende moederfiguur van het gezin. Wiki Contact Algemene voorwaarden en privacybeleid. Inloggen met Facebook Twitter Google Microsoft.

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Blijf ingelogd. Wachtwoord vergeten. One True Thing Zowel Meryl Streep en William Hurt zaten aardig in hun rol.

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Het verhaal was op en top geschikt voor het genre drama, en dat versterkt door Thanksgiving, Kerst, Oud-en nieuw, en de ziekte van Meryl Streep Goed.. Goed voorbeeld hoe de juiste mensen Carl Franklin, Renee Zellweger, William Hurt en Meryl Streep een 'echte' film kunnen maken van een woensdag-avond-rtl4-drama. Wat een mooie film! Een film die laat zien hoe het de mensen vergaat die met in dit geval een kanker patient te maken hebben.