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Definition of Crime of Passion

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In emotionally charged situations, we may allow ourselves to act impulsively, ignoring rationality. These so-called crimes of passion can happen between people with strong emotional bonds. According to the U. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 30 percent of all female murder victims were killed by their spouses.

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Another Only 8. The different reasons for crimes of passion are numerous. Common motives include jealousy, revenge, fear and anger. These feelings may be conscious or unconscious. The act of killing may be spontaneous or premeditated.

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Depending upon the circumstances, the killer may be charged with murder or manslaughter -- or could be exonerated if the court finds the killer acted in self-defense. The killer may claim that the crime of passion was an act of temporary insanity -- a condition that's difficult to prove in court.

Humans kill because we're not dispassionate, robotic beings. We have wants and needs and possess the ability to pursue them. We may never know the full explanation of why we behave the way we do, but as we learn more we may find ways to improve ourselves and make murder a thing of the past. Psychopaths, Genocide and Crimes of Passion. Prev NEXT. Criminals like Charles Manson may kill -- or inspire others to kill -- based on fundamentally flawed reasoning. Why are we violent?

Crime of passion

World Health Organization on Violence. Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation. New York.

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Begley, Sharon. June 20, April , , pp. Hillsdale, N. Mattiuzzi, Paul G. July 30, Cambridge, U. Staub, Ervin. Apparently, he had turned down a lot of projects, but there was something about Crimes that connected with him. We talked about it, we had a great relationship that extended for years up until his death.

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They had a new head of production, Jonathan Axelrod who wanted to move the company "into a more sophisticated area" and they agreed to finance in association with Orion Pictures. The male lead was given to Tony Perkins. Russell had an excellent working relationship with Sandler. Sandler says the biggest change to the script came with the character of Shayne. Originally he was written as a psychiatrist but Anthony Perkins had just played a psychiatrist on Broadway in Equus and did not want to play another psychiatrist. Russell came up with the idea of making him a reverend. Kathleen Turner had read the script and wanted to do the film, over the advice of her agent, because she wanted to break away from her image in Romancing the Stone.

Filming started April The film was shot at Zoetrope Studios with a mostly non union crew. The scenes with Kathleen and Tony. And that kind of high-pitched almost surreal interplay fascinated him, dealing with themes of masks and facades, illusions and deceptions, with these two outrageous characters going at each other.

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He was less intrigued with the other aspect of the film which was the Grady home life. Perkins loved working with Russell. It's wonderful to find a man like Ken who not only listens but actively encourages you to come up with your thoughts. Turner says she felt "really good" about the film "because I feel that was really brave, and I was risking a lot there - in an acting sense.

Sunday Reading: Crimes of Passion

I was satisfied with that. I think that's some of my best work. I don't think the film is as good as it could have been, but I'm very proud of my work in it. Ken made me brave. Ken Russell. And my agent was encouraging. Plus I was feeling a little rebellious around that time. I saw public popularity as a kind of entrapment, and I wanted some danger.

I didn't want to get trapped in fulfilling people's conceptions of me over and over again. I felt pressure and I wanted to break out. Turner wrote in her memoirs that shooting was made difficult by Perkins' drug problem and Russell's heavy drinking. The ceremony was officiated by Anthony Perkins, who was an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. Even now that it's trimmed, I expect it will offend some people. Ken Russell's films usually do. But it's adventurous filmmaking of the best kind. And that's what people want, isn't it?

Too often recently, delicate subjects have been tackled so timidly that they've found no audience at all. I'm glad it's turned out to be controversial. People will either love it or hate it. And that's what you need if you want people to come and see your film today. Even raves from the critics no longer guarantee you an audience. A film has to be talked about. And this one will be. The film was given an X rating. Russell re-cut it and re-submitted it hoping for an R, but was unsuccessful. New World refused to release it unless it was rated R, so Russell was asked to cut it a third time.

Sandler said, "In the purest sense, it's justified - you can do anything you want to in your movie, as long as you're willing to go with an X rating. Then you have to face the fact that no distributor wants an X. Or that you won't be able to get advertising in many newspapers. Or that you won't be able to get air time on most TV and radio stations.

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Some time in the last 10 years, an X rating became an automatic stamp of pornography. Sandler says the head of the ratings board contacted him and suggested they release the film as an X and reclaim that rating. Russell added to do further cuts "would do the film I was commissioned to do irreparable harm. The only thing one can do is make a stand and avoid being steamrolled.

Even if you're squashed flat, it's better than conning the public with something you don't believe in. Robert Rehme head of New World admitted further cuts "probably would hurt the picture" but felt it would not affect its box office fortunes. Sandler said, "We kept cutting a little more each time and, by the fifth round of cuts, I think they were all so beaten down from looking at the thing and from pressure from the press and elsewhere that they finally went with an R.

Russell said the cuts he did were of "a sex shadow show on a wall and a rather climactic scene of sado-masochistic bent, also a scene where China Blue cracks, and several scenes of erotic art that are her mental reactions to what's happening to her. I would think the film in its present form loses some of the motivations. Some of what China Blue does must now seem arbitrary.

One scene that was cut in its entirety was one where Kathleen Turner takes a cop home and they get involved with a nightstick. Sandler says when they previewed the film "people were intensely upset by that scene It was clear that, had we kept it in, it would have made a lot of people extremely uncomfortable. Brian De Palma said he thought the film "was affected deeply by the cuts that were made in it. You're dealing with a major film artist here. You're not dealing with some guy shooting pornography in a back room somewhere.

The New York Times said "Ken Russell's films have never lacked exuberance or humor, which makes the flat, joyless tone of Crimes of Passion a surprise. Much of this is attributable to a screenplay Only intermittently does Mr. Russell break through with the kind of manic flamboyance that is so singularly and rudely his own. Perkins later said "there are great moments in that film that could only come from a genius. He was on to something about the nature of religion and evil that few people could ever find. Yet, it was, in the end, a bit of a disappointment because it had no plot.