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A Morning Resolve

  1. The Advice the Prophet (S) gave to Abu Dharr |
  2. Alexander Pushkin in English translation
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Bush concluded, becoming tearful as he mentioned his late mother, Barbara, and Robin, his sister who died at the age of 3. The 41st president had a significant political legacybeyond the presidency, including serving as C. But speakers also focused on the elder Mr. Jon Meacham, Mr. And the younger Mr. He also recalled how James Baker, an old friend and the elder Mr. Only a handful of other occasions have seen all living presidents and their spouses gather in the same place, and Mr. Such a reunion made for some inevitable awkward moments. When President Trump and Melania Trump arrived, conversation in the presidential pew at the funeral appeared to cease.

The Obamas offered handshakes and tight-lipped smiles, while f Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, stared ahead and did not make eye contact with the man who defeated her in the presidential election. But there was an endearing moment: When former President George W. But, having followed the tradition of planning his funeral while still in office, there had been decades of preparations and practice to execute his wishes. An honor guard, changing frequently throughout the day, stood over his coffin in the Capitol for over two nights. The hearse and motorcade passed the White House on the section of Pennsylvania Avenue that is typically closed to cars.

Read on for more details from our live updates from the day. The younger former President Bush evoked laughter and tears — his own and that of mourners listening to him in the National Cathedral — with a minute tribute to his father that seemed to emphasize the gaping differences between the elder President Bush and Mr. Trump, without ever naming the current Oval Office occupant. Bush said, invoking a phrase that the elder Mr.

Bush used, which Mr. Trump had ridiculed. Bush added, concluding his eulogy on a personal note. Bush said, becoming tearful as he referred to the late Barbara Bush and their daughter, who died at the age of 3. Some were teaching their children a lesson, and others were honoring their former commander in chief. The cathedral erupted in applause as Mr. Bush strode back to his seat.

He shared a laugh with his brother Jeb, apparently chuckling at his inability to hold off tears as he finished his tribute to his father. Bush insisted that he keep his eulogy brief. The crowd of politicians and dignitaries laughed throughout his speech, as Mr. And even as he laughed about Mr. Humor is the universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life.

The Advice the Prophet (S) gave to Abu Dharr |

The younger President Bush rocked forward in his seat as he laughed over Mr. Simpson said. Jon Meacham, a Pulitzer-Prize winning author and Mr. He recounted the day Mr. Bush and Jeb Bush, smiled. Meacham also alluded to Mr. Meacham concluded. In the funeral itself and news coverage of Mr. Bush surviving his plane being shot down during World War II.

Bush, said he once told her that he thought every day of the two airmen who did not escape the crash and perished. Meacham had shared his eulogy with Mr. Bush before he died. President Trump and Melania Trump arrived at the cathedral to an awkward moment. The two were led to their seats next to the other former presidents in the front row. By protocol, they sat next to Barack and Michelle Obama.

Trump reached over to first shake Mr. None of them looked happy about it. This was the first time Mr. Trump has been with the former presidents since his inauguration nearly two years ago. In the interim, he has harshly attacked each of them except Jimmy Carter, who has offered accommodating words about the incumbent president and agreed that he was being treated unfairly by the news media. As they slid into the presidential pew, the Trumps received a cold greeting.

After the handshakes with the Obamas, former president Bill Clinton briefly glanced Mr. Trump has harshly denounced and from which he recently threatened to withdraw. Mulroney, standing just steps away from Mr. Mulroney reflected on the historical significance of Mr. But the most poignant moments of his speech were his descriptions of personal moments with Mr. Mulroney recalled Mr. Mulroney recounted a visit he made to Mr.

Bush at his compound in Kennebunkport, Me.

Choked with emotion, a former president eulogized both his predecessor and his father.

His friend told him how his mood had shifted over the years from frustration to tranquillity. Mulroney said Mr. Bush had told him. Then he walked Mr. Barb and I could not have asked for better lives. We are truly happy, and truly at peace. He then said Jesus came back to get her, and he brought her back to a door with him where they started to sparkle and then went through the door. Ever since my son has been obsessed with Jesus and angels. He prays to an angel often and prays for Jesus to come back. The other day he was crying because he said he keeps praying but he doesn't think Jesus can hear him.

He said that he keeps praying for him to come back because they make him feel so happy. I acknowledge what he says but I don't push it. I just let him talk about it when he needs to. Not sure what I should do, he gets genuinely sad when he thinks Jesus can't hear him. He is only 4 years old. When I was very young, maybe 8 or 9, I went to bed one night with a severe earache. I woke my mother up several times for comfort but nothing made it better. I laid in bed with tears in my eyes and then suddenly the pain stopped. I opened my eyes and saw something like a cloud hovering over me.

I was amazed but more so relieved. I knew what it was. I soon after fell asleep in peace. My year-old grandson and I were putting up garage sale signs several blocks down the street. When I got back in the car to head back home I looked at Dawson, my grandson, he was looking out straight ahead and asked if he could stay the night.

No sooner than he asked the question, while driving, in a flash of an eye, I saw huge white angel wings encompass my windshield. At that very second, Dawson shouted, "Grandma, did you see that"? I said,"Yes, I saw huge angel wings covering my windshield. We were both shocked to have seen two different things. We are strong believers and have experienced many miracles but who is ready for something like this. No trees fell, no storm, why were there angel wings in front of me covering my side of the windshield?

And, a fireball flash for him? We cannot understand this. But, awesome! I could actually see the inner wing with all its brilliance and feathers. It was huge! And, it was gone as fast as it came. My family and I were going through a terrible experience in To make a long story short, I had a chair next to my bed one night while I was sleeping. I woke up looking toward the chair, and there was a little girl dressed in all white with a hat on. She had a beautiful glow, but all of a sudden she walked away.

I could not fall back asleep. We were playing in a back room when something scared us. I clutched my nephew tightly, both of us screaming and crying, and ran toward the front door. Just before reaching the exit, I saw a tiny ball of glowing white light hovering just above our front door. I stopped dead in my tracks. I could not take my eyes off that ball. Suddenly it started getting bigger and bigger. Eventually, we were totally engulfed by the light. The next memory I have, I was floating inside this light. It was the purest most beautiful, soft light ever, and I was transfixed by it.

It felt so good. I can still feel it when I think about that day. Inside the light, there was no sense of fear, pain, or worry. Somehow I knew everything was okay and we were going to be fine. I have believed in angels all my life. In my younger years, I lived an exciting life, threw caution to the wind, and put myself in dangerous situations. I used to think I had worked my angels overtime. My life changed when orbs showed up in the photos I took at my son's wrestling tournament. I don't see things like that, no matter what other people say they've seen. I was upset! My middle and my youngest son both told me not to worry.

They believed they were guardian angels. Since then, I have captured a wonderful variation of these beautiful orbs. One has moth-like wings—gorgeous pink on the top and fairy green on the bottom. Again, since this one was so different, I was a bit upset again. But, when I'm out with them, I always feel so happy. They are playful, fun-loving, and I feel they are a blessing to me. They have helped me with unreasonable fears. I have peace and serenity like never before and see God's hand on everything now.

Love and light, they go together. Last year was the worse of my life. In six months, I lost my brother-in-law, my younger brother passed away, I had my adult son and family removed from my house, and I divorced my absent husband. I cried years of tears at unexpected times. When I went to bed, I prayed longer and harder than ever.

I asked the Lord, through tears, to please give me a sign that He was walking with me. About 3 a. I was alone in the house and believe it was God giving me a sign he was with me. I was not afraid just irritated someone laid hands on me. Then it hit me who it actually was and drifted off to a peaceful sleep. I've never experienced anything like this but it was amazing.

Every night I will say a prayer, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, guard me Jesus through the night and wake me with the morning light. It actually happened to me. When I woke up, out of nowhere, I saw a beautiful bright light filling up my room. I thought maybe somebody turned on the light, but I remembered the light in my room is very dim.

Then, I thought about my window, but I keep the blinds closed all the time. I soon went back to sleep with a great feeling and a sense of security.

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It started with me seeing a figure at the end of my bed. I also kept seeing purple, green, and white balls of light in my room at night. One night, I had just laid down. Suddenly, I was outside staring at this woman who had long black hair. Her wings covered the whole of the sky. She was massive. I asked her what she wanted, shouting at her. She smiled, and she told me she was the angel of the morning sun. She flapped her wings three times and my body went all funny. I was back in my room. I could see myself lying in bed, I was on my ceiling.

I straight away researched the angel of the morning sun and I found sculptures of her and pictures. It was— 1, percent—the same angel. I'm still freaked out to this day as I had never heard of her before and also didn't believe in this type of thing. I was sitting in the garden with my 7-year-old son.

Suddenly, I could see out of the corner of my eye a very bright light. I looked to the left and down, and the bright light was on an ornamental angel in the flower bed. Then suddenly, the light disappeared. I have looked on the internet and it says I was visited by my guardian angel. I was 4 years old. I was in my brother's room, crying. This is when I heard a sweet voice called me. I looked up towards the footboard and saw a woman with long hair lying on her right shoulder. She had on a white flowing cloth with light blue trimming surrounded by a white mist.

Her arms were extended out with her palms facing upward as if she wanted to embrace me. She whispered to me, "Come with me, I love you," in Spanish. I kept looking at her when I heard the bedroom door open. I screamed as I saw my mother walk into the room. She ran to the bed, and lifted me up into her arms, and ran out of the room. She sat down and started praying over me and kept pouring a sweet fragrance on my head. I was not afraid of the lady, but I do not know what happened between the time the door was opening and when I started screaming.

We moved out several months later. However, to this day, I know I have someone watching over me and protecting me. I prayed that God would show me an angel, and he did, twice, many years after I prayed for this. Both encounters happened when I was sleeping. I suppose angels will come to visit us on occasion when we would be most relaxed and receptive to their visitations. The first encounter I had, I was in a dream state walking along a dark path at night.

Then suddenly, the entire environment setting lit up with incredibly pure bright light as if the sun itself was shining on me. Suddenly, I woke up, but no one was in the dark bedroom that I could see. So I asked in bewilderment, "What is it?

Alexander Pushkin in English translation

No voice or words came forth, but the angel conveyed thoughts and pictures to my mind telepathically, showing me that I left the side door of the garage open with a picture in my mind. I was reminded to close the door and to lock it. So, I thanked the angel and got out of bed and, sure enough, the door was wide open.

When I am at work, I encounter a very intense, red light which shines for about 4 seconds and then disappears. When I have seen this light, I have asked others present if they could see it, but they all say, "No. But, a couple of weeks ago, it appeared, and one of the people with me saw it. In the building where I work, it is impossible for this light to shine in. I saw it again, but no one else has. When I was 20 years old, I was almost 9 months pregnant. I was sitting in my bed, wide-awake.

A vision of a—well, the best way I can explain it—a bright light came into my room. The vision, as best I can say, was like a man, but his facial features were lion-like and it seemed to have a bright light shining through. I don't know how else to explain it. I wish I could draw it, but I'm not artistic. I am 42 years old now. This has haunted me to this day. That night, my baby died due to the umbilical cord.

An angel took him, I've no doubt at all. When I was younger, I was going through a lot of things that a young, year-old girl shouldn't have to endure; You can try to imagine. My mother and I were arguing a lot. She was very angry because she was going through things of her on. She took it out on my little brother and me. I went to sleep one night after crying and praying to God; I prayed for hours until I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a bright light in my doorway. It was so bright that I had to squint my eyes to look at this beautiful light. Then, a very tall—what appeared to be a man—walked out of the light to the edge of my bed and kneeled down over me. He spoke my name and put his hand on my arm and started to whisper something in my ear. I could not understand what he was trying to tell me because as soon as he touched my arm I started feeling really tired and fell back to sleep. He made me feel so much comfort. I still think of my angel until this day.

Not long ago, my father was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer and was not given much hope for survival past the Christmas season. Although the odds were devastatingly against him, he chose to go through a round of chemo to take some comfort in the idea that he tried everything he could to be cured.

Although God had other plans, I take comfort in my faith that he will be taken care of by Christ and the angels themselves. I was up in the wee hours of the morning after not being able to sleep in my unending thoughts and prayers. I stood in my driveway in the moonlight and meditated with chills indicating the presence of the Holy Spirit.

As I prayed, my cat kept clawing and biting my ankles. I then, telepathically, said, "Jesus, can you please stop this annoying cat from biting my ankles while I am trying to talk to You? He did so with several others. We all went back to the base barracks, and some of the guys were going crazy. I prayed for help. A sailor opened his door and asked what was wrong. I told him. He asked me to get everyone and bring them to his room.

I did. He asked if we believed in God. We all shared our experiences about God, and that is when I noticed I was sober. It was way too soon for the LSD to wear off, it can be an hour experience. It had only been a few hours since our drinks had been spiked. The next day, I went to the room to thank the guy. When I went to the room, no one had been in that room for months. I was in communications, and there had been no ship movements. No one, but the guys who had their drinks spiked, remembers the man.

It has been a mystery for nearly 40 years. There can be only one explanation, that sailor was either a ghost or an angel. Because of how he spoke of God, I believe he was an angel. My father passed away on February 1, Soon afterward, I had a dream that my father was waiting for me, but the closer I came to him the further he moved away. He was standing at the top of a flight of stairs which was very high and I could not get to him. It was as if he was watching over me. Then, a few nights ago, he appeared as an angel to my mom's neighbor who was sleeping in mom's bed.

He just stood there, and then disappeared, after she told him my mom is being taken care of by me and she is fine. I miss him so much. Moonville, Ohio, is an old town that was overtaken by a plague, almost everyone died. All that is left of the town is a tunnel. We went through the tunnel, and three of my grandsons climbed the hill to the top. There was a thin beam of light that looked like a sword.

It was right in front of us. I couldn't see when I looked up to take the picture, the light was so bright. I took the picture anyway. When we got back to our cabin, I looked at the picture, there was a bubble in the middle of the thin beam of light, it was right in front of my grandson, Jordan. Jordan lost his father at 9 months old, he killed by a train. When I blew up the picture there were angels as plain as day looking right at Jordan. My 5-year-old granddaughter Masyn said, "I told you, Mommy, I saw an angel. What a blessing we saw at Moonvill that day. My angel spoke to me once and told me his name.

It happened when I came back from shopping. My mom told me to ask who my angel was. I was barely forming the question when he told me one name, Gabriel. Afterward, I could feel him standing near me in a soft light with golden swirls. Well, I had two angels. One, when I was 10 and I heard someone whisper my name but no one was there. My angel communicates with me by using digits on the clock.

Last night, I was on my iPod and I randomly felt someone lightly squeeze or touch my arm. I was confused at first and started looking around but no one was there, so I looked at the time it was I just missed , one of the times when they let me know they're there. I was amazed. I had a difficult two years full of losses, sadness, and major changes.

I was recently diagnosed with depression. I had some very strange experiences and some moments of pure bliss. One day, I was sitting at the bus stop and something that I couldn't see sat next to me.

Our Spiritual Wake-up Call

Something so beautiful that I felt pleasure and tingling all along that side. A very spiritual friend said it was evil, but I didn't feel it as evil. I think it was an angel that wanted to guide me. It has done just that through a chance encounter with a friend of a friend who has set me on the right path to healing all my hurt and resolving my depression and more.

This friend of a friend is like an angel here on earth for me. My son called me because he wanted to die, but after trying to convince him that I should fly there to help with the children he hung up. My 7-year-old grandson called me crying and said, "Please, Grandma, come! I called the airlines and had to be at the airport for the last 9 p. The terminal was under construction so I was left at a shuttle site in the parking lot in the pouring rain.

On The Wings Of Love: Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

It was p. I had never used this airport so I was terrified and began crying. She asked me my flight information, then said, "Don't worry, I'll get you there. She got me to the terminal, and I was the last to board. I stayed up all night with my son, then I called the suicide line at 4 a. A friend came by, went to talk with him, and came out with a loaded gun and sleeping pills that he talked him into giving up!

An angel saved him! At 18, I was in a car wreck. Out of nowhere, a lady in white clothes like a nurse appeared. She held a towel to my head stopping my severe bleeding as the firetrucks were coming. She said, "You will be fine now. I looked away and she was gone. I asked the fireman where was the lady. He said, "What lady? That was a foot cliff to the Pacific Ocean. She had said to me, "I heard the accident and was at the beach and came to help you.

A blonde lady walked over to me and said, "You are going to be okay, everything will be fine. My mom passed away in June About a month after her death, I was crying a lot. One night, I felt a touch on my arm coming from directly above me. I realized it was my mom, and I felt so comforted. It was the same exact touch I wanted to give her to say goodbye in the coffin but couldn't. I had an experience where I felt something touching my head in a strange but soft manner. I knew I received a blessing because I was coming from church that day.

From time to time, I also see this little orb. And for some reason, I just have a feeling it is my angel, and whenever I see it I smile and say, "Amen. It was May , I was not feeling well. Everything seemed to be falling apart. I would spent a lot of time on Facebook and internet.

I felt I was challenged by evil spirits. I was feeling like I was dead most of the time. I would see my spirit get out of my body and wondered if my dad would come in a spirit form to bring my soul back to my body. One night, I was coming from my workplace at midnight in a risky place. I prayed that night. I saw a light from above and I collapsed then.

My hands were lifted up by that light. Then, the light danced with me. Ever since then, I am always happy. My non-Catholic friend went to Christmas Mass with me and my family. He said that he saw the angels Michael, Uriel, as well as St. Lucy, St. Anthony of Padua, and Mary Magdalene. I was uplifted and felt that I was given a gift of having this shared with me. I know I needed healing. I wanted help with my emotions and felt I needed them to flow instead of wearing a protective mask or being like a statue.

I asked an angel connected with Mount Shasta for help with these blocked emotions. Within 5 minutes, I had tears of gratitude for a dear friend who brought me to this healing meditation. I cried every morning of the long weekend and released many un-cried tears from old pain. I allowed this healing release to begin a new journey for me. It felt odd, not to be embarrassed by my emotional state of releasing.

I felt so good to let go. I was so grateful and realized that angels are always here for us if we ask for their help. What a gift. I had never felt such love, such freedom, and such connection after this retreat. I totally believe in my angel. On the night of November 12, I was praying to my angel to connect with me in my dream as usual. I was woken up by a male voice.

The only thing I remember was him saying, "Earthquake between 4 and 5. To my surprise, on November 14, my husband called me around 2 p. Today, I'm a semi-retired veterinarian belonging to our local Guardian Angels group. I developed type I diabetes in , and now I have a lot of faith that Jesus with all His love will always carry me until He needs me at the next level. Bless you all with God's grace and all overpowering love.

I have several angels and see them each in different ways. My father is rainbows, my grandma is butterflies. There are orbs in pictures. I know they are there when I photograph them. They are red and often in shapes of angels. I have been told I have five. One day I took my very sick dog, Who, to the vet.

We were at a stop light and Who was on my lap getting hugs and love because the day had been tough on my dog. Our light turned green and I began to accelerate. Who coughed and lost breath. I immediately stopped and looked down at him in fear that I'd have to send him back to vet.

In seconds, a truck sped through the red light with lightning speed, rocking my SUV. That would have been the end of us.

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  • My mouth was open and I gasped, "Huh. And I said, "Wow, Who, you saved my life with your little cough. He laid his face on my arm as if to thank me for saving his. He is now one of my angels near my heart and at my feet right now. We were in the jungle at Taljai Devi near Pune India , we knew we were lost. Both of us had almost decided that might have to spend the rest of the night at the jungle, but suddenly from somewhere, a man appeared.

    His looks were serene in spite of meeting him at that time of day in a jungle. We did not get scared of him at all. He looked so peaceful, there was such serenity on his face. We followed him. Me and my friend both knew that he is either an angel or a man sent by an angel to help us. One of the signs that you have had an angel encounter is if another person with you feels the same way. And, my friend certainly did. We are so sure that we will never meet or see that man again.

    I'm sure he wasn't a common man because nobody comes for a walk in that area at p. And, he knew the road, which nobody else would know. When I was taking pictures in my backyard one and a half years ago, I looked to see how the photos appeared. I found that a great, awesome cloud came down my alley and three UFOs shaped like pyramids were in my backyard.

    Three men wearing silver suits and silver cone-shaped hats advanced from the UFOs toward me. The one closest to me, about 8-feet tall, had a great smile and reached out as if he was going to hug me. He looked as common as any man except for his silver suit. I was overwhelmed with excitement and surprise. The message error said that the space on the memory card was used up so that I could not transfer photos to it. This was extremely frustrating.

    Nevertheless, the experience shores up other encounters with the Kingdom of God in various visions. I have a daughter who is permanently disabled. She had open heart surgery when she was only 3 months old. We were told when she was being prepped for surgery that we shouldn't do it and that her prognosis wasn't good. Obviously, we didn't do that and, now, she is simply amazing. Since this surgery, we have been stopped four times in the last year all by different people who have said they see angels all around her and I— percent—believe it. God gave me my daughter for a reason and I am grateful for the angels who always take care of her.

    I just thought that after four different people I don't know have come up to me, and my wife stating that there are angels all around my daughter that they must be on to something. God is amazing. Yesterday, I just asked no one really, "Please, just give me a sign on what to do I want to relocate from Ireland to Spain but was not sure if I should go for it or not. The next day, I was looking through one of my many handbags, and I put my hand in to grab some coins out of it.

    Suddenly, I found myself with a silver ring in my hand with a coin stuck in the middle of the ring. The story behind this is that the ring is very important to me. I got it from a boy on my first holiday in Spain when I fell in love with the country, and I thought I had lost the ring forever. I had searched everywhere but could not find it. The coin in the middle of the ring had an Irish harp on it. So, the question remains, its Spain or Ireland? Although I am confused, I still believe this is my own personal sign to change my life.

    At the age of 15 years old, I was riding my four-wheeler. I tried to climb a hill with my four wheeler by myself, risky since no one was there if I had wrecked it. As I got to the top of the hill, my front tire came upon a rock in the trail. My four-wheeler began to flip back, and I had already felt the point of feeling helpless at gaining control as the front end was pointing toward the sky. At that point, I knew I was in trouble, and then, in that instant, I felt a hand catch me and drove me forward with so much force I thought that I was going to go over the front of the four-wheeler as it hit the ground.

    From that day forward, I vowed to never try to climb that hill again. I am now 28 years old and a preacher for Christ. Thank God for that unseen hand that watches over us each day. I know I have angels by my side. I've been so close to death a few times. For instance, I was driving down the road approaching a major intersection. The light was red, and I hadn't reached the stop light yet before I got there it turned green. I said to myself, "Cool, I don't have to stop, I can keep going.

    No one was in front or behind me, but I was intending to go through the intersection at the same time a speeding car ran a red in the opposite direction. If that squirrel didn't run out in front of me, I would have been killed. The guy who ran the light was going about 60 miles per hour.

    Maybe an angel threw a nut across the street for the squirrel or gave him a poke in the rear. Or, maybe, the squirrel was the angel. Oh, by the way, I didn't hit the squirrel. He ran on his little hero way. Angels and demons both exist, and, according to the Bible, there are twice as many angels as demons.

    They are all around us, and we are to judge over them in the future. Be sure to worship and give thanks to God for sending his angels to protect you! I have been living a reckless life for quite some time. I have put myself in situations that most people would not have survived. As my life became more reckless and dangerous, my family told me "Something has to be watching you or protecting you.

    Death is following you. I have never seen someone go through so much and live. Please change. After not praying for years, I laid in bed and prayed "Lord, please send me a sign. I need help because my luck is running out. For my sake and my families sake, help me, please. That is, until I started to doze off and awoke in a state that I cannot explain.

    I could not move, I opened my eyes and above my bed was a light. It was the brightest, most beautiful light I had ever seen. It was pulsating and glowing white. It was so bright it lit my room up. Then, it was gone. I know it was an angel sent from God. During a very rough time last week, my daughter and I went to the mall.

    At the bottom of the escalator a lady approached us and started a conversation. She asked me a lot about where I was from, etc. How did she know there was a showdown at her school the day before? She also said that my daughter will have her pick of colleges to choose from. She is a straight-A student since kindergarten and is now in 10th grade. She also looked deep into my eyes and told me that she knew I had been to hell and back but this will all make me stronger.

    Before we left, she said that she sees six angels around my daughter and six around me. We aren't alone. She also reminded me to keep surrounding myself and my daughter with protection, and that it works! I do, I surround myself and my daughter with the white light every day. How did she know? I was the manager of a radio broadcast station.

    I worked the morning show in which I had to wake every morning at 3 a. The night before, I abruptly woke up at pm. I had been sound asleep by p. I was initially disoriented, yet driven. I was barking orders to my equally-sound-asleep husband who responded beautifully to my orders. I asked my husband to get on the cell phone and get ready to call When I called the station, the talent on air informed me that there was a stranger in the studio with a gun.

    I signaled my husband to call while I asked to speak to the stranger who was highly agitated. I was able to talk to the man who threatened my friend, my staff member, and engaged him until the Sheriff's office arrived and my staff member was saved. There is no other explanation other than an angel informed me of danger and guided me through handling it.

    The other night I came to stay for the Christmas holidays with my dad and brother. My brother sometimes is a person I still don't get along with even though we are adults. He keeps to himself and seems to ignore me most of the time. I feel very sad about this every time I visit my family. He is not nice to my mom at all who lives separate from him and my dad. On the first night I was here, I held back tears as we ate supper. I played cards with my dad. I could have talked to my dad about it but I didn't know how to put it into words.