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Through design, the Paris-based creative explores design history to create projects which immerse the viewer in a specific atmosphere.

#2 Get to know your location

Drawing inspiration from underground cultures, he mixes illustration and graphic design as harmoniously as possible to create work that feels distinctively Shinzo. As a creator of the anthropomorphic, LA-based visual artist Derek Paul Jack Boyle frequently turns to everyday objects for inspiration.

As an avid collector of imagery since the age of 15, Rotterdam-based artist and illustrator Maaike Canne has a tremendous pool of inspiration to refer back to. Refined, sleek and considered, the Victoria-based studio is at the forefront of beautiful Australian design, working across a number of creative services from branding and design strategy, to photography and campaign collateral.

Photography on a Postcard

The type fans among us may have been wondering what the next big thing in typography is, and maybe this is it? In the last few decades, the industry has moved from strength to strength with the likes of variable fonts and reversed contrast typefaces informing the latest contemporary designs, but now, are we entering the era of three-dimensional type? Sometimes an animation comes along that just blows your socks off. The Neat Review does a great job of making magic community look cool, welcoming and — dare we say it — a little bit sexy.

It was, rather, her peers who classified her structural drawings as illustrations.

Before the Snapshot & the Postcard

I like almost all creative media and enjoy learning new things, but I lean towards illustration because I find it to be an easygoing art that can be made at any time and requires neither a specific space nor material. With an aim to break down the traditional structure of a magazine, the latest issue of Tunica is replete with experimental and interchangeable design. Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube. Advertising Animation Architecture Art.

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Real photo postcard

Quickly realising the potential for a possible series, the result is Grannies Strike Back a photography project full of joy and energy. Feeding all those mouths is a problem that will need the help of designers. Today, for the fourth instalment of the series, we sit down with the Turner Prize-winning artist and musician Martin Creed.

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Who said that? In , I got a call from a lady in Columbus, Ohio who was the president of a local postcard-collecting club.

Project 'Photography on a Postcard' - © Fabiolla Loureiro

She had over 6, postcards with my photo credit on them. The opposite is advertising cards, which are given away for free at motels, hotels and other places, to advertise businesses. I first got into photography when I was eight. We traveled a lot and I took pictures of our vacations. My friends collected stamps and coins but these were too expensive for me. Instead I chose postcards. In fact, I bought every one they had. When my folks traveled, I would spend all my vacation money on postcards of the places we visited.

The yellow pages. In , I picked up a copy of the yellow pages and looked for telephone numbers of postcard companies.

From the beginning, I insisted that my name appear on the back of each postcard.