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El escarabajo de oro (Spanish Edition)

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  2. El Escarabajo de Oro (Spanish Edition)
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Spanish translation mistakes and bugs

Thread Tools Thread Tools. Please comment here the Spanish translation mistakes you find. If you can, add a image of the wrong text. Leinfors likes this. Dwcels , Apr 20, The correct translation is "Espacio". The image is the counter shown by the Depth Meter. Ymeztoix likes this.

El Escarabajo de Oro (Spanish Edition)

Star Wrath was translated to "Espectro estelar". The correct translation is "Ira estelar" or "Ira de las estrellas" Mandana is misspelled. The correct is "Manzana". Murno , Apr 21, The correct name should be "Pez de espejo" instead of "Pez espectacular". Dwcels , Apr 21, True Excalibur - Same as above.

Red's Throw - In-game: Lanzamiento rojo - Correct translation: "Lanzamiento de Red" or "Tiro de Red" Red means "rojo" but in this case is referred to a nickname not a colour 5. Changed my mind. Rainbow Gun - In-game: Pistola multicolor - This weapon name is inconsistent with an achievement. See below 1.

Jungle set - In-game: each piece was named "para la selva" for the jungle - Correct translation: Change "para la selva" to "de la selva" Ancient Shadow Scalemail - In-game: Cota de escamas de las sombras antiguas - Correct translation: "Cota de escamas de las sombras antigua " 0.

Room Facilities:

I don't know what is Rape. Correct translation: "Gasta mas de 1 oro siendo cuidado por la enfermera" Also I think that the title name should be "Viajero frecuente" Related to the weapon Rainbow gun. One must be changed. Dispara una pistola de abejas con una armadura de abeja completa. Last edited: Apr 23, Ymeztoix , Samrux and Kiruhi like this. Murno , Apr 22, Correct translation: "Velo de novia" 3.

It should not be translated, D-Town is a nickname not a city. Crowno's clothes - In-game: Same as above. Crowno set was named "de Coronos". It should not be translated.

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The translation is redundant, you don't need to say that is a costume disfraz. Creeper costume - In-game: "de criatura".


Creeper has no spanish translation in Minecraft. All these robes were named "Vestido" dress I already said it.

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Last edited: Apr 24, Murno , Apr 23, Skin isn't translated. It should be "Piel" Interface isn't translated.

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It should be "Interfaz". Samrux likes this. ResMaster , Apr 23,