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  3. Oh the Humanity and Other Good Intentions
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Title and Deed / Oh, the Humanity and other good intentions

Chicago Tribune - Highly Recommended. There is just one Chicago actor, Michael Patrick Thornton, delivering an observational monologue for about 75 minutes. He does so on a mostly empty stage. His character, who does not tell us where he has come from - beyond intimating that it does not appear to be anywhere on planet Earth - does not even have a proper name.

In the playbill, he is known as Traveler.

Oh the Humanity and Other Good Intentions

He can, at least, take solace in the uppercase title. Such small victories are to be savored. Chicago Sun Times - Recommended. For those with a literal turn of mind, a play called "Title and Deed" might suggest issues of ownership and the transfer of real estate.

But while grounded in the more primal realities of man's existence, particularly the inescapable fact of his mortality, playwright Will Eno is very much a poet as opposed to a literalist. And the "property" at the center of his hourlong one-man show - now receiving its Midwest premiere at Lookingglass Theatre, where it is being performed by Michael Patrick Thornton - is nothing more or less than one man's life.

The lease on that life is, by its very nature, short. Chicago Reader - Highly Recommended. Windy City Times - Recommended.


In a departure from Lookingglass's customary bells-and-whistles spectacle, Daniel Ostling's scenic and lighting design is almost painfully minimalist, with nearly half the seats in each side section roped off to spectators. Time Out Chicago - Highly Recommended.

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Lamenting the life he left back home, wherever that is, while implicitly reminding us to savor our own, Thornton and his director find the humanity in this foreigner, thoroughly demonstrating how well they know Eno. Stage and Cinema - Somewhat Recommended. An exercise in almost mischievous minimalism, Title and Deed is the artistic equivalent of Gertrude Stein's reduction of Oakland: "There's no there there.

In our doubt-dogged 21st century any self-assertion is constantly qualified and conditional.

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We've reached the point where the usual question with which we confront confessions-"Why is he telling us this? This man lives through his lines and the rest really is silence. ChicagoCritic - Recommended. But I can see how another person could get irritated with his moping. Despite whatever one thinks of the script, however, Title and Deed is a chance to see a master actor at his art.

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Chicago Stage Standard - Highly Recommended. Thornton is a disabled actor, and is in a wheelchair throughout the piece. The man does not move from his seat, and thus eliminates any superfluity. He gets right to your soul with just his language and his heart. As he talks about his family and past loves with great humor and massive pathos. His storytelling is so effective that, as an audience member, you feel as if he's hitting certain deep emotional pressure points. He unveils certain societal truths with such ruthless empathy that you cannot help but see yourself in them.

Lookingglass Theatre Company is known for their creativity and style as they present inventive, collaborative and transformative works to their stage on Michigan Avenue.

Title And Deed - Lookingglass Theatre - Chicago

Their current production, "Title and deed", written by Will Eno, in its Midwest Premiere, truly fits this description. Directed by Marti Lyons, this one man show, featuring the perfect actor, Michael Patrick Thornton, in the role of "everyman" as I saw it , an alleged "visitor", albeit human, and not some alien, who sees our world from a unique standpoint.

Chicago Theatre Review - Highly Recommended. He pokes fun at and empathizes with, like his Traveler, our desire to express ourselves with words. At one point, Mr.