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It's quite simple! So simple that majority of our clients measure themselves with a tape measure bought from a local store. Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she precious? Less than one minute old I never thought through love we'd be making one as lovely as she but isn't she lovely made from love? What proud dad hasn't looked at his newborn baby and thought he or she was the greatest thing on the planet? Stevie Wonder felt exactly the same way when his daughter, Aisha, was born. Basically, his baby girl is the cutest, sweetest, and most angelic little baby on Earth.

That makes him one proud papa and one awesome songwriter. I am perfectly comfortable in admitting that recycled storylines, with the proper execution, fall in my comfort reads category. This book promises a re-telling of Pygmalion and threw around a lot of references to similar film adaptations in a very meta manner. I find it pretty hard to 1.

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I find it pretty hard to make me hate anything related to this trope. I can practically recite Pretty Woman from memory, the hacky sack performance in She's All That still cracks me up and seeing as I have been in an awful slump these past few days, I thought this was going to be an easy, breezy, fun ride.

We've seen it all before: rich, preppy hot guy Ethan Price is stuck with goth, pierced and "edgy" Stephanie Kendrick on a screenplay project in NYU film school. They hate each other at first sight. Only they don't. Not really. Mostly to put a stop to his mother trying to set him back up with his cheating ex but also because they're using it as source material for their Pygmalion-inspired screenplay.

Because they're method screenplay-writing students. They can't just fabricate a screenplay out of, oh I don't know, their imagination. Imagination is for pussies. They have to experience it to write it. Being rendered homeless over the summer and forced to live with her own cheating ex-boyfriend, Stephanie "reluctantly" gives in to the deal when Ethan threw in the offer to live in his apartment rent-free in exchange for her participation in this charade. Because this book chose a well-trodden path in contemporary romance, the burden lies really on the likability of the protagonists.

Unfortunately, neither Ethan nor Stephanie did any of that silliness. True, owning up to their stereotypes was an easy bribe but beyond that, I found both of them extremely annoying. Stephanie mistakes being uncouth, wearing black and being all around rude with edginess and righteous angst while Ethan assumes the role of the snobby, misogynistic douchebag without the charm. Which would have been totally fine for me if their alternating POVs didn't already lay both their cards out in the table from the get-go.

Unnecessary tension is unnecessary. For a story set in film school, I surely didn't feel Stephanie as the impassioned film student. A lot of the details were glossed over, those that were discussed about filmmaking were already common knowledge. I didn't expect it to be an all-out Martin Scorsese lecture on the history of filmmaking but I do expect it to have a grain of authenticity. The story failed to capitalize on that aspect to make it unique, instead focusing on either character's personal drama which pushed all the wrong buttons for me.

I do appreciate that Ethan wasn't made a manwhore, but not that he's an asshole towards Stephanie. I do appreciate Stephanie's growth throughout the book, but not how it was executed. How the story was handled felt very dated and had some questionable ethics that I am explicitly against.

Isn’t She Lovely Vodka Cocktail

I am not a militant feminist reader. I am, however a woman who knows offensive when she sees them. Ethan urges her to get in touch with Caleb, to know what happened that night. Which she did. I give a little smile and shake my head. Not if I wanted Ethan to touch me. Because he'd make it very clear that night when he'd gently set me away from him and slowly pulled his own tee-shirt over my head to cover me that he wouldn't touch me again until I had closure One could argue that this was all in Stephanie's head and that it doesn't necessarily mean that Ethan didn't want to have sex with her until they found out if she was raped.

Oh wait.

Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder by Jeff Pangilinan on Prezi

He did mean that. Stephanie deserves answers. Whether or not she and Caleb had sex that night, she didn't remember it. Which means that whoever she sleeps with will essentially be her first. And she deserved her first to be someone other than a guy who was more or less paying her to pose as his girlfriend. This skewed logic just sets my temper into a boil. Making your heroine find out if she was raped or not because the hero wouldn't sleep with her if she doesn't?! I know, that justification from Ethan's part is supposed to be sweet and a balm to… you know what, it's not.

It's offensive and a blatantly dated school of thought where the take home message sounds suspiciously like virgins deserves the best, non-virgins are fair game for assholes. I was going to give this a 2, but I'd be misrepresenting my insurmountable urge to punch something. Also posted on BookLikes. Quotes may not appear in the final edition. View all 27 comments. Shelves: 5-star-reads-excellent , topfavourites-shelf , friends-to-lovers , slow-burn-baby. Honestly it had me addicted from the first page, I just love this authors style of writing, she writes NA like a boss!

Stephanie Kendrick is a soon to be senior at NYU and now summer's here she decides that rather than go home and face her demons, she will take a summer class in Classic Film Narratives. She is slightly erring on the side of Goth, with her dark hair, dark clothes and dark moods and a typical example of an ex popular princess turned tortured soul. After a recent break up from his childhood sweatheart, he decides he wants a summer off interning at his fathers company and elects to join the film buffs instead.

When the two are paired together for a project, they decide to recreate the classic story of Pygmalion, and Ethan decides that this bizarre pairing could work to his advantage. He will offer her a much needed place to stay for the summer, and in return Stephanie become his fake girlfriend. However, like in the film, in order to do that, he needs to give her a makeover in order to please his families social circle.

You lose the boots, and the attitude, and do your best to convince my parents that we're crazy in love or something. Not only that, but how compatible can they be if they are from completely different worlds? I highlighted so many funny moments. I have already read the third book in this series Crushed , which I loved, so now I will be diving straight onto the second, Broken. This is a standalone, told in dual POV View all 38 comments. Apr 17, Melissa Ever So Mela rated it really liked it Shelves: new-adult , na-romance , sarcasm-is-a-gift , swoon-worthy-love , pygmalion-effect.

Every trite stereotype, every cheesy ass conversation and every. I guess everything just depends on the packaging and Lauren Layne definitely knew how to deliver. This was completely fluffy, fun fast read with slightly dark parts more like light gray which never deterred it from an awesome NA romance. Did I just awesome NA romance? And I'm out! Sep 29, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: first-book-read-from-author , contemporary-romance , ya-na , arc-net-galley. When these two crazy kids find themselves partners during an NYU summer screenwriting course, can they ever find a way to overcome their differences and make it work?

Something tells me YES! Yes they can! Both of these characters are hiding big time betrayals and both have been cut deep. What happens when the preppie boy falls for the Goth girl? Instead of keeping someone close that was perhaps bad for me, I was pushing someone away that was absolutely good for me.

This is an entertaining, fun and sometimes sad story and I really enjoyed it. The dual POV helped me understand exactly what each character was going through and it worked for me in a very entertaining way. ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for and honest review View all 29 comments. Shelves: favorite , love-love , na-romance , cheesy-love-story , fun-read , fast-pace. Yes AJ,my dearest sis! It's a brilliant 5 stars to this!

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This book is indeed lovely! Once you've started it, you wouldn't want to put it down,I swear! In short,I'm a great fan of romantic comedy! The tw Yes AJ,my dearest sis! The two of them traded taunts and insults from the moment they collided and met on the first day of summer school. And so, being partners is a very bad idea to them,at least.. Stephanie Kendrick is gothy,angsty, and a sarcastic girl..

Still, I love this girl because she's tough,witty,funny and beautiful. ETHAN PRICE on the other hand is a rich spoiled,preppy frat boy as Stephanie thinks because he seems to have it all except that,he is in dire need of a fake girlfriend for his family's upcoming events.. And though he was stubborn and arrogant at times, I find him adorable especially at the ending.

Oh,the ending! The ending made me burst out laughing! Until now I can't help smiling every time I remember how hilarious and beautiful the ending scenes were. You'll totally fall in love with this book and with the main characters. I even loved the banter between Stephanie and Ethan 'cause it's incredible!

You may also check AJ's awesome review that made me read this right away! View all 16 comments. Shelves: favorites , netgalley-e-book. Filled with snarky banter providing entertaining push and pull, I was smiling, laughing and swooning throughout! Stephanie is the stereotypical goth girl, and Ethan is the standard silver spoon jock.

Yet, from that first collision there is an undeniable mutual attraction in spite of their extremely opposite positions in life. I find this easy to understand. Dreams of riding off in the sunset, on the back of his Harley dance through your mind until you snap back into reality, or your husband snaps his fingers in front of your face and asks you if your finished picking out paint samples.

Not saying that has ever happened to me or anything. Instead of them just going their merry way though, they find themselves paired together in a film project. Let the barbs and sparks fly! I loved this story from beginning to end. Yes, there were issues these two were dealing with, but there was a fun undertone throughout that kept the story lighter and so enjoyable. This romance was filled with lusty moments of intense attraction, accidently-on-purpose kisses, and ogling galore!

I must give a shout out to my friend Lisa Jayne. Thanks, lovely! I roll my eyes as I start tossing socks into the bag. You want to know if I still have my old uniform. Not my thing. But I think I could develop a thing for girls in combat boots. Thank you! You can find this review and more at The Readers Den. View all 32 comments. It literally made me all smiley and happy! See here I am There was great banter amongst the characters My favorite.

Ethan and Stephanie: S--"You look like you walked off a Harvard admissions brochure. And Ethan is your preppy, rich spoiled brat. They end up in a film class together as partners and set out to write their own Pygmalion story. Stephanie pretending to be the pastel pink sweater wearing, country club attending debutante that Ethan's parents imagine him to be with. This was cute. And funny. And sweet. And I enjoyed reading their story. Both Ethan and Stephanie have reasons for why they are the way they are. Things that happened in their pasts that have made them who they are today.

I'd definitely recommend this one if you're looking for something sweet and fun with a bit of sexy thrown in. View all 24 comments. Sep 24, Patrycja rated it really liked it. It made me swoon, smile and laugh out loud. Stephanie is junior at NYU where she studies film. Coming back to home for summer was not an option for her and to prevent it, Step 4. Coming back to home for summer was not an option for her and to prevent it, Stephanie signed up for summer class. Stephanie is incredibly artsy, snarky lover of black eye liner and goth accesories.

After what happened in her hometown, three years ago, she hides herself behind black clothes, combat boots and dark attitude. And there is Ethan, typical golden boy and the exact opposite of antisocial Stephanie. But when life kicked him on his ass, when his long time girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend, Ethan needs a change of scenery. And when real feelings started to snake between Stephanie and Ethan everything got even more complicated than it looked like.

They quickly won me over with realistic behavior, swoon worthy moments and the phenomenal sexual chemistry they shared. They could win a contest on the best couple in New Adult genre. I immensely enjoyed reading about Stephanie and Ethan, because of the amazing love story that hooked me. Isn't She Lovely is fantastic novel that will leave your heart swollen and extremaly satisfied. This book will leave you with a wicked, fuzzy emotions all over your body. It had me laughing, swooning a bit and the flow of the story gives you that feel good kind of feeling. However, there is a bit of sadness that will tug at your heartstrings.

The main characters in this book are Ethan and Stephanie. And boy these two could not be more different. Stephanie has taken on a persona of a 4. Stephanie has taken on a persona of a Goth girl. She is beautiful in her own right but she is hiding behind this mask of dark hair, dark make-up and dark clothing. Things have happened that have caused her pain and sadness and that has hardened her a bit. His life has been shaped by his wealthy upbringing. Stephanie and Ethan are taking a summer film class at NYU.

Realizing they have no choice in the matter, they do the only thing they can do. They come up with a plan that will benefit both of them. They would bicker about most everything but sprinkled into that would be a lot of cute, sweet and tender moments. Ethan needs a fake girlfriend to parade around his family for upcoming events and since Stephanie now needs to find a place to live for the summer, a charade of sorts is agreed upon.

Each of them have personal baggage that is holding them down but as they slowly start to share their pain, things begin to change between them. What was supposed to be make-believe was becoming more real by the moment. It was something neither one was expecting. Watching Ethan and Stephanie grow and change gave me butterflies in my belly and a few tears. Realizing and acknowledging their pain is what they needed to do to be truly happy. They needed to realize there are always concessions and compromises in relationships and in life.

That is where happiness and love will be found. If you are in the mood for a light, fun romantic read I highly recommend this book. It may have been a tiny bit predictable but it was a great read.


Was there a happy ending? I've had to say goodbye more times than I have liked, but I guess everyone can say that. But when you say goodbye to characters THAT goodbye is always hard to say. These characters that have become your friends, your support, your happiness and your life. I mean how can you say goodbye to that? I never want to. I've been angry, sad, my moods have been all over the place due to my job. I couldn't bring myself to read anything that would either put me in a bad mood or worse trigger the fucking thing o I've had to say goodbye more times than I have liked, but I guess everyone can say that.

I couldn't bring myself to read anything that would either put me in a bad mood or worse trigger the fucking thing off. I needed something easy to read that would make me smile again and be happy even if it's just for a little bit. It was contagious. I didn't even realise I was smiling and laughing so much until my jaw started to ache and then I thought to myself I haven't laughed or been this happy reading a book in a very long time.

I found myself smiling after waking up in the morning just knowing I was going to see my characters, Stephanie and Ethan again. I fell asleep happy remembering what day I had spent with them. The work load and constant demands wasn't effecting me. I felt like Stephanie and Ethan were with me the whole time. I found myself excited to finish work just to be with them again. They made me happy. They were the reason for my happiness. I had to say goodbye to these two beautiful characters today. Because I could never say goodbye to these two.

They will always be with me. I will carry them in my heart for the rest of my life. View 2 comments. The heroine Stephanie dresses like a Goth and looks like a troubled girl. The hero Ethan comes from a rich family and looks like a homecoming king. As well as working on their summer project together, they are faking a relationship. These two had great chemistry and the back and forth banter is one of my favourite things when reading romance. Can you please watch where you're pointing your teeth? The glare from your caps are hurting my eyes Add in a no insta love 5 stars Two opposite people.

The glare from your caps are hurting my eyes Add in a no insta love and loads of sexual tension, this was just You're a uterus away from turning into a complete chick An epilogue would have been nice, even if its only a few weeks into the future. I would pick this up if you like predictable, drama-free and heart fluttering romance Loved it!

View all 15 comments. Jan 28, Wendy'sThoughts rated it really liked it. I did not have the live on college experience with all of the frat parties or keg deals. I did not have that continued stuff you experience in high school of clicks, bullies and outsider-ship I had very different experiences and those are subjects for another time But I did have life experiences of trying to fit in In this story we meet Stephanie, a young adult who has experienced a lot; her mother died of Cancer; she has already had a traumatic love experience and she feels betrayed by her father.

Her best defense for all of this was to recreate herself into this sarcastic, cynical, resilient Goth creature. Her armor consisted of Black clothes, combat boots and Kohl rimed piercing blue eyes to match her dark hair. What she couldn't hide with all that self inflected armor was the outrageously smokin' hot body with a set of girls which made men walk into walls She is an NYU Film student and is running late for the first class of the summer session She sees Ethan as a creature lost from his perfect upper echelon world and wonders why he is even on this part of campus.

Ethan has his own stuff he is running from More than being the perfect fit into his daddy's business and more than being the guy who gets which ever girl he wants So, during this meeting, they both banter back and forth with cutting remarks and then end up in the same film class. Of Course, they also end up having to do the class project together too. This tale was delightful from the beginning set up through all of the classic scenes to the ending of self realizations for the both of them. There was real sexual chemistry, concern for one another and no instalove There was also quite a bit of depth in all of the experiences these characters carried causing their barriers Parents need to be more aware This was an excellent read Arc provided by Netgalley in exchange of an honest review For more reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways Oct 10, Didi rated it really liked it Shelves: new-adult , betrayal , romance , more-than-friends.

I loved so much about it: --no over the top drama I loved the witty banter between Ethan and Stephanie. They were so cute together even when they were fighting.

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The sexual tension was done really well and the steam was perfect for their situation. I liked how the ex-girlfriend wasn't a byatch when she could have been, and how Ethan resolved his issues with her while realizing where his heart truly lay.