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The highest praise I can give it is that I finished reading it -- all the way through -- which is something I don't think I've ever done with a management book. Savage is a clear and gifted writer, which helps, and I'm interested in the subject matter, which also helps.

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But there was something else which kept me reading: I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it never did. Savage advocates that companies create a new position, the Chief Probability Officer, charged with coordinating the institutional knowledge about probability distributions. He writes, in what might be the nub of the whole book:. Managers at many levels are just bursting with probabilistic knowledge, which if properly channeled can be put to good use.

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On page of his book, Savage prints an admittedly hypothetical distribution of future sea levels. But the fact is that his base-case scenario, the place where he starts his analysis, is a thin-tailed normal distribution, with the chance of sea levels rising in future being exactly the same as the chance that they will fall. Tails are thin; Black and Scholes and Merton and Markowitz are heroes; probability distributions can be modeled and tamed and understood on a seat-of-the-pants level.

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    Defend the earth from invasion in your Destroid. Help maintain the fragile peace after the war that left most of the Earth devastated. Inside this book you will find a complete Savage Worlds setting for the Macross era of Robotech.

    Steam Community :: Guide :: Feed consumption of Creatures when taming (Official Server)

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