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Publisher Description

I can peel and eat shrimp and crawfish faster than you can possibly imagine. Minutes after I graduated high school, I set off to California to see what life was all about. Of course all of that went to hell in a hand basket when I discovered the world of adult. I was offered a job that changed my life forever. The adult business is a wonderful community that I consider family.

Velvet Scarlatina

I have been blessed to see a lot of the world at a young age through my work. You can find me at the barn working my cutting horse almost every morning. I also LOVE to travel. I will go anywhere at least once! My favorite destination has been Africa. There is no place like it. When I am home, my time is spent with my fellow foodie friends and chefs eating out and cooking.

Favorite Movie: Beaches. I cry every time! It can change your love life. I am 29 and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I like long walks on the… Wait, wrong profile! Ever since high school I knew I wanted to help people in their relationships and their sex lives. Now I have the opportunity to do so every day.

Velvet Scarlatina/Behind the Scenes

You can say this is a dream job for me. I love this industry. My free time is spent relaxing with the ones I care about the most, going to movies, clubs and backyard house parties. I love TV series and movies.

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Not that I arrange my life around a time slot, but there is something about the way a show or grabs you and takes you into another world. Give me drama! No Will Ferrell for me.

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I will watch entire seasons of Brothers and Sisters, Dexter and Greys Anatomy from start to finish just because I can! Born in Alabama and raised in a huge southern family. I am a huge nerd, which sometimes surprises people. But I am! I even designed handmade nerd mugs for a few years. In my rare spare time I love spending it with my husband, two boys and my friends. We love to get together drink craft beer and discover a new band or sing some karaoke. Texas born European raised in my mind LOL, I have a love all for all things in fantasy with a romantic heart. Gotta love an English period drama.

A Princess who loves beautiful things. Seeing people happy makes me happy, and pride myself on my ability to make you smile. Things I love most are my family, friends, travel, good food, a great bottle of wine and European chocolate.

The idea of a Velvet Underground without Lou Reed seems silly to some and sacrilegious to others; the post-Reed outfit has been referred to as "The Velveeta Underground. So does Yule deserve all the critical scorn and neglect? To quote from his liner notes: "Bands were, and occasionally are today, one of the few truly democratic institutions.

You can fire a back-up musician and call the union for another one. You can fire a session musician and order up another one. But in a band, everyone's equal. If they're not, it's not a band. When bands need to change, to lose one or two people, they break apart and reform.

Velvet Scarlatina | RWBY Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The majority keeps the name. The Velvet Underground as a democracy? It should go without saying that the Velvets wouldn't have been the same without the others' contributions; Cale, Morrison and Tucker were remarkably unique musicians, and absolutely vital to the group sound, both through their approaches to their respective instruments and the ways in which their personalities interacted.

Yule, of course, was present on the last two Velvets albums with Reed, and his prettier singing voice has to be counted as a factor in the change in direction. But the handful of songs he sang in the studio were Reed's, not his, and he did so only because Reed directed or allowed him to do so. To claim himself as an equal is nothing short of ludicrous to his credit, however, in interviews published elsewhere, he's offered a less deluded perspective , and is a denial of the integrity that accompanies a well-known group name.

When bands such as T. When the Yardbirds play a local bar in the year , it's understood that someone is merely cashing in on a famous name. I'm hard pressed to think of any group that continued producing worthwhile music after losing everyone who was present at its inception.

Leaving aside the arguments raised by Yule's assertions, does the music make a case for its inclusion in the Velvets' pantheon? The first two discs are from a November European tour; Moe Tucker is still in the drum chair, and although her primeval beat had moved closer to a more conventional style by this point in time, she provides some sonic linkage to the original band most overtly on "After Hours," which she sings in her affectingly fragile voice.

Yule assumes vocal duties on Reed's songs, and does a creditable imitation of his hero's phrasing.