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  4. Are you a German Shepherd? How about a Great Dane? Take this quiz to find out your inner dog!

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Thankfully, Dee saw a doctor the next day who was able to diagnose her condition. In the meantime, though, he said she was definitely going to need someone to take care of her. As Dee was an extremely independent and private person, hearing that she was going to need someone to take care of her did not go over well. Donald was amazing! Afterwards, he took her home to live with him until she was well enough to live on her own.

If only things could have been that simple! Unfortunately, not only was there a twenty-year age difference between Donald and Dee Donald being the older but they had polar opposite personalities. Dee was an outside-the-box, hippie-at-heart who bucked the system and hated the regimentation of rules. To make matters even worse, she was also a bit of a slob.

One evening, a few months after Dee had gone to live with Donald, she called as she frequently did to complain about her life with Donald. As Dee and I had become such good friends while working at the same veterinary clinic, it was commonplace for us to discuss our pets and to reminisce about all the things that had happened while we were at the veterinary clinic together. Dee was temporarily stunned into silence and I patiently waited to hear what she was going to say!

And, just like that, my theory concerning people being like dogs was up and running. At the time, I was merely trying to find something to say that would make Dee laugh and feel a little less depressed. But, once I started winging it, my whole philosophy about people being like dogs started coming together just like the various pieces of a puzzle.

Donald just happened to be a very regimented person who liked his life and his household to be run in a very specific way. The more Dee and I talked about Donald being a Chihuahua, the more we got to laughing. One of the first times I tried doing this was with an elderly woman who lived in my apartment building in San Francisco. This woman was an extremely challenging person to be around as she did nothing but gossip.

Dog Trainer | Your Inner Dog

Her whole life revolved around setting fire to any rumor that might be going around the building. I got to where I dreaded running into her and was almost at the point of telling her to please leave me alone when, magically one day, she was suddenly transformed into a prickly and peevish Pomeranian! She was the perfect Pomeranian: even sporting the same wild, frizzed-out hair of a Pomeranian that she kept dyed a fluorescent Lucy Ricardo red. The woman adored yapping in the same way that any self-respecting Pomeranian loves to yap! I simply accepted that, like all good Pomeranians, she had no choice but to yap and complain about anything and everything that bothered her in the world!

Thinking of someone as a dog also helped me with a classmate of mine who, despite being a very nice person, had a habit of constantly giving me unappreciated and unwanted advice.

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I started avoiding her and even tried to not sit by her in class which made me feel horrible about myself! What a difference it made when I finally realized that she was the perfect Australian Shepherd! For centuries, Australian Shepherds Aussies have been bred to herd all kinds of animals as a way of keeping those animals safe and under control. Clearly, my friend was simply trying to do the same thing with me! Being an Aussie, my friend was compelled to nip at my heels anytime she believed that I was going off track.

Interestingly, the less I resisted her advice, the less her advice bothered me and, most surprisingly, the less she seemed to feel compelled to give me advice! Transforming people into dogs also turned out to be a big help with a boyfriend I once had. This particular boyfriend just loved to lay around all day doing absolutely nothing. Happily, things got a whole lot better between us the instant I started thinking of him as a lay-on-the-couch-all-day Bassett Hound!

On top of having very heavily-lidded eyes, he also had a bit of a dangling jowl. I found that, if I squinted my eyes just right, his shoulder length hair could actually look a bit like long, floppy ears. Being able to see him as a Basset Hound helped me to accept him for the person that he was and he was naturally quite pleased when I quit nagging him as much about his lackadaisical approach to life.

Your Inner Dog

Not only did I back off my ill-fated efforts to pry him loose from the couch, I actually tried to be more Hound-like myself since, as a Laberrier, I was much too anxious and hyper for my own good! In the same way that the various ingredients in a stew share their flavors with one another, thinking of someone as a dog immediately imparts to that person a wonderful essence of dog! There was one aspect of transforming people into dogs took me completely by surprise: the way it caused a major metamorphosis in me!

Amazingly, anytime I started to think of someone as a dog, I became a noticeably nicer person! Growing up, my mom was the Sun at the center of my universe: always burning hot. She was always upset or mad about something and, as a child, I wanted nothing more than to see her happy.

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  4. Unfortunately, my mom and dad had an extremely violent and contentious relationship where bad behavior was the norm. If she felt like throwing a fit, she was going to throw a fit. It was terrifying to watch my mom lose control: it was also extremely humiliating and embarrassing. It constantly felt as if I was living at the very edge of a great abyss and that, at any moment, I was going to be pushed over the edge. There was no predicting what kind of craziness would happen next. Sometimes, when we were all at home together, it felt like I was always waiting for a pot to boil over.

    I knew that, sooner or later, some kind of nasty remark would be exchanged between my mom and dad and, just like that, all hell would break loose. The same crazy scenario repeated itself over and over again like an episode out of the Twilight Zone: something nasty is said which leads to much yelling and screaming which leads to something getting broken typically dishes which leads to chairs being overturned as my dad hits and wrested my mom to the ground. At that point, all of us kids jump in as we try to get my dad off my mom.

    Luckily, the neighbors seem to know their part in our family drama and they always call the police before someone gets seriously hurt. I loved those flashing blue lights and the crackling radios because the police were the only ones who could make my parents to quit fighting for at least a little while. Years later, even after I had grown children of my own, I continued to be hurt by the confusing relationship I had with my mom and dad.

    When my mom and dad finally divorced, I moved with my mom to California so that she could be close to her family and maintain a safe distance from my dad in Texas. At that point, I only had to deal with my mom on a day to day basis.

    Without my dad in the picture, I thought my mom would be more caring but, instead, she continued to be extremely self-absorbed. She simply had no concept of give and take: all she cared about was being able to take. You love the outdoors, but you're also a Couch Potato when it comes to exercise. You're protective and loyal to your family! You're always there for them and will always protect them, but you also are playful.

    You love the outdoors! You're friendly and social with others. You also love winter especially when snow comes! What Is Your Inner Dog? Are you a German Shepherd? How about a Great Dane?

    Are you a German Shepherd? How about a Great Dane? Take this quiz to find out your inner dog!

    Take this quiz to find out your inner dog! Created By. Do you have a dog?

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