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How do I start my garden design?

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You could have the same type of fence, for instance, and grow climbers up them in in coordinating colours. If you aren't able to change the fences, whitewash them or clad them with battens or trellis. Check with your neighbours first to establish whose fence it is and ask permission before doing any work.

The most important rule with garden ornaments is to nestle them in with the planting. An ornament or water feature great for wildlife! If it's too small it will look lost and something too big will overwhelm the space. Space-permitting, if you have the room, think about ways to make your garden more than just an outdoor area to eat, drink and soak up the sunshine. Make the garden an extension of your home by considering how you want it to feel. If you have a patio, simply extend the inside, outside.

Small is beautiful

Or you can equally zone an area of your garden too. Think about how you can make it into a relaxing sanctuary with cosy garden decor and tactile furnishings. For example, invest in an outdoor rug Cuckooland sell a great selection of Fab Hab rugs made from recycled plastic with chunky knit throws, lanterns and outdoor cushions for a warm, inviting and cosy feel. Speaking of lighting, please don't underestimate how important it is to create atmosphere in your garden.

Whether it's a string of fairy lights or lanterns dotted about to create a garden path Lights4Fun do some great designs , the lights you choose will bring real character to your space — and it's essential for dining alfresco well into the evening. Vertical planting is key. Make use of fences and walls by planting upwards to maximise space and buy hanging baskets these are great for front gardens too.

In terms of paving, switch to gravel; it's much more affordable.

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The most important thing to remember is that just because you have a small garden it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it and make the most of it. There are some great space-saving, foldable or stackable table and chair sets in high street shops that are perfect for compact spaces. Kids love going out in the garden for some playtime so make sure you've created an area or zoned off a section where they can play with their outdoor toys. While you would need to have a large garden to install a slide or playhouse, for more restricted spaces, sand tables or mud kitchen play sets in a corner will work great, and it will entertain kids for hours.

Always consider the impact your garden design has on wildlife. For example, do your best to help bees by planting bee-friendly plants , speak to your neighbours about creating a hedgehog highway , and buy some bird feeders to hang on fences or from tree branches. Type keyword s to search.

Today's Top Stories. RHS Hampton: all the details. How to create a beautiful garden arch. Vostok Getty Images. Get your lawn into shape. Never skimp on your flowerbeds. Jacky Parker Photography Getty Images. Landscaping sets the tone. Order a sample.

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Aged Riven paving from Bradstone Bradstone. Coordinate your plants and paving. WichitS Getty Images. Plan your planting. Remember the four seasons. Don't stint on seating space. Pay attention to your boundaries. Elizabeth Moehlmann Getty Images. Integrate your ornaments. Antoninapotapenko Getty Images. Cover a bare fence or wall by adding trellis panels and growing climbers. Revamp your patio pots with some terracotta paint. Clean the pot and allow it to dry, then paint directly onto it. Create colour contrasts, stencils and freehand paint splatters.

Prune striking topiary art with a wire cutting guide — squirrels and chickens are popular outlines. Make meals and BBQs tastier with a patio pot filled with culinary herbs. Thyme, mint, rosemary and chives are all delicious in food and drinks. Create an informal cottage style with plants growing over the path edge. Choose hanging or creeping varieties, but watch out for self-seeders, which will spread everywhere.

Create garden art in paving gaps or even walls.


Garden Ideas & Design Inspiration

Push stones and pebbles into cement in decorative patterns. Design a mixture of foliage or flaming hot oranges and reds — do something different. A shabby fence can detract from a beautiful flower border. Coat with paint or stain and remember to use wood preservative. Bring a bit of greenery to hard landscaping by placing a pair of pots on each step. You can also add solar lights or candle holders to light the way in darkness.

Still water reflects plants and creates a calm atmosphere.

  • Garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures?
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Choose a watertight container and nestle it among the plants. Use arches over pathways and wigwams and obelisks in borders to give the garden height. Grow climbers like roses and sweet peas over your new structures. Make the most of mealtimes with pots of herbs and salad leaves by the kitchen door. Get the kids growing with personalised containers!

Add symmetry

Apple crates are ideal for this. Stencil or paint their names onto the containers and let them choose what to grow. You can choose from modern rocks or calm spheres. Simply transplant underwhelming performers to a better spot and watch them come back to life.

How to Make a Garden - English Garden Design Ideas

Fill in gaps in the lawn by gently forking over the soil and sowing grass seed. Water in and cover with netting propped up on twigs to stop the birds eating it all. Clean the patio with a stiff brush and soapy water. It makes a huge difference to its appearance! Make a show-stopping display with one large container filled with a range of plants.

Add taller plants for height and ivies to trail down the sides.

Garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Create a second seating area with a bench — choose a spot that is sunny in the morning, afternoon or evening, depending on when you use the garden. Sprinkle slow-release fertiliser around borders and in pots for a long flower display through the summer. Make or download a veg planner so you know when to sow, plant out and harvest which crops. Turn your shed into a bonafide garden feature with a paint job.

20+ Garden Ideas - Inspirational Gardening Ideas | Garden Design

Try alternating the colours of the slats for a beach effect or brighten it with cream and pastel-tones. Add insect hotels and decorative tweaks on the side. These cheap and easy lights are perfect for illuminating paths and patios. You can also buy string lights and fairy lights to put around seating areas and gazebos. Feed butterflies with a sugar syrup solution in a plastic box. Pop in a couple of brightly coloured scouring pads to attract them and give them somewhere dry to land.