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2. Radio and Podcast Interviews

  1. Radio Appearances for Indie Authors
  2. Interesting and Engaging Content is Crucial
  3. How to Promote Your Book: 5 Strategies You Need to Try

Those broadcasting in the arts category which includes books have a unique conundrum: most topics fit into two or more categories — one for the medium of art books , and another for the subject of the book. Fiction is likely best categorized under Books or Writing, but Nonfiction can fall under any of the topics and subtopics. Most of the hosts in the network categorize their shows in Books or Writing. My show, on the other hand, requires some creative category selecting.

Book Marketing and Book Publicity: How to Conduct a Radio Interview

The best advice I can give for categorizing or choosing a host or category is to know your target audience. This status gives both hosts and guests exposure and credibility. BlogTalkRadio editors will give shows a boost by putting them on the front page. If an interview is informative and entertaining, it will rapidly climb to the top of the editorial pile.

Author interviews are nothing new and have always been part of the press strategy of authors and publishers, but with the addition of Internet radio the opportunities for exposure have grown exponentially.

Podcasting has a huge market. BlogTalkRadio gives writers an excellent opportunity to build a reputation of quality and build or expand their platforms. This untapped resource has a ready-made targeted audience eagerly awaiting new material. Authors, go give it to them. This week it's….

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Congratulations on the success, and much more for you! Interesting post, Chrissie. Am so pleased it worked for you and the island sounds delightful. I used to do regular radio advertising with my own voice when I had my estate agency business. The feedback was terrific.

Radio Appearances for Indie Authors

Radio is a brilliant medium. I did all of the work on getting my advert done remotely I was still living in London at the time. Worth a shot! Your email address will not be published. She is passionate about ancient history, archaeology and travel. She is the author of historical novels and contemporary thrillers.

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  4. Promoting Your Book Through TV Interviews.
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    Interesting and Engaging Content is Crucial

    Twitter Facebook Podcast. Claire made me feel at ease, and the interview was extremely smooth. After the talk, the interview was posted swiftly and also added to the promotional tools Claire used. I have learned so much just from watching you.

    How to Promote Your Book: 5 Strategies You Need to Try

    I will continue to recommend you when ever possible. You are worth every penny. Thanks for everything.

    Author Websites

    Christine Roney, author of Beyond Stone. The refreshing style of her interview skillfully drew out information about me as an author and sculptor and tied that information to questions that provided an opportunity for conversation about my novel. I've been interviewed many times on national tv and radio shows and Claire got to the core of my message and highlighted all of what was important to readers about my book.

    I felt relaxed and comfortable during my interview and Claire was courteous and efficient at all times. Thank you for the opportunity to appear on Book Talk Radio Club! Claire brings books to life with her interviews and readers love it. Claire not only cleverly discussed my book, but she also made me remember why I love writing.