Manual Newspaper 2.0: Your Guide To RSS

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Confused about RSS? Don't be. Here's what it is and how to use it

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Taking a few simple steps upfront to protect your business or project can save time and money down the road. Professors can request a FREE evaluation copy. Skip to main content. You can then either print out and read your newspaper, or consult it on your computer or mobile device when you're not connected to the Internet. The procedure is very easy : just grab the URL of any RSS feed you want, and paste it into the web page of the service.

Really Simple Syndication saves time and makes life easier

Then provide a valid e-mail address, and click " Generate ". Now you decide : you can print your newspaper to read it on your sofa, in the underground, at the bus stop, or in any occasion when you're not connected to the Internet, or you can just open the PDF with your default PDF viewer and enjoy your newspaper immediately. There's no limit to the number of newspapers you can create.

Without spending a dime, you can generate a newspaper for each topic you're interested into. Want to know more on how to turn any RSS feed into a customized newspaper? Then go further and check these two web services I tried and tested for you: FeedJournal and Tabbloid. Here all the details: Intro by Daniele Bazzano Overview Click the image above to go to the fullscreen version FeedJournal and Tabbloid are two web-based services that let you turn any RSS feed into a newspaper.

Simply copy and paste the link of the feed you want to turn into a newspaper, and click the " Generate " button. The content of your RSS feed will be extracted and arranged into a newspaper-like outline. Whether you print your customized newspaper, or choose to read it on your computer screen, the immediate benefit of these services is you can save yourself from clicking back and forth through the whole list of feeds you got. Just gather and place your feeds in one place.

You can also create as many newspapers as you want , each one dedicated to a specific topic. You're more into sport than foreign policy? Aggregate a list of feeds that deal with sport news, and enjoy just the content you like. And when you're done customizing your content, you can choose whether to generate your newspaper immediately, or rather schedule a delivery date to receive your news selection right in your mailbox. Your newspaper will be delivered in a PDF format. So, if you run out of paper you could also consider syncing your newspaper directly with your smart phone or iPod.

Get the old-fashioned style of news reading in a 21st century way! And what if you have a blog , and you'd like to share your news selection with your readers? FeedJournal has a social feature which lets you distribute your newspaper through a widget , a direct download link, or by embedding a small piece of code inside your blog site.

If you want to have your list of RSS feeds turned into a newspaper to consult them more easily, Reader is the one that you need. Provide a valid email address, register, add your feed, and you're ready to go. But if you are a blogger , and you'd like to share the news you gathered, or you want to have greater control over the customization of your newspaper, you may want to consider switching to a more complete solution like Publisher. Customize Your Newspaper You can customize the aspect of your newspaper by adjusting some layout options: Column Count : Number of text columns you can have in your newspaper.

Page Size : The default size of the paper.

Margin : Amount of white space which separates the text from the border of the page. Justified Columns : If checked text columns are justified, otherwise the text will be indented. Language : Set of characters used in the text of the newspaper still in beta testing.

Newspaper Your Guide to RSS Free Guide

Share Your Newspaper FeedJournal Publisher allows you to embed a small piece of code inside your blog site to share your personal selection of news. Here is the complete list of social sites available, as specified on Feed Journal site : Facebook Bebo Blogger Typepad Pageflakes Netvibes iGoogle Piczo You can also use a customized widget provided by Widgetbox , or provide your users with a direct link to your PDF newspaper. You can immediately start to add RSS feeds and generate your newspaper right away. Subscriptions List Add the RSS feed you want to turn into a newspaper, or choose from a list of available categories.

You can provide as many feeds as you want.

RSS - Really Simple Syndication

Scheduled Delivery If you prefer , you can set Tabbloid to delivery your newspaper directly to your mailbox at a specific time. If you prefer to read blog and news posts in a web browser, choose a free online RSS reader. A popular RSS reader is Feedly. Feedly is a cloud-based RSS reader that is available on a variety of platforms. Getting started with Feedly is easy. All you need is a Google account.

To save the content to read later, select Read Later or Save to Board. Share Pin Email.

What is RSS?

Coletta Teske is a freelance writer focusing on consumer electronics. She writes articles, how-tos, newsletters, training manuals and white papers. Here are just a few examples:. Follow discussions on web pages and in forums without visiting each page to read the list of posted comments. Keep up-to-date on the tasty foods your favorite bloggers dish up and share recipes with your friends. Stay current with local, national, and international news from several sources. Open a web browser and go to a web page. RIght-click on the web page and choose View page source. Type RSS and press Enter.

The instances of RSS are highlighted in the page source. To subscribe to an RSS feed in Feedly:. Select Follow. Select New Feed. Enter a descriptive name for the feed. Select Create.

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