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  3. The 100% True Story Behind Kevin Spacey's Talking Cat Movie: An Oral History

Get age-based picks. The central message is that dads should spend time with their kids and tell them they're proud of them. Also promotes a healthy work-life balance and encourages close relationships between parents and their children. Lara is a wonderful mom and a patient wife. David stands up for what his father's wishes would be -- and, of course, in the end Tom redeems himself for his previously greedy and selfish behavior. Slapstick physical comedy featuring the cat, which commits some death-defying stunts and nearly always lands on its paws.

A couple of accidents leave two characters hospitalized. In one scene, it seems like a man is going to jump off a building to commit suicide, but he's actually base-jumping with a parachute. A married couple kisses, and the cat makes a suggestive comment about whether his wife is going to "do it" with a man she's meeting, but it turns out to be innocent.

Brief glimpses of bras and a shirtless teen. The cat manages to pry open a bottle of Scotch and tip it into an ashtray so he can drink it; the next morning, the cat is drunk. The ex-wife drinks martinis and gets drunk at a girl's birthday party and dinner. Social drinking by adults. Starring Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner , the comedy features predictable kitty-litter jokes, a suggestive comment that will likely go over kids' head, and a surprising amount of drinking for a kid-targeted movie.

In one scene, it appears like a character is about to commit suicide. It's not a great movie, but at least the the messages promote work-life balance and closer relationships between a workaholic and his kids. Add your rating See all 29 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 39 kid reviews. But all he does is work, and his second wife, Lara Jennifer Garner , makes it clear that he must buy his own impressive present for their daughter Rebecca's Malina Weissman 11th birthday. Fuzzypants as his gift, he ends up in a serious accident that leads to him being trapped in the cat's body.

Meanwhile, Tom's own comatose body is hospitalized. Fuzzypants must attempt to keep his business partner from selling their company; help his oldest son, David Robbie Amell , take his rightful place in the organization; and figure out a way to mend what's broken in his family. A predictable slog disguised as a family-friendly talking-animal movie, this Barry Sonnenfeld film wastes its award-winning cast for a bunch of kitty litter jokes.

Nine Lives is the kind of kid-targeted comedy that makes audiences wonder what the stars wanted to buy with their salary -- or who they owed a favor. The fundamental flaw is that, unlike most live-action movies featuring animals that talk amongst themselves, in this one, only the audience and Walken's character can hear Mr. Fuzzypants speak as Spacey. And the dad-as-kitty monologues and one liners aren't at all funny or original although kids might laugh at every third or fourth cat slapstick sequence. Cheryl Hines appears as Tom's always-ready-for-a-cocktail ex-wife, Madison, who is implausibly good friends with Lara.

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Amell's presence as Tom's oldest son and employee underscores what a jerk Tom is to his kids, but that's basically the entire premise of this yawn-worthy story: Workaholic dad learns to make time for his kids after spending time with a cat. Families can talk about the lessons that Nine Lives has Tom learn as Mr. What are they? Do they feel relevant to your life? Why is the idea of balance so important these days? What role does alcohol play in the movie? Do you think it's appropriate for a kids' film? Kids: Did did you notice the drinking?

Nine Lives - R5 - VAGALUME

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Set preferences to see our top age-appropriate picks for your kids. Nine Lives. Forgettable comedy has more drinking than you'd expect. PG 87 minutes. From the moment he was cast—the moment —I never saw him get off his hands and knees. He wouldn't even respond to "Kevin.

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Fuzzypants" at all times. He'd snarl at anybody who messed up. I would see what meows would get under people's skin. Barry Sonnenfeld: Originally, we were just going to use a real cat the whole time, which would have been way cheaper than CGI.

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But Kevin spent so much time working on his cat-walk that we agreed to let him do the whole movie mo-cap. Jennifer Garner: I've never actually met Kevin Spacey. We worked together for six months, and we've never exchanged a word outside of "action" and "cut. And him as Mr. Barry Sonnenfeld: Kevin would send the cast little gifts: A live mouse for Jennifer Garner, a regurgitated hairball for Christopher Walken, a nasty bite on the arm for Cheryl Hines.

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  7. She got rabies, it was crazy. And, of course, Kevin left his litterbox full for the crew to clean up every morning. He was so committed to being a cat that he stopped being a man. He was Mr. Christopher Walken: You wouldn't believe the craft services on the set. Coffee, day -nish, even a biscotti. And you can take as much as you can EAT! Kevin Spacey: Walken didn't bother to learn any of his lines. He said he left his script at a hour T. But Garner, she was a real pro. I could throw anything at her—nuzzle her leg, climb onto her shoulder, bat her lunch tray off the table. She'd never blow a take.

    The 100% True Story Behind Kevin Spacey's Talking Cat Movie: An Oral History

    Jennifer Garner: Was it hard to act opposite a grown man crawling around in a green suit covered in ping pong balls, meowing and pawing at me all the time? A little.

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    But anytime the stress was getting to me, I'd pull out my phone and look at my bank account balance. It's important to remember why you got into this business in the first place. Kevin Spacey: The hardest part, I think, was sleeping in the alley behind the studio. Lotta stray cats in heat this time of year.

    That scene when Mr. Fuzzypants climbs into Cheryl Hines' purse and pisses all over it? Kevin did that. It was a tight squeeze. But he did it. Barry Sonnenfeld: The day we wrapped production, I knew I needed to do something very special to reward Kevin for all his hard work. So we switched out his bowl of Purina for Fancy Feast. The wet kind. He was just such a good kitty.