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  1. Les origines de Lille
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  3. Brexit et gilets jaunes, deux crises existentielles pour deux vieux pays
  4. Preface to Queen Zarah (), Sources and Translations

PDF Preview. Table of Contents. Related Content. Editor: Weijers. Throughout Europe, nostalgia and modernization embraced around the rise of historicism coincided with the emergence of the modern nation-state. Poetical, cultural changes intersected with political, institutional ones: a Romantic taste for medieval or tribal antiquity benefited from a modernization-driven transfer of cultural relics into the public sphere.

This process involved the establishment of museums, libraries, archives and university institutes, as well as the dissemination of historical knowledge through text editions, philological studies, historical novels, plays, operas and paintings, monuments and restorations. Antiquaries, philologists and historians produced a new past and rendered history a matter of public, national interest and collective identification. This international and interdisciplinary collection explores the romantic-historicist complexities at the root of the modern nation-state.

Contributors are Ellinoor Bergvelt, Eveline G. The grand duchy of Luxembourg was created after the Napoleonic Wars, but at the time there was no 'nation' that identified with the emergent state. This book analyses how politicians, scholars and artists have initiated and contributed to nation-building processes in Luxembourg since the nineteenth century, processes that — as this book argues — are still ongoing.

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The focus rests on three types of representations of nationhood: a shared past, a common homeland and a national language. History was written so as to justify the country's political independence. Territorial borders shifted meaning, constantly repositioning the national community.

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The local dialect — initially considered German variant — was gradually transformed into the 'national language', Luxembourgish. The science of recording was born in with Edison's invention of the phonograph.

Les origines de Lille

In , Emile Berliner founded E. Berliner of Montreal, to obtain exclusive rights for the manufacture and distribution of records in Canada; in his son, Herbert Samuel Berliner, opened the first Canadian recording studio in Montreal. Despite this, French recordings in Canada in the first 20 years of the 20th century were mainly by artists from France, such as Alfred Fertinel, Henri Cartal and Victor Occelier.

In the s, folksongs and instrumental Celtic music were first recorded by French-Canadian musicians.

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Classical versions of Quebec folk music were equally in vogue. There is no doubt that Quebec country and western music was influenced by the US, but from the s it began to merge with folk, as demonstrated by the music of Joseph-Ovila LaMadeleine , Oscar Thiffault and Les Montagnards laurentiens.


45 Million Amazon products at your fingertips!

The history of French-Canadian country music dates from the career of Soldat Roland Lebrun , in the late s. The mixing of styles became more deliberate in the s. The work of these artists is often categorized as " world music. The first Quebec mass-market popular musicians were influenced by the "crooner" style born in the US in , and the "chanson de charme" from France. Hosts Guy Mauffette, Jacques Normand and Robidoux also played key roles in the evolution of the Quebec music industry.

Brexit et gilets jaunes, deux crises existentielles pour deux vieux pays

Pop music of the time was close to jazz "swing. The next year, the Radio 49 pop charts were the first to list Quebec hits.

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  8. In , impresario Yvan Dufresne launched Michel Louvain , the Quebec crooner who made young women swoon. The hit charts in La Presse of that period give a good indication of the fads in Quebec pop music. Since , the distinctions between artists have tended to ease.

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    The television program Jeunesse d'aujourd'hui and the work of producer Denis Pantis greatly helped spread the movement. Because rap initially was produced in marginalized circles, it is difficult to trace its Quebec origins precisely. However, the proximity between Montreal and New York led to its presence in Quebec in the early s. Since the public criticism of ADISQ in by Collectif 83, hip-hop musicians turned radio and the television channel Musique Plus to their advantage.

    Preface to Queen Zarah (), Sources and Translations

    By collaborating on this event and establishing Turbo Records in , the DJ Tiga played a key role in the advent of techno music in Montreal. There are many examples of comic songs in French-Canadian folk music. Before , such songs were not a popular art separate from theatre, monologues, burlesque and other variety shows.