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Imagined Innuendo may be the cause. Its video features a breakdancing King Kong. Covers of the song have been done by Robert Palmer and Mariah Carey. Community Showcase More.

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Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Oh Akko, you tease! I wasn't trying to lead you on, Not like you think. I didn't mean to turn you on. In Akame ga Kill! As seen above, in the earlier chapters of Girl Friends , Akko does this quite often to poor Mari. Of course, Akko might have acted subconsciously. In chapter in Mahou Sensei Negima! Chachamaru normally finds this mildly pleasurable when done by someone who knows what they're doing.

When Negi does it, he winds the key too hard, and pumps way too much magic into it, and Chachamaru has to clamp her hands over her mouth to keep from screaming in pleasure. Completely oblivious to what just happened, Negi then promises to wind her up every day, as long as she needs him to.

Considering the obvious subtext , Evangeline's oft-repeated threats to "wind her up" from earlier on in the series—complete with Chachamaru begging "not too hard, please"—suddenly become a lot more funny. The winding thing comes up again later, when Asakura realizes the implications. Naturally, she takes it a bit too far.

Chapter takes the "winding" into overdrive. Poor Chachamaru. In the anime adaptation Negima!? It also appears that Asuna does this to Setsuna here by touching her wings a certain way. Negi checking Asuna's temperature while she's under the effects of a Love Potion.

In chapter 39 of Kodomo no Jikan , Aoki-sensei is showing the kids how to calm a cow and milk it — which entails calling its name in a low and soothing manner — while a bra-less broke it early in the chapter Houin-sensei stares nervously. It makes her become increasingly turned-on as her crush massages and squeezes the teats of the cow, which shares her given name. Axis Powers Hetalia : The Italy brothers have curls that act as erogenous zones. Germany is shown pulling on Italy's more than once without having the slightest idea of the reaction it causes.

Given their status as Official Couple , this is to be expected. Spain with Romano. At one point he pulls on Romano's curl to get his attention, not knowing that it only serves to make Romano more distracted. Romano immediately freaks out thinking that Spain is a pervert.


TURNED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

The Tyrant Falls in Love : What should have been a simple haircut becomes a test of Morinaga's self-control when he discovers highly sensitive areas around Souichi's ear; areas which he could conceivably put to good use. Souichi himself has fallen victim to this trope at least once, when Morinaga's efforts not to jump him only ended up turning him on instead. In chapter of Ah! My Goddess , in which the personification of a dimensional gate asks Keichi to unlock her with a very big key. Various other characters comment on what their dialogue sounds like.

Genkaku from Deadman Wonderland gets incredibly turned on by Nagi killing people, including an instance where it's made obvious he gets a hard-on from Nagi crushing some poor guy's skull. Whenever Train from Black Cat kills or is about to kill someone, an unfortunate byproduct is Creed getting incredibly aroused. Train seems incredibly creeped out by this response. Still another example can be found in a scene where the two fight in hand-to-hand combat and Train ends up trying to immobilize Creed through a grappling maneuver.

Having been trapped in this position, the latter proceeded to writhe and moan in complete and total ecstasy. Hayate the Combat Butler 's title character does this all the time to Nagi. Also to the other girls in his Unwanted Harem. Hell, an entire chapter was devoted to him unwittingly doing this to various female classmates. This trope is the ever present peril of Karin. At least the first dozen chapters or so. Omamori Himari offers a strange example: Ageha bites Yuuto's neck and drinks his blood. Next frame, we see Ageha panting in pleasure, fondling her own breasts with one hand and trying desperately to not put the other one between her legs and satisfy herself.

Or rape him right there, for that matter. And Yuuto? Unconscious on the floor. Seems his blood is waaaaay too delicious and arousing for demons. And that's a demon hunter we're talking about Makes a certain kind of sense. Such appealing targets would naturally be sought out first, naturally leading to training. In terms of the present day, it draws the various youkai to those that can handle it, instead of letting them prey on others.

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In Full Metal Panic! This trope is such a common occurrence with Sousuke, with him not even realizing that he's doing something to make his admirers' hearts beat faster. It most commonly occurs with Kaname including an instance where he accidentally touched her breast, which resulted in her getting really turned on, an instance where she misunderstood that he was going to kiss her, an instance where she misunderstood his proposition to her as wanting to have sex with her, and an instance where she got turned on seeing him asleep, and had a hard time resisting not kissing his soft lips while he was asleep.

He tends to have this effect on Tessa, during the fewer times when he interacts with her, as well. And during Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu , his admirer Ena Saeki confesses that watching him work so diligently "made her heart beat out of her chest" though the things he was working diligently on were planting land mines in the school. And then there's how he accidentally managed to turn Gauron on immensely during their first meeting when Sousuke was twelve Which had disastrous results for Sousuke in the long run. Later, it's even revealed that Sousuke unknowingly turned Gauron on yet again, as Gauron reveals to him that during their fight in Khanka, he was so pleased that Sousuke still had such beautiful eyes , and he "really wanted to fuck him up the ass.

Which is why she had to correct herself on a poor choice of words with Kai. And, in chapter 38, she was put-off by Takeru oiling her up , but would've gone through with it as part of a deal. Fortunately, she didn't have to since Celia dragged him off. It's all enough to make Midori feel very uneasy Rito of To Love-Ru does this to a great many of the girls, but the stand-out case is most probably Mikan in Darkness , where a Headbutt Thermometer , combined with trying to hold back the effects of a Love Potion leads to what is most definitely an orgasm in the uncensored volume.

Suddenly the fact that Natsu has No Sense of Personal Space to the point of frequently entering Lucy's house without permission stops being something annoying her friend does because he doesn't totally get social norms and becomes proof that he really does have a crush on her. Happens practically Once per Episode in Strawberry Shake Sweet : somehow, Ran will always find a perfectly good reason to get all touchy-feely with her senpai Julia; a nosebleed from lovestruck Julia will usually ensue. Apart from the comedic value, this is also an early clue that Ran herself is lowkey crushing on Julia from the start.

Kase and Yamada of Kase-san are that special kind of Twice Shy that are both doing this to one another. In Kase's case, it's sometimes deliberate Hint Dropping , but Yamada just really is that awkward. Nozaki of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun has moments when he acts quite boyfriend-like with Sakura much to her delight without him meaning to be or realizing the effect he has on her. Girls are attracted to Guren like bees to honey in Seraph of the End and he has a tendency to instill this in Shigure and Sayuri his bodyguards.

Happens with almost every couple at least once in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. Almost said word for word when Takano is barely able to keep himself from going along with the mood.

It even continues to happen when some of the guys become an Official Couple. This is a running joke in Yona of the Dawn between Yona and Hak. In the beginning, it was Yona saying unintentionally suggestive things to Hak , which flustered him frequently. Later, due to a somewhat unconventional Unrequited Love Switcheroo , the situation is reversed with Hak often and accidentally triggering Yona's Crush Blush by using her name or by speaking close to her ear. Comic Books. Dick Grayson from Batman is guilty of this to a ridiculous degree. At one point in his publication had six simultaneous acknowledged love interests, and has been referred to as a "factory for broken hearts.

Both of them, come to that. Recently, one of Green Arrow's villains was on the business end of a Green Arrow Accidental Seduction when he saved her life—she decided to fixate on him and become an insane Stalker with a Crush. As you do. When this happens to Spider-Man , it usually goes on to blow up in his face. Women occasionally fall for Peter Parker's dorky charms without him realizing it , and then when he has to go out and be Spider-Man or pursue his acknowledged love interests, the women resent him for it.

This is an even worse case than normal, because not only is Dredd almost psychotically dedicated to his job to the point where he's basically asexual, but even if he wasn't, American Judges are not allowed to have personal relationships. Refrenced in a darkly hilarious interaction between Tim and Lady Shiva in the Robin miniseries when he goes to Hong Kong. Lady Shiva wakes him up at night for their martial arts training, telling him that she'll bring him to a " whole new world ".

IT'S TOO LATE - Isley Brothers

The decidedly chaste Tim's response? I don't think I'm ready for this". Lady Shiva then nonchalantly replied that they can do that later, after the training. A Crown of Stars : Before getting together, Asuka constantly turned Shinji on constantly and unintentionally. One of those instances happened When Shinji saw her twirling a gun after decking his father, and all what he could think of was "God, she is hot".

Children of an Elder God : After fighting Amaliel Asuka wraps her arm around Shinji's and drags him away, urging him to tell her all about his battles. She was not intending to turn Shinji on, but "with Asuka's arm entwined with his and her warm tone of voice, his mind turned to mush".

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Doing It Right This Time : When Rei tried a new dress and innocently asked Asuka if she looked good, Asuka felt very flustered and very hot all of sudden that was her first hint that she liked both Shinji and Rei. Evangelion : During their dates Kaworu unintentionally does many things such like smiling or kissing her hand that unintentionally get Rei flustered and even aroused. They were imagining Italy as the youth.

Played with in an Artemis Fowl fanfic where Holly and Artemis are discussing something while her headset is on meaning, in this case, that Foaly and the majority of the LEPrecon can hear her. She asks a question, which inevitably leads to Artemis diving into a complex answer. About two sentences in, she irritably mutters, "I didn't mean to turn you on," referring to his habit of going into overly-detailed explanations.

Recon, being the perverts they are, mistake it for this trope and burst out laughing. Embarrassed, she starts yelling at them quite loudly about what perverts they are and how no, she didn't turn Artemis on that way. Artemis stares blandly at her until she's finished and says something deadpan. In some of Chance Encounter 2 and almost all of 3 , Balian is this to Cassandra. Everything he does makes her love him more, and, Balian being Balian, he is totally oblivious until he is told. Whereupon he goes bright red. Show more.

8 Reasons Why I Turned You Down When You Asked Me Out

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Close Thesaurus. Other entries for this word. Related words. Synonyms and related words. To make a machine or piece of equipment work: activate , actuate , coax Explore Thesaurus. To express anger: blow up , flare , fume To attack a person or object: attack , assault , strike at To try hard to do or get something: boil the ocean , try , work To aim and to throw: throw , direct , aim Feeling sexual excitement or desire: on the pull , arouse , desire To make someone feel excited, enthusiastic or impressed: inspire , attract , interest Ways of saying that something has little or no value: no To depend on or trust someone or something: depend on , rely on , trust