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I no longer find joy and spiritual renewal in attending there. But my husband is firmly entrenched in rebuilding the church to what it once was, as far as membership. Fall Festivals, Spring Flings.. I participated for a long time, but.. The few that do show up when there is work to do,.. For what? Why does this church continue to do the outreach that they do..

What it looks like, in a church that is failing to grow,.. It becomes just about the next chore, the next project, the next whatever. If not, burnout is inevitable. Grace is found in the Person and Work of Jesus, and if that Person or his Work are missing then we burnout through trying to take the task of Church growth into our own hands. Paul sows, Apollo waters, but God gives the increase.

Outside of and apart from Him we can do nothing.

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One must seek out His Body. Have you heard of Eucharistic Miracles? Recently we had our First leadership retreat, both our main campus with tenfold our attendance and our other 4 satellite campuses kept asking what are yall doing? If I think back to the days when I was just checking out church as an attendee, I remember the passion Jesus gave me to just have the chance to serve and be apart of His family a place to belong and to just be given the chance to do something useful in the church, so my lead pastor invented a position after about 6 months of observing me in parking and greeting and ushering and The Lord put it on him to make me a core Director of 5 which has now turned into a ministry….

They want to be apart of it. God has been doing amazing things, and again we now regularly pray together to ensure we continue and remain in His will not our own. God bless you brother and I pray this is helpful to anyone reading. Here I am replying to this 14 months after the fact but I pray the God has granted you, your family, and you church the grace to make it through the tumult of hurt. A Church where Dan Sneed visits occasionally, so this way I ended up here. Mormons No wonder they are losing members by the thousands all around the world.

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I did a podcast wth John Dehlin, a famous ex-mormon about this. They do what you advise thenm to do, and they thrive. OK the resistance to change of form is a big reason the church universal is losing millennials. We are still doing things the exact same way we did 30 years ago when I became a Christian. To the age bracket that makes us seem stale and irrelevant.

Technology is not a foe. It can in fact be part of the picture that helps connect with the demographic.

Strategies of church planting

Right now we are communicating via computer. It is not a substitution for face to face contact and interaction but rather an extension of that contact. For example, we have a young adults group at our church. If I follow up on social media or via email or text they are more likely to come to the group. Good article. Our Church was in a school and moved, but the district asked our youth leader to start a church in another town to the west while we moved to the east, so there is a good 20 minutes between us, it cut us in half just as we where transitioning, and then the District asked if our fantastic pastor would become part of the districts leadership and we lost him.

We might be dumping him. Almost literally. Some are angry because there where some baptisms, but nothing was set up for a new believers course, no one was asked, people suggested we get something going and the ball has been dropped. So we are all doing things, all participating even if there is no overall direction. I am fairly new to this present church, and have found the pastor rude. Its unfortunate that we are a inconvenience to him. We will see what happens this weekend when the District Superintendent comes.

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I from the outside think the Pastor will conveniently be shown the door. And of course improving the classic feel of church, making it wonderful for that experience.

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Our Small Groups do need some macro leadership and I think they can reach more people with some help. I want to be both an educated well rounded fruitful christian And and happy Christian. I hope to take the caustic backbiting and critical-ness of others out of the church as we learn to walk in the same direction and have fun doing it. I want people to feel included, and I want them to feel like meeting together is not an option but an opportunity. Thirty or more years ago the church I pastor ran around on Sunday mornings. When we came here seven-plus years ago the church ran around We mostly have a younger congregation.

We are strongly considering selling our building and either buying something smaller, renting a storefront or meeting in our home. We recently started some outreaches — a free fitness class that is open to everyone, and, basically, a sidewalk Vacation Bible School where we go once a week to a low-income apartment complex and do something for kids age 12 and under.

I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you. Roger…thanks for sharing and this is a tough one. It sounds to me like your church might be dying. I would encourage you to dig a little deeper and find out why your church is struggling as deeply as it is and try to bring renewal from within. Then, from a place of greater strength, you can assess the facility options. Your problem is elsewhere. Wishing you all the best, and thanks for your faithfulness. I agree with Carey and Doug, the problem might be elsewhere but if you are in the red constantly — constantly stressing over paying the bills — that will distract from actually digging deeper and finding the problem.

Can you image if you had little to no overheads and could just focus on rebuilding mission and community. Could you enter a time of prayer and fasting with the committed members of the church to seek the Lord on what the next steps are. Praying for you! The only thing I would disagree with in a qualified way is on merging.

I had to leave my home church, because its congregation dwindled due to a convergence of factors, and they could no longer offer Sunday School. It needs to see its community as a mission field. That said, I sometimes wonder if the mere act of getting itself out of the 70yo building its in — which to some is treated almost like an idol — would help catalyze some new thinking ….

Interesting Chris. We grew significantly in each of them before we outgrew them and then moved. I think you start where you are and grow from there. Plus, millennials like older buildings if you read the research. I will just add a bit from this angle.. Technological advances seems to be getting a bad rap here.. I fully understand that your leadership needs to be in line with God and their mission to advance.

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With that said I also believe that even when many churches are doing a good job in this area and are hampered by their Technologies — sound, lighting and video. In my opinion, these are very important tools in your ministries and should NOT be ignored.

Fifteen Reasons Our Churches Are Less Evangelistic Today

I have been installing and servicing this ministry in churches throughout the US for many years and these improvements ALWAYS relates in excitement, refreshing and growth.. But to ignore these bad issues will result in frustrations and complaints.. You can simply call a professional and have a system and room analysis done that will drastically improve your audio situation for a very minimal investment.

They can usually make suggestions on lighting and video concerns as well. If you have the infrastructure cash, volunteers, building capacity technology can be great, but I think it might be a mistake to assume that projector screens and flashy lights will solve the problem. Every church culture is a little different, and not everyone is positively stimulated by a glossy entertainment show.

At the same time, it is absolutely true that a competent and solid sound system can elevate the worship experience for everyone. However, in the situation at my church, we have all the flashy equipment and no volunteers to simply sit and run the sound board or help with the sound mixing.

The lead pastor is at an 84 year old church that had its best hay-day in the 70s at around 60 people. Being someone who personally struggled with form over substance the experience of helping a church do the same has been incredibly rewarding! Right on. Not too long ago went to a church as a visitor. It was a fairly new building. Nobody greeted me at the door. I had to beg for a church bulletin. Not a single person made a point to welcome me. In another church, who met in a gym of a school, the pastor as he walked down, talked to me and made me welcome.

So on target that a stagnant and dying church is not connecting with people. That statement is so loaded with truth right on. What the church needs to do is to look from outside in. The church can change the stagnant organisational leadership by way of making use of people from within the congregation or outside of congregation of other business management that has the observed knowledge of its needs that improve and grow from its congregation. Pastors and deacons and pastoral staff should not run the operation of the church a they lack management foresights and often resistance to change because they have been there in the church of many years.

With an organisational staff constantly changed and replaced, they can provide and assist the pastoral staff with the necessary feedback and service quality that can match between the church and the congregation. And I often see the truth you remind us of in trusting our own innovations rather than the true Rock. But whee do we draw that fine line between this and conforming to the world?

Where does our motive or intent in how we ministry cross the line? Totally agree. It starts the moment they arrive on site… from the parking lot to the preaching to the family ministry and beyond. Every aspect of the people engagement factor matters. Facilities and programs HELP but they alone are not the secret sauce. Loving on people is. Our 4-way mainline denominational merger is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. I think we can do it! Churches will grow when they give attention in their ministries to building strong Christian families in their neighborhoods and communities.

Dedicated men and women raising their children in appreciation for the love and grace of God in Jesus will build a strong and dynamic congregations.

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Upon returning they want to recreate what looked successful, not realizing that there is more to a healthy group of Christ Followers than a packed out building and the newest Crowder song love the new album. Relevance to a community comes from service, transparency and openness. Just a note: The quote is from William Bernbach and not Ogilvy. This is very encouraging in that our church is not doing the first things and IS engaging in with the more successful ideas laid out here, hurrah! Thanks for the article. I just think the core is whether a church is more acting like Pharisees or more acting like Act 2 converts.

A church we loved, in a way, but were frustrated with, and which is just too far to attend regularly any more to help continue to nudge toward the Act 2 character of a church, seemed always to just have a core of a handful of lifers who were happy to have a little church to themselves, whether they grew or not.

Forget Jesus, what about the steeple and old wood?? It grew, and is thriving and is all about Jesus every minute all week long. Jesus—a message of simplicity? Go figure. Historical review: Humans tend to want to rope others into their personal pet controlled projects, and want to spread the costs by growing. Biz, church, power, anything. In church, they seem to want support for pet visions and pet goals they feel they can put forth on behalf of others, more than they actually seem to want to be an Acts 2 church. As noted above, I have observed this in mainline denominations who are pretty haughty about marginalized populations, very patronizing, from Protestant to Catholic, over the last 20 years.

This one had true diversity across all dimensions, and truly lived being an Act 2 church. Maintenance is even hard for them with aging and other attrition.

As I opened: Thanks for the article. Hiring staff is the most common one I see. Thanks so much for that. I always think in the back of my head that any staff member you hire should be able to generate at least their salary in growth within the first year. If your church is located in an upper middle class area, it would be disastrous to implement an inner city outreach at that church. We provide free medicine, counseling and food apart from sharing the hope one has in Christ Jesus. If you recall the miracle of feeding the 5,, you will remember that the Lord Jesus told his disciples to feed the people.

When they said it was impossible to feed so many with just five loaves of bread and two fishes, the Lord asked them to bring these to him anyway. He blessed the little that they brought and more than 5, were fed that day. Stepping Stones is a similar miracle taking place in the neglected villages of Andhra Pradesh. It is a simple idea, but it has had a profound impact on the lives of disadvantaged villagers. The idea was put forth by one of our friends who had visited us. He has been a great source of strength and support to us in the ministry.

The whole idea of Stepping Stones is to help people start up small businesses, to help them earn a livelihood. The recipients repay the amount in small installments, which are then pooled to help others start their own businesses. This will eventually help the community at large. The amount has helped start 10 businesses to date. These include: shoe stores, tea shops, buffalo farms, cattle farms, grocery stores, and more. Here is an opportunity for you to invest in building up the lives of people and helping in the transformation of the community.

It can be done one step at a time, one person at a time. The Harvest VBS programs have been providing us with a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with non-Christian children — some of whom have never been inside a church before. We use songs, fun activities and life-transforming Bible stories to connect the children with God. These interactive VBS programs help us bond with the children and share Christ's love with them. Once a year, we conduct a Four-day Retreat for selected children at the Stonebridge-Vijayalaxmi Residential School premises.

This is a more in-depth Retreat, aimed at helping children discover God's Word in a fun and unforgettable way. Guest Children's Ministers use relational, learner-based methods to impart the Gospel to the youngsters. Our dream is to change the lives of these little ones by teaching them practical actionable ways in which they can relate with God. Because of rampant poverty, especially in the Telangana region, most of the children do not get the opportunity to attend school. Hence many children are forced to work from an early age, so that they can provide for their families.

To provide a ray of hope to such deprived children, we have established the Vijayalaxmi Memorial Stonebridge Residential School 65 kms 40 miles north of Hyderabad in a 15 acre campus. See www. Vacation Bible School: Apart from providing secular education, we wanted to mold the children into future leaders by nourishing them with the Word of God.

Hence we are reaching out to the children through Vacation Bible Schools. We have conducted Children's Camps in 62 villages reaching 5, children with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, and thus transforming them. We don't restrict the registrations, and around youth attend every year. Over the three days, we create opportunities for the youngsters to hear the Gospel presented in simple detail, and taste God's love for themselves.

The Annual Camp we conducted last year proved a powerful life-changing experience for 80 young people who committed their lives to the Lord! Large numbers respond to the Gospel at the Annual Youth Camp. We conduct a Three-day Follow-Up Camp for the spiritual development and nurture of these new believers.

At the Discipleship Camp, the youngsters personally experience Christian life and values in a Christ-centered atmosphere. We equip each of them to live out their faith, so that they can take home what they've learnt and share God's amazing love with their families and friends. The Youth Mentoring Camp is an intensive training program lasting over six weeks.