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Rohana does not think this is all coincidence; Bradley suggests there is a higher power at work. Bradley often implies that fate is at work when a character uses the Darkovan proverb, "The world will go as it will, not as you or I will have it," which appears in nearly all the Darkover books.

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See also: List of Darkover books for a complete chronological bibliography of Darkover books, anthologies and series by date of publication. This Darkover chronology uses the time period designations first provided by the author as " A Readers Guide to Darkover " in The Heirs of Hammerfell Some of these time periods overlap, particularly the Ages of Chaos and the Hundred Kingdoms eras.


Darkover series - Wikipedia

Additionally, Bradley was not particularly sympathetic to her fans' need to organize the books into a consistent chronology, and the timeline evidence from one book to another is sometimes in conflict. In Sharra's Exile , published in , Lew Alton says, in the Prologue, "Travel among the stars has strange anomalies; the enormous interstellar distances play strange tricks with time The elapsed time on Terra was something like three thousand years.

Yet elapsed time on Darkover was somehow more like ten thousand This may explain temporal discrepancies. The books written between and were intended to be stand-alone stories, that did not require the reader to be familiar with previous books in the series. This is less true of the books published after Bradley herself recommended that the books be read in the order in which they were written, rather than the Darkovan chronological order, as her writing style changed considerably over her career.

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At the end of the 21st century, Earth sends colony ships out to the stars. Unable to repair their ship and equally unable to make contact with Earth, the survivors establish a colony. The colonists are primarily Celts and Spaniards , and this mix is reflected in the resultant blended culture. Bradley uses a standard "lost colony" trope: to increase the available gene pool and maximize the chances of colonial survival, the colonists intermarry extensively and produce as many children with as many different partners as possible.

Psychic and psionic abilities are acquired through interbreeding with the indigenous people , the Chieri. Bradley is silent about the developments that followed the first generation of the colony, and does not make clear how many years intervene between the founding and the Ages of Chaos. The novels Darkover Landfall and Rediscovery suggest that at least years have passed between the founding of the colony and Earth's recontact.

The last sentence of "Darkover Landfall" states, "But Earth knew nothing of them for 2, years. Bradley's books constantly refer back to the Ages of Chaos, but few books are actually set in this era. In this era, the descendents of the original colonists have organized themselves into a feudal-type society , with laran psionic abilities as the determiner of which individuals are part of the aristocracy and which are commoners. This period is marked by incredible creativity, the development of laran -based technology and weaponry, and the creation of the system of Towers, remote settlements where those with exceptional laran abilities are housed and trained, dominate political and social life.

Unfortunately these developments are accompanied by a period of nearly constant civil war, in which the Darkovans seem determined to exterminate themselves. Walter Breen's The Darkover Concordance indicates that the Ages of Chaos period begins about a thousand years after the colonization of the planet and lasts a full thousand years. Many of Bradley's books, and a large number of the short stories, are set at the tail end of the Ages of Chaos , in a period she called the Hundred Kingdoms. The distinction between The Ages of Chaos and The Hundred Kingdoms is not well-defined, creating controversies about the chronology.

By this era, the laran breeding programs had been abandoned, and the many small principalities were beginning to consolidate into the seven domains that survived into Darkover's modern era. Bradley's innovation, the adoption of "The Compact," is a turning point in the development of Darkover's social order. The Hundred Kingdoms may be read as commentary on the use of weapons of mass destruction in Earth's own endless conflicts. Eventually Darkover is rediscovered by the Terran Empire, which establishes a spaceport , first at Caer Donn, and later at Thendara, the only large city on Darkover.

This re-contact takes place a little more than 2, years after the events described in Darkover Landfall. At the conclusion of Traitor's Sun , Bradley describes the Terrans abandoning their foothold on Darkover, and the restoration of Comyn control over the government. Books after Traitor's Sun therefore fall in their own category, which the publisher is calling Modern Darkover. The origins of this guild during the Hundred Kingdoms era are described in Two to Conquer as the merger between the Sisterhood of the Sword, a military - mercenary guild, and the Priestesses of Avarra, a cloistered order that offered medical and other care to women, primarily abused women.

Towards the end of Two to Conquer , Carlina di Asturien comes to believe that the two guilds need to work together for the benefit of all women on Darkover. Bradley acknowledged a Patricia Matthews fan story as the origin of the Sisterhood of the Sword, and described the Priesthood of Avarra as a counterforce.

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Bradley noted that most of the fan fiction she received was inspired by the Renunciates, that she had met individuals who had taken Renunciate-style names or were attempting to live in women's communes inspired by the Renunciate guildhouses. In addition to novels, Bradley edited and published twelve short story anthologies in collaboration with other authors, known as the Friends of Darkover. The period of cooperative collaboration, which started in , ended abruptly in , when Bradley's interaction with a fan rendered the novel Contraband legally unpublishable.

In the anthology, Domains of Darkover , Bradley stated that the only short stories that she considered part of the official Darkover canon , were those by herself, Diana L. All of the other short stories published either in the anthologies or in fanzines she considered unofficial. The publication of the anthologies of Darkover was restarted in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the series of Darkover books and stories, originated by Marion Zimmer Bradley , including information about the books, criticism and critical reception, themes, tone, style, and controversies.

For information about the fictional planet itself, see Darkover. Science fiction-fantasy book series. The Planet Savers , the first novel set in the Darkover universe. Science fiction Fantasy Sword and Sorcery. Novels portal. Nor is Bradley very definite on the dates of writing her books. May 11, Marion Zimmer Bradley 's Darkover series. List of Darkover books. Darkover Landfall.

As news reaches her that her brother has been murdered, and her sister, kidnapped, she returns to Moondale with a mission. Knowing that taking the Bloodmoon Brigade would mean her sister's demise, she embarks alone only to find help in a handsome stranger who isn't exactly what he seems. After a series of unexpected events, she discovers the dreaded book of Gyndless the Almighty, once responsible for Remus-wide genocide, is once again in the hands of an evil sorcerer. The very sorcerer responsible for the deaths of so many she holds dear.

As the sorcerer's monstrous horde begins its descent on Moondale, all the goodly folk of Remus will have to band together in an epic battle, or risk annihilation. L R can be reached via email at serrabloodmoon yahoo. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Untamed Passion Cristiane Serruya. Trust with Asian Characteristics Takashi Inoguchi. Science of Societal Safety Seiji Abe.

Never Trust a Sorcerer : The Trust Series - Book One

Damaged Love Cristiane Serruya. Dangerous Obsession Cristiane Serruya. Trust Becca Lee. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Close X.