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I really wanted to tell the story of Raphael on my Renaissance recording, but there just wasn't enough space. You might want to read up on him on your own. Raphael had a great idea for this painting that actually takes up an entire wall in the Vatican Museum in Rome, Italy. He decided to use the faces of some of the other great painters to model the most famous ancient Greek philosophers. In this portrait, we see Michelangelo sitting alone in front, looking thoughtful in his purple smock.

Leonardo appears behind him in a red outfit. In this other scene from the same picture, Raphael himself appears in the lower right corner with his dark haired face peering over someone's shoulder. Ghiberti's door carving of Eve's creation from the rib of a sleeping Adam. Brunelleschi's Death Mask. This mask was created from Brunelleschi's face shortly after he died. It is housed today in a museum in Forence, Italy, just across the street from Brunelleschi's famous dome.

An outdoor copy of Michelangelo's "David. It is one of the most awe-inspiring statues ever! Notice the giant hand holding the stone, and David's intense stare. A close-up of David's other hand.

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Michelangelo's domed ceiling inside St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, Italy. Ghiberti door panel: Cain plowing a field. Ghiberti door panel: Cain slays Abel. Ghiberti door panel: Moses receives the Ten Commandments. Masters of the Renaissance ; Jewish Holiday Stories. Ghiberti door panel: Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Jim in Florence, Italy, recording his observations for the recording that is now called Masters of the Renaissance as he viewed the original door panels by Ghiberti. These original panels are now in a museum to protect them from outside elements.

Simpson, George S. Patton, Jr. Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Courtney H. Hodges, and Leonard T. Gerow; standing are Ralph F. Stearley, Hoyt S. Weyland, and Richard E. Remember Dec. Enlist Now. Join the Navy. Go to the nearest recruiting station of the armed service of your choice. Movie star Rita Hayworth sacrificed her bumpers for the duration. Besides setting an example by turning in unessential metal car parts, Miss Hayworth has been active in selling war bonds. Sugar rationing. With many parents engaged in war work, children are being taught the facts of point rationing for helping out in family marketing.

Howard Miller. Typical are these in the Daytona Beach branch of the Volusia county vocational school. Hollem, April Women workers groom lines of transparent noses for deadly A attack bombers. Riveter at Lockheed Aircraft Corp. Charles Fenno Jacobs, August Evacuees lived at this center at the former Santa Anita race track before being moved inland to relocation centers. Charles Fenno Jacobs, November Troops shown in the picture are Marines. Don C. Convoy which operates between Chen-Yi and Kweiyang, China , is ascending the famous twenty-one curves at Annan, China.

John F. Albert, March 26, Sarno, ca. Carl Weinke and Pfc. Ernest Marjoram, Signal Corps cameramen , wading through stream while following infantry troops in forward area during invasion at a beach in New Guinea. Ernani D'Emidio, April 22, Reina, st Inf. Kahuku, Oahu. Douglas Lightheart right cradles his cal. Gerald Churchby take time out for a cigarette, while mopping up the enemy on Peleliu Is. Clements, September 14, Thursby, Sr. Navy pilots in the forward elevator well playing basketball. Attributed to Lt. Victor Jorgensen, ca. Mowday, Admiralty Islands, April 19, Enlisted men's country.

Grimm, October 25, Mickey Rooney imitates some Hollywood actors for an audience of Infantrymen of the 44th Division. Rooney is a member of a three-man unit making a jeep tour to entertain the troops. Louis Weintraub, Kist, Germany, April 13, Wayne Miller, November Medics helping injured soldier , France, Harvey White , after he was wounded by shrapnel, on 9 August in Sicily. Kenneth E. Roberts, May 11, The service was held in memory of brave buddies who lost their lives in the initial landings.

Steele, June Lindner reads the benediction held in honor of fellow shipmates killed in the air action off Guam on June 19, Coast Guard Cutter Spencer watch the explosion of a depth charge which blasted a Nazi U-boat's hope of breaking into the center of a large convoy. WO Jack January, April 17, Torpedoed Japanese destroyer photographed through periscope of U. Wahoo or U. Nautilus , June Sixteen-inch guns of the U.

The Most Beautiful (and Under the Radar) Places to Visit In Italy

S Iowa firing during battle drill in the Pacific, ca. Alfred N. Cooperman, December 4, Navy aircraft carrier receive last minute instructions before taking off to attack industrial, and military installations in Tokyo. Rotating with blades, halo moves aft, giving depth and perspective. Horace Bristol, September Coming back, the Germans were up in full force and we lost at least 80 ships men, many of them pals. Edward Steichen, November It set the stage to annex the Czechoslovakian Sudetenland, largely inhabited by a German- speaking population.

German troops parade through Warsaw, Poland. PK Hugo J. Moscow, August British prisoners at Dunkerque, France , June Adolf Hitler in Paris , June 23, German troops in Russia, Aircraft spotter on the roof of a building in London.

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Paul's Cathedral is in the background. Paul's Cathedral is pictured during the great fire raid of Sunday December 29th. July Total war knows no bounds. Almshouse bombed Feb. During your online order processing, National Geographic will ask for your name, address, credit card information, phone number, and e-mail address. This information will be used to process your order and will assist us in getting back in touch with you regarding your order.

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