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Her death is almost more than he can bear.

Why Polygamy? On Writing The Lonely Polygamist

When relief comes in the shape of Huila, the Guatemalan wife of the brothel owner, his problems are compounded. Rusty bounds off the pages as a lovable - if hard-to-handle - kid.

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Udall also writes part of his tale from the perspectives of Trish, the youngest and most beautiful wife. Easily overlooked at first, Trish develops credibly as she thinks through the pros and cons of living in a polygamous household. Ted Leo, the brothel owner and his henchman, Nelson, are truly frightening.

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  • June Haymaker, handyman extraordinaire and survivalist, is convincingly quirky; Nola the essence of gutsiness. Since the conflicts are not entirely convincing to begin with, they become tedious. The presence of the test sites and of radioactive ores is felt throughout the novel, suggesting the outrageousness of human activities, but paradoxically, also the fragility and transience of people. But much in the novel remains shadowy. Huila, too, has some early moments in the spotlight, but never gets enough authorial attention to clarify her feelings for Golden.

    Welcome to the life of the Richards family. An awkward, shy man with a bad overbite, Golden stumbles through his over-populated life unsure of just how he went from living in the backwaters of Louisiana to being the designated heir of his religious sect.

    THE LONELY POLYGAMIST by Brady Udall | Kirkus Reviews

    It would have been so easy for a novel about polygamy to offer up a load of stereotypes—men in buttoned-up shirts quoting from the Book of Mormon and blank-eyed women in prairie dresses with weirdly puffy hairdos—but author Brady Udall steers clear of all caricatures. A Mormon himself though not a polygamist! Despite its length , The Lonely Polygamist is a pleasure to read—immediately engaging and filled with laugh-out-loud humor.

    Over the past few years I've spent a lot of time--too much time, probably--talking about polygamy. Because I've been working for the better part of a decade on a novel called The Lonely Polygamist , and because novelists are routinely asked about the book they happen to be working on, I've found myself answering questions like: How does the husband decide who he's going to sleep with on a particular night? What's up with the hair?


    And probably the most common one: What ever got into you to write a novel about that? To this last question I always offer a very simple answer: without polygamy, I wouldn't exist.

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    My great-great grandfather was a polygamist, and my great-great grandmother was his second wife. If these two people hadn't decided to join in holy matrimony--even though great-great grandpa was already happily married to someone else--I, and a whole leafy branch of the Udall family tree, wouldn't exist. Writing a novel about polygamy, then, seemed only the proper thing to do. In I was commissioned by Esquire magazine to write a piece about contemporary polygamy.

    Though there was polygamy in my family history, and I knew more about the subject than most, I went into my research expecting what most anyone would expect: megalomaniacal men with their hair greased back and their shirts buttoned to the collar married to cow-eyed women in pioneer dresses and ostentatious meringue hair-dos.

    The Lonely Polygamist By Brady Udall (Video Three)

    You can imagine my disappointment, then, when the people I met turned out to the regular, everyday sort of folk you'd run into at the post office. People who wore jeans and running shoes and drove minivans.

    The Lonely Polygamist – Brady Udall

    People who lived in suburban townhomes and watched television after work. People with reasonably conventional hair. People like you or me. Only they weren't like you and me, because you and I don't have six wives or thirty-eight children. These were normal people, sure, but they were living in an exceptionally abnormal way. I was fascinated by the contradictions in such a lifestyle, and it was one of the biggest reasons I decided to write a novel about polygamy. And I was not alone in my fascination: Big Love came on the air, salacious polygamy stories started running with regularity on the evening news, and very soon polygamy became a national obsession.

    Why the obsession?