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  1. Kodiak Bears - Picture of Wildwood Zoo, Marshfield
  2. A newly built retreat gives visitors a chance to see the Kodiaks in their element
  3. See bears in Southeast Alaska
  4. The Kodiak Bear by Woodworth Jim - AbeBooks

We use cookies to provide the best experience on this website. Learn more or continue to use the site if you're happy with this. Enquire Now. Katmai National Park. Brown bear, Kodiak Island. Bald eagles. Sea otter.

Kodiak Bears - Picture of Wildwood Zoo, Marshfield

Overview Specially designed for wildlife lovers, this small group holiday focuses on exceptional bear viewing in two of Alaska's prime grizzly locations. Highlights Chance to see wolves, whales, sea lions, otters and bald eagles - and of course, grizzly bears! Incredible Encounters Largest coastal grizzlies in the world, these Alaskan brown bears can be spotted feasting on spawning salmon as the fish swim upriver, digging for clams or munching on sedge grass at the water's edge.

Your Research Vessel Your home for 4 nights is the converted research vessel Natural Habitat Ursus, providing a comfortable base that is ideally suited to exploring the scenic waterways of Katmai National Park. Katmai and Kodiak Heading ashore by zodiac, you will walk along the beaches of Katmai - your small group size offers the opportunity for closer encounters with the bears without disturbing them. Contact our Alaska specialists now. Authentic holidays for passionate travellers.

A newly built retreat gives visitors a chance to see the Kodiaks in their element

Group Size: Minimum group size: 1 Maximum group size: 8. Read on to find out more about Natural Habitat's commitment to responsible travel. Call us on to discuss your plans or. Browse the website. Personalised Quote. Witness the brown bears fishing on this ideal extension to an Alaska holiday. Discover more. Head off the beaten track into the Alaskan wilderness in search of wildlife. For the first time we would be camping in tents in the middle of bear country! What if I need to go to the bathroom at night in the middle of thousands of acres of virgin land loaded with huge bears? What about the bugs?

Where do we put our food? My wife and I were both haunted daily with the questions that only rookies like us would ask. We were fortunate enough to have two wonderful guides with us on our adventure. I will forever be indebted to these two fine gentlemen whose years of experience in the heart of the Kodiak Refuge benefited us tremendously. In fact, I attribute my vast knowledge of Kodiak to the great foundation laid by these two men who advised me on how to survive in bear country.

Since that first trip, I have had the good fortune to go into the field again several times with them and, in doing so, absorbed every possible way to live and act in bear country. Once in bear country, one might have the tendency to feel invincible. These runs are sure to give rise to optimal bear viewing.

If the fish are running and you venture to remote areas inside the Kodiak Refuge, you are almost always guaranteed a glimpse of the bear. Introduction The Bears of Kodiak Island, Alaska was written to share with you my experience and expeditions into the backcountry. At first I was hesitant to share this great place with the rest of the world because I wanted to keep it the secret it has been for me for over a decade! After a while, I had a change of heart. I was lucky enough to travel countless times to this wonderful island and felt I should start to let others know about this special place.

Up to this point, I had only shared it with a relatively small circle of family and friends. I was hammered with e-mails from all over the globe from individuals who wanted to know more about Kodiak and the bears. I soon came to the conclusion that many would never have a chance to see a huge Kodiak bear in the wild, as I had. Over the many years, I have had the chance to see hundreds and hundreds of these creatures in their natural and remote habitat.

Viewing these bears through the zoo display is just not the same, and I needed to let people, at least, see and feel what I have over the years. Yes, it is true, over the years several short articles and videos have been published about Kodiak, bringing the island closer to the armchair adventurer. In addition there are miles of black sand beaches with whales just off the shore, so close you feel you can run out and touch them!

These are some of the many reasons why I have chosen to return to Kodiak year after year. I sit for hours at a time deep in the backcountry waiting to get that perfect picture or even a quick glimmer of spring cubs running behind their mother. I even have this animal tattooed on my shoulder so I can look at it in the mirror everyday when I cannot be on Kodiak! After the first few trips to the bush my wife had enough. The lack of outlets for her hairdryer and no room service caught up with her!

The constant use of head nets to hit the hundreds of bugs attacking her every second was not her idea of fun. However my wife saw I needed more and supported my decision to continue traveling there year after year with family and friends. If you go the route of the independent, you have nothing other than what you fly in with when traveling to the Kodiak refuge. However, many commercial lodges can be found on Kodiak located near the refuge. If you are a traveler that likes to have the comforts of home wherever you go, you can start by visiting www.

But, as you will see, this can be expensive. But as I have stated I am the type of person that likes to do the trips on my own. This is how my adventures over the years started and continue, still, to this day. After several additional years of learning from local guides in the bush, I began to bring many of my family and friends to Kodiak with me.

This has turned into a serious hobby, and tradition, over the years. And, I have rented cabins from both the native organizations and refuge. In some cases, visitors must be willing to sit for hours to see bears. However, if you are looking for that ultimate experience of living with the land and bears, then I suggest at least a five to seven day stay in the backcountry.

Believe me, I learned the hard way. On the fourth day of our six-day excursion through Kodiak, my wife and I ran out of food. This was one of our first trips, and I had no clue about things like this, pretty embarrassing! We were so careful not to pack too much as the floatplane had weight restrictions. Lucky I always have my fishing pole close by and a native fish to Kodiak called Dolly Vardins are a constant catch each year. The town of Kodiak is a very neat place to explore if you take the time to drive around the Islands road small road system.

But, most of the roads are dirt, so you need to take your time. Many rivers off the road system offer some great fishing during the salmon runs. The road system that Kodiak offers also has breath-taking views around every corner. Caution: many roads on Kodiak are not paved. I have first hand experience how dangerous driving can be, especially in a rainstorm. One year I rented a SUV from a firm at the airport.

See bears in Southeast Alaska

I was traveling down one of these unpaved roads looking for adventure, and bears, of coarse, and we were caught in a very bad rainstorm. What I thought was a small puddle I drove through for several seconds before I realized we were into a massive flow of deep water! As we began to bob up and down in the water thoughts of drowning flashed in my mind. Though, my empty feeling of guilt and stupidity soon left me.

My other passengers quickly were able to release a back window and jump out as water poured in the thru the doors. I have never seen rain come down so hard and fast anywhere in my life.

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That two-mile walk back to the main road seemed like it would never end. We were several miles in on this road with not another human or automobile in site. My point here is simple. NEVER go off the main road unless you know where you are going! At least have a pair of hip waiters available to walk through what may look like just a puddle. And, make sure the ground is firm before you attempt to cross it in a vehicle; and by all means, if it is a rainy day think twice.

Over the course of my life, it seems I have always learned things the hard way and this time was no exception to that rule. Take it from one who looks back on this stupid mistake that cost me a great deal of money! What may look like an easy adventure off the beaten path could have end in disaster. However, take time to explore, rent a car and get out of town. The small Kodiak Airport offers several car rental agencies to choose from. The island is so large the second largest in the USA , and bears have so many areas to roam. This, however, cannot be said for other remote areas of the island, inaccessible by car, where fences and proper waste storage has not taken place.

One of the most important things I have learned over the years is criticality of proper food and waste storage. It is part and parcel of a wonderful experience in the backcountry. In fact, it is so essential, that I have chosen to expand on this in greater detail in a later chapter. Good logistics play a big role in having a trip you will never forget. Because the weather is so unpredictable, getting to Kodiak can be tricky. I give myself at least a hour buffer on Kodiak to account for weather before I fly out to the refuge.

In the past, I have been stuck waiting to fly out to the refuge for days. So, when you schedule a trip, plan on spending an extra day in town, just in case. This will also give you more of a chance to explore. As I have touched upon, my trips to the backcountry require that I bring everything in and haul everything out. In town you can find several retail stores to buy all the food and gear you need. I try to pack my coolers with frozen foods; they not only act as a cooling agent but also provide me with some great meals.

I have plenty of gear that also helps such as propane stoves, all the cooking materials, water purification bottles, and plenty of bug nets!! I also carry several bottles of pepper spray and a shotgun. The pepper spray has come in handy several times, and I am proud to say I have never had to use the firearm! I arm myself with a good pair of binoculars and a camera loaded with and speed film. I usually have at least rolls of film on all trips to the bush. Over the years taking pictures have become more important to me, so I have upgraded my cameras to change with the times.

I now use a Nikon F 35mm camera along with a back up. When you are in the refuge at any of the public use cabins, you will need to hike or raft to areas to have a better chance to view bears. You will find it takes a great deal of time as well as luck to get the perfect day, which to me includes bears and no rain. I find the best months to be June, July, August and early September.

No one can time the salmon runs on the button, but in my years of trips to Kodiak, I was never let down when I traveled to Kodiak during these months. Kodiak is also home to a thriving fishing industry; its many fisheries, along with several historical bunkers and placements from World War II, are easily visible from the water. In addition, learn about Kodiak's cultural and historical facets, and take in the breath-taking natural beauty that surrounds you in this wild island archipelago. Refreshments and snacks are served on board.

Your tour concludes back at the pier. This tour is not suitable for guests prone to seasickness, guests with limited mobility and guests who utilise a wheelchair. Guests are advised to wear warm, comfortable clothing in layers with a hat, gloves, scarf and flat, closed-toe walking shoes, and bring sun protection and a weatherproof jacket from the ship. Guests must be at least eight years old to participate on this tour. Although frequently encountered on this type of tour, wildlife sightings are not guaranteed. This tour is a rare opportunity to learn of the Kodiak's first people, known as the Aleut a name given by the Russians , or the more modern Alutiiq people.

The original inhabitants of the Kodiak Archipelago, the Alutiiq people have lived in the region for over 7, years, keeping their traditions and culture alive to share with each successive generation. Learn also of the impact World War II made on this first people, as well as modern attempts to create sustainable energy resources. Make three fascinating stops on your tour today, traveling via van transport by 30 minutes to your first destination to see the Kodiak's six wind turbines, which are perched atop Pillar Mountain.

Receive a narrated guided tour of the Alutiiq people from a local Alutiiq guide as you travel. At the peak of Pillar Mountain enjoy stunning views of the archipelago and learn the story of how this majestic place earned its name. Learn about the impact of Kodiak's military history on the Alutiiq people, and if interested and able, hike to a few of the cannon and bunker ruins that still remain decades after WWII. There are more sweeping ocean views to take in at this fort, and you may see a healthy sample of Kodiak's wildlife on land or even whales in the surrounding waters, which are a major feeding site for them.

Drive 20 minutes to the main tribal building for the Afognak Village. Kodiak is home to ten federally recognized Tribes, including Afognak. Visit their tribal building, which has been relocated from its original site on Afognak island that was destroyed in a tsunami. The Alutiiq history is interwoven with that of Russian influence, and this is reflected in the traditions of this people that live on.

On the journey to the Afognak Tribe, learn more about the Alutiiq people, including how this tribal nation was impacted by statehood and how it thrives in the midst of the forces of colonization. From your transport pass by and with time visit on foot the Russian Orthodox Church, the Alutiiq Museum, the Baranov Museum and the Alutiiq Ancestors Memorial, which are all located a short walk away from the central tribal headquarters.

Visit with local Alutiiq people, take photographs of key sites and enjoy the chance to peruse and possibly make a purchase of Alutiiq art and souvenirs. Make the brief minute drive to return to the ship. Please note: This tour involves minimal walking, mostly on flat surfaces and at the discretion of each guest; the entire tour can be done from the van if a guest chooses. There is one inclined surface at Fort Abercrombie to get to the viewing site of less than 50 feet. While the first two stops have unpaved surfaces, they are well-graded and easy to walk upon.

The transport van has the capacity to hold just one wheelchair, though there is no lift so guests with a wheelchair will need to transfer themselves or with the help of a travel companion and negotiate one step into the van. All tour stops are wheelchair accessible. This tour is not recommended for guests with a fear of heights, as the first tour stop is at the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean. Minimum age to participate is 9 and a child's safety seat needed for children younger than 13 and shorter than 4'9" may be made available with advance notice of at least 1 week informing the Shore Concierge Desk of the age, height and weight of the child.

Guests are recommended to wear comfortable shoes and to dress in layers appropriate to Kodiak's unpredictable weather, including a jacket. This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more. View cruises View cruises. Visitors to the island tend to follow one of two agendas: either immediately fly out to a remote lodge for fishing, kayaking, or bear viewing; or stay in town and access whatever pursuits they can reach from the limited road system. If the former is too pricey an option, consider combining the two: drive the road system to see what can be seen inexpensively, then add a fly-out or charter-boat excursion to a remote lodge or wilderness access point.

Floatplane and boat charters are available from Kodiak to many remote attractions, chief among them the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge , which covers four islands in the Gulf of Alaska: Kodiak, Afognak, Ban, and Uganik. An Introduction to Silversea Cruises. View our Brochures View our Brochures. Departure Departure Duration price. Sort by. Sort by close. Destination close. Africa and Indian Ocean. American West Coast. Russian Far East. South America. South Pacific Islands. World Cruises Grand Voyages.

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The Kodiak Bear by Woodworth Jim - AbeBooks

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Silver Cloud. Silversea Cruises. Silversea Expeditions. Feature close. Venetian Society. Wine Series Voyage. Bridge Sailings. Gentlemen Hosts. Wellness Cruises. Bear Viewing by Seaplane. More info Close. Deep-Sea Fishing. Depart the pier for the brief drive to the headquarters of Ft. Abercrombie State Park. Abercrombie State Park Upon arrival, your guide leads you on a hike along well-maintained natural and gravel trails offering breathtaking views and photo opportunities.