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And if The Cave represented a step towards Gilbert's reunion with adventure games, his upcoming project, Thimbleweed Park, amounts to a zero-gravity leap. Though Gilbert is currently knee-deep in development, he recently set aside some time to speak with me for the purpose of a full retrospective on his long career.

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And if you notice that we steer slightly away from his most famous creations, Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, there's a good reason for that. Since he's already discussed these subjects at great length publicly—including with me—I decided to instead concentrate on some of the lesser-explored avenues of his time within the games industry.

Ron Gilbert - Wikipedia

What follows is a discussion that spans decades of gaming history—one that may reveal things you never knew about this storied creator. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores.

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  5. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert's latest game is shaping up to be a weird, wild adventure—and one not just meant for LucasArts veterans. This week, former LucasArts developer Ron Gilbert takes the spotlight for an hour-long discussion about some of his most beloved creations.

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    It is a "green" desert, not just an empty expanse of sand as you might think. Some of the most spectacular desert vegetation in the world grows on its mountains and in its valleys, and many unusual and beautiful animals inhabit the blue sky and granite rock of the area. Temperatures sometimes greater than one hundred twenty degrees and few clouds mean that the desert animals must wait patiently for the next rain. Recently, more people have moved into the Sonoran Desert to enjoy the beauty there, and their presence is affecting its creatures and plants.

    Gilbert, a real desert Glossy Snake, actually was flooded out of his home by neighbors. He was relocated to the desert with Max's help. In the story, Gilbert's escape to the mountains only makes him realize how much he misses the desert. Before returning, however, Gilbert shows compassion for a drowning beetle and receives three wishes for his trouble.

    Children and adults will enjoy the fantastic pictures in this book, many showing rare or unusual flora and fauna of our southwestern desert. The book is fun to read and encourages every person to show empathy for others, maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity and to protect the environment. Thanks to the resounding pop of the internet bubble, the founders fled the scene and Humongous Entertainment faltered in the mids, eventually filing for bankruptcy in Outside of hands-on eureka moments like Nintendo Labo and matter-of-fact mobile learning apps without any inspired design, it seems that no mainstream developer wants to apply its expertise to the genre of Edutainment like Ron Gilbert and the Lucasarts alumni did many moons ago.

    Sir Gilbert's Pet Tent

    It was a truly selfless act, as their clear skill could have led to them doing literally anything else. I'm not asking for Kidz Bop Bloodborne here, but a change in perspective on a genre that has fallen by the wayside.

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    5. If Humongous Entertainment taught the world anything, it's that games for kids don't have to be uninspired or lifeless cash-ins. In fact, they can be hilarious, inspired works of art that are still palatable for those outside of its core demographic. It's easy to forget that in Ubisoft had developed Rayman Junior, a proprietary version of the PlayStation classic that taught kids basic mathematics and literacy through platforming fun.

      So why not now? A study from the NPD Group found that 91 per cent of children in the US aged play video games, up 13 per cent from In the UK, a Statista survey found that kids aged spend an average of 7 hours a week playing video games. Clearly, the demographic has been growing, but there aren't any popular properties out there willing to take the plunge.

      ​Mission Statement

      Instead, the most popular IPs among children are Roblox and Fortnite, and of course, we can't forget YouTube, the ultimate panacea to sate those born into the era of tablets. Go to any parent-facing restaurant in the country and you'll find a brightly coloured device in front of a child, playing whatever nursery rhyme Little Baby Bum has animated this week. Some may find this epidemic concerning, but mostly it makes me think that we should long for an edutainment revival for the most impressionable members of our society.

      If it wasn't for Humongous and Pajama Sam, my lifelong interest in video games would have never been piqued. As well as helping me sleep soundly, the clever quips and silly capers lit up my grey matter and led me to delve into the back catalogue of its designers. In it, I found adventure games, a genre that has made me feel an array of emotional extremes over the years. They taught me that video games can be more than just playthings, and most importantly, inspired me to forge a career writing about why.

      GILBERT'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE - Let's Play LoH: Trails in the Sky the 3rd (Blind) - Ep. 13

      There's clearly a gap in the market here. More than ever, budding gamers need a variety of accessible, positive paths into the medium that play to its best strengths, and an edutainment renaissance that taps into the diverse talent of this industry's finest minds could lead to some uncompromising games that are equally memorable decades down the line. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores.