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Kondylakis, H. Re, B. Electronic Government. In: Vitvar, T. Semantic Technologies for E-Government, Springer, pp. In: Schaffert, S. In: Hinkelmann, K. Schmidt, A. In: Paschke, A. In: Corradini, F. In: R. Koschke, O. Herzog, K. Ronthaler eds. GI , September in Bremen Hinkelmann, K. In: Duval, E. In: Althoff, K. In: Hugentobler, W. In: Wimmer, Maria A. Tagungsband zu den dritten e Gov Days des Forums eGovernment. In: Abecker, A. Abecker, A,; Bernardi, A. In: Stuart Barnes ed.


Publications and Invited Talks

Knowledge Management Systems: Theory and Practice. Thomson Learning, S. June 16 Liao, M. In: Frank Puppe ed. Bernardi, A. Jose J. Cuena Ed. In: A.

Planning, organisation, project management, process control, quality management, logistics

Dengel, W. Jahrgang, Heft 1, Mai Hinkelmann, K. Oldenburg, Wien, S. In: Decker, H. GMD-Studien Nr. In Markus Fromherz ed. In: Dyckhoff, R. Andrews, U. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Springer , pp. Karagiannis, D. Fuchi, T. Yokoi Eds. Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, S. Hanschke, P. In: Ohlbach, H. Reuter Ed. Springer-Verlag, Hinkelmann, K. Conferences Hinkelmann, K.

Basel, Switzerland, October Koenig, A. Hinkelmann, Knut and Wache, Holger Eds. Workshops and Symposia Gerber, A. Porto, 27th of April April Digitalen Vorsprung er leben - ein gemeinsamer Perspektivenwechsel. Gallen, Oktober OMG technical meeting in Berlin on June 18, Swiss eGovernment Forum, 9. Knowledge Support for Agile Processes. Juni , Baden. Wissensmanagement - was ist das?

Ziele, Methoden, Trends. Januar , Olten. Adaptive Processes using Business Rules and Ontologies. Vienna, 29 November Fachseminar Business Rules Management. Februar Ontology-enabled e-Gov Service Configuration. Oktober Flexible Prozessbearbeitung durch prozessorientiertes Wissensmanagement. E-Learning Castle Forum, Oensingen, April Balanced Scorecard in der Ausbildung. E-Learning Forum, Bern, 3.

January Dusseldorf. Then be part of our Technology Exchange Dusseldorf TED and take the opportunity to dive into the world of Apache Spark, get to know the areas of Big Data and Cluster Computing through lectures and coding sessions. Do you enjoy coding and are you interested in Apache Spark?

This event gives you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Apache Spark and Cluster Computing. It doesn't matter if you are an expert or a beginner. Experts guide you through coding sessions and answer your questions. Register now. February Berlin. Neo4j is hitting the road to bring a full day of content-rich sessions on how graph databases are revolutionising the modern enterprise. This one-day event will turn you into a graph expert — no matter your technical background or familiarity with graph technology.

Use this free event to get tips on graph modeling, queries, and other questions. Sessions in all locations will be in English with the possible exception of local customers. GraphClinics and Solution advice may be in local language. February Frankfurt. Dauer: 3 Tage Kosten: 1. March London. GraphTour London Datum: Donnerstag, der March Vienna. The registration form can be found here. The next Kontaktparty takes place on Saturday, March 3, from 11am - 5pm at the cafeteria Polyterrasse with over participating companies. Use the chance to talk to our employees.

We look forward to the interesting talks! The fifth edition of JavaLand will take place from March 13 to 15, An exciting lecture program with international top speakers and a lot of activities from the community awaits you. You also get the chance to deepen your knowledge at the subsequent training day. In diesem Vortrag zeigt Sie an einem Anwendungsfall aus der Dokumentenverwaltung auf, wie man neue Erkenntnisse aus existierenden Daten und besonders deren Strukturen gewinnen kann. March Amsterdam. GraphTour Amsterdam Datum: Mittwoch, der March Dusseldorf.

Nowadays data is very strongly related so the really valuable information is not only located in the data entries itself but in the relations between them. Hence social networks define their data's value over their users' relationships e. Relational databases gain that kind of knowledge only in an indirect way by joining data using foreign keys whereas Neo4j focuses the relations itself persisting those as concrete data entries. March Thessaloniki. The second largest city in Greece is the hot spot for employers and hosts the Thessaloniki Career Days for two days.

Always looking for the best examples of companies that inspire and offer an excellent working environment and professional development, Thessaloniki Career Days is a place for all organizations that continue to innovate and invest with a sense of responsibility for their existing and future employees. April Dusseldorf. Chatbots are in vogue. Learn in our keynote speech by Dr. David Wainwright how you can significantly increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers with lower costs. On the one hand, today's market demands fast, individual reactions around the clock.

On the other hand, customers often do not feel personally treated enough. We have learned that many of today's costly customer processes can be significantly simplified with little effort using technologies such as chatbots. If these solutions are professionally integrated into your systems, your customers will be addressed in a personalized way, making customer loyalty a breeze. Please register until We look forward to an interesting afternoon with you. April London. Join us at " Data Science Festival Workshop Day " and we offer you a chance to take part in a combination of amazing and enlightening workshops with experts in their field.

Iryna Feuerstein guarantees deep dive learning during her workshop session in London. Attendees will learn the essential toolbox for analyzing unstructured but related data, focusing on relations. Then Iryna will focus on bringing the power of both tools together for smooth processing of your linked data.

April Eschborn. Do you have fun hacking and want to connect with the Blockchain Community? Then the Blockchain Hackathon is the right thing for you. All that counts is your creativity. Face the challenge! This event gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain and to share ideas with others from the scene.

Newcomers to Blockchain are also welcome. Experts accompany you in the implementation of your ideas and answer your questions. All you have to do: convince the expert jury with your know-how. Register now for free. The Connecticum is one of the worlds largest job fairs. The Connecticum is one of the world largest job fairs. April Frankfurt. Dauer: 2 Tage Kosten: 1. May Augsburg. This recruiting fair in southern Germany offers students the possibility to get insights into daily work and to plan their personal career together with numerous renowned companies.

Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to take part in a job speed dating. May Karlsruhe. This career fair provides three informative days with many exciting conversations between different companies and young professionals. It is the perfect event for developers, designers, product managers, marketers and more. If you want to meet us there, it is free to attend and as a digital and tech company we are providing excellent opportunities for employees.

If you wish to attend the event, please send an email to marketing prodyna. May Mainz. The proceeds will benefit regional child welfare organizations supporting sick, disabled and socially disadvantaged children. In concrete terms, this means that PRODYNA colleagues with their families and children will start together with the parents and children of the association with and without Down syndrome. Our joint running team ran a total of The donation amount is calculated from the number of laps per team.

In advance, a fixed amount is set for each round. All teams together ran nearly 22, laps or more than 9, kilometers in This corresponds to an impressive route from Mainz to Shanghai in China. In diesem Training lernen Sie, was erfolgreiche Scrum-Teams ausmacht und wie man in der Rolle des Scrum Developer in der Praxis und durch konstante Verbesserung gemeinsam Erfolge erzielt.

Editorial office contact form

June Zurich. Avaloq Community Conference - Digitalization of the financial industry. Avaloq is a first-rate fintech company and an international provider of integrated and comprehensive banking solutions with offices around the world. Avaloq's goal is to accelerate the digitalization of the financial industry. On the one hand, banks and asset managers and on the other hand fintechs and developers should come together to promote exchange within the community.

Besides, Avaloq wants to help smaller and medium-sized banks to make their way into digitalization through co-innovation projects. Already last year more than participants followed the invitation from Avaloq. These included bank representatives, investment advisers, Avaloq clients, technology partners, software developers and fintechs. So take the opportunity to talk with our stand personnel and find out how we can successfully implement your projects together. June Bonn. In the hands-on session 'Graph data processing with Neo4j and Apache Spark' the main concepts behind graph models and querying of graph data will be introduced by means of both Neo4j's graph querying language Cypher and then compared to Apache Spark's API for graphs GraphX.

The career fair is organized by volunteers. We also offer the possibility of personal interviews. Visit our booth and talk to our team! July Online. Furthermore you will receive an overview about options of customized development and individual adaption. Duration: 1 day Costs: 1' CHF.

Goethe-Universität — Informatik

August Vienna. September Online. September Frankfurt. In diesem Training vermitteln wir Ihnen, wie und warum Scrum funktioniert. September Cologne. Due to the digitalization, recruiting models have changed significantly. So it is essential for companies to hire new employees by using digital solutions. One of the possible solutions is the integration of a Chatbot — why should a job interview not be done with the help of a robot?

David Wainwright at 6. Click here for more information and register now. Zukunft Personal Europe is one of the leading European trade fairs. People interested in HR management, digitalization and leadership come together. During three days especially HR and executive managers gain an overview of the global HR market and talk about current and future trends. The network offers a variety of services: from mentoring and job application training through supervisory board training and support for self-employment.

For xxcellence, the most important point is career protection. Date: September Amsterdam. Data Natives is the meeting point for industry experts, entrepreneurs, tech, and business professionals to inspire each other and disrupt the status quo. Iryna is a passionate graphista and co-organizer of NRW graph databases Meetup. Her specialization is data engineering with the main focus on topics like linked data, graphs and graph databases.

She gained the theoretical background for graph theory during her studies in Mathematics, which she accomplished last year. Additionally, she possesses already several years of experience with graph databases in big projects in industry. Join us for an evening of exciting talks from Data Science Industry leaders and experts, followed by enough time for a few beers, nibbles and networking.

Be a part of the most inspiring conference for the data-driven generation. We are looking forward to great talks and hope to have an inspiring evening together. Register now! September Bonn. Digitalization includes a new way of thinking regarding internal communication and cooperation in organizations. The Digital Workplace as a new platform for digital collaboration offers pioneers as well as challenges of organizing tomorrow's digital work institution.

The event is for intranet managers, Enterprise 2. Together with our partner Starmind, we will also be part of the fair. Get your ticket now and take the chance to learn more about our partnership. September Berlin. September Vienna. Graph data processing and analysis is a perfect complement to the common statistical methods of data analysis. In this talk, Iryna Feuerstein will give a brief introduction to the graph database Neo4j and its query language Cypher.

The advantages of the graph algorithms will be explained and typical use cases network analysis, semantic search, linked data presented. Furthermore, she will explore where a graph database can amend the existing machine learning tools in solving data science problems. This year Liferay invites you to the Liferay Digital Solutions Forum LDSF in London to take the next step in digital innovation with a programme designed to inspire delegates to become a change agent, collaborate and share experience and turn your ideas into action.

Key topics include customer experience design, accelerating time to market and leading business transformation. We will be happy to welcome you. October Berlin. October Bonn. Our speakers look forward to learning more about your project experiences. Here you will find further information and the registration link. Nowadays, valuable information is within relations between the data, because data is often strongly connected.

For example, social networks live on the knowledge of who is connected to whom. Relational databases possess this knowledge only indirectly by deriving it from Joins, whereas the NoSQL database Neo4j focuses on these relations by persisting data as a graph. In this talk, he gives an introduction about working with Neo4j, compares Neo4j with relational databases and explains the corresponding query language Cypher.

The training course aims at software developers, software engineers, system architects, CTOs and represents a comprehensive training for Neo4j beginners. Usually, we work with scattered data that can not be evaluated and questioned. Because of this questions about causal relationships can often not be answered. We are searching for answers and explain basic graph algorithms and the handling of linked data.

Step by step, we move from modeling to analysis of the data. It shows how complex relationships between data from different sources can be traced. Graph databases are the tool of choice when it comes to linking heterogeneous data. Whether due to the various data sources, data types or formats: The flexible scheme allows the data stored in a graph model to be dynamically restructured and relinked as needed.

How this works will be demonstrated during the lecture. Our tools are the graph database Neo4j and the query language Cypher. Both are very intuitive, simple and yet powerful in use. The relevant handlings in dealing with the tools are explained besides so that listeners can follow the lecture without prior knowledge. In all software development jobs and beyond, the empirical and agile framework scrum and the collaboration in autonomous teams are gaining.

Scrum is therefore indispensable in product and project development today. For this reason, we would like to introduce to students the agile way of working according to scrum. Roles and scrum events are often mentioned in studies and colleges and are mostly known. The practical and consistent application in the project and the importance of the scrum guide are, however, rarely used or sometimes even not applied.

For all those interested, we offer our scrum workshop, where we want to give a practical and deeper insight into scrum. In addition to an introduction and the subsequent implementation, there are also practical instructions for scrum master certification so that that interested participants can prepare for the exam. We want to provide you with a relevant edge for your first job, take advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas about the application. For a smooth start into the work-life, there will be a participation certificate, and we will raffle 3 scrum master certifications PSM I by Scrum.

Are you interested in the free scrum workshop? Further information regarding the content and the expiry can be found here. November Online. November Amsterdam. Featuring over 40 in-depth sessions and technical workshops, the 2-day Liferay Developer Conference DEVCON is a great opportunity to build your Liferay expertise and apply fresh knowledge and perspectives to your current and future projects.

Be part of the global Liferay community — you can look forward to a great gathering with lots of knowledge exchange, networking and of course fun. So, take the opportunity and get in touch with our experts. We are looking forward to some interesting exchanges! November Essen. The most significant IT management event will take place for the first time according to the motto "discover Business 4. Almost exhibitors will present their solutions for digital business at this congress, which focuses less on technical aspects than on choosing the right strategy and finding practical solutions for companies.

Discuss innovative IT topics with us and let's find out which solution is the best for you. November Frankfurt. At the most important Liferay event in the DACH region, you will find inspiring lectures about Liferay DXP, digital trends and strategies, digital platform IT operations and optimized customer experience. Discuss individual requirements with Liferay experts, customers, and partners in a variety of networking formats.

This event offers decision-makers from IT and business various opportunities to exchange views with customers, partners and Liferay experts over two days. More than 30 sessions about digital innovations and strategies, IT operations of digital platforms and new products around Liferay DXP are part of the program. Our experts are looking forward to exciting discussions at the booth. November Eschborn. November Hamburg.

November Cologne. Markus and Stefan will give an introduction about working with Neo4j, they will compare Neo4j with relational databases and explain the corresponding query language Cypher. If you are looking for a new job, the Amsterdam Tech Job Fair is the place to be! This event will target local job seekers from tech and business filed: developers, designers, marketers, sellers, financiers, managers, BI, analysts, product managers, data scientists.

Amsterdam Tech Job Fair is a chance for job seekers to talk to companies that are hiring in person. December Valencia. We are inviting you to prove your know-how in an interactive city rally while simultaneously exploring the city in a joyful atmosphere under the winter sun of Spain. Become a part of this exciting adventure and tell us why you want to join our challenge. So far, this waste has generally been accepted or ignored. So far there was no suitable alternative to the own enterprise server, despite high idle times.

In recent years, technologies have evolved that address and solve this problem. These technologies and patterns internalize the new "cloud thought" and summarized as "serverless architecture". We will be taking the first steps in the AWS world together, acquiring and working with the services. The acquired knowledge is consolidated and passed on through group work.

Click here for further information and free registration. January Munich. Under the motto "Care for the Future" numerous international experts will be presenting lectures on topical and practical software topics at the OOP conference in Munich. For more than 25 years, the OOP has been one of the largest and most prestigious training events for innovative topics around software development in Europe.

The OOP is a meeting place for software architects and technical project managers. The topics of the main tracks range from artificial intelligence to modern programming, to software integration and development. The development according to the microservices architecture pattern has already arrived in many companies.

Often driven by development, the operation of such architecture presents established processes and procedures with hardly solvable problems. Also, many of the expected benefits, such as the dynamic scaling of services, are often eliminated by inadequate operational processes.

To address this, the use of software containers combined with automated orchestration using Kubernetes has gained acceptance in the last years. As the complexity of such a service landscape grows, robust, transparent and secure communication between individual services is crucial.

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Would you like to learn more about this interesting topic? Visit our free Meetup and register now. January London. Contrary to the typical UX conference this event concentrates on the very practical problems, solutions and processes in perfecting your customer experience. Contrary to the typical UX conference this event concentrates on the very practical problems, solutions, and processes in perfecting your customer experience. While making huge investments in content and marketing technology, the impact on performance and quality of the customer experience often is not what it should be.

Program pm - Doors open pm - Welcome pm - CEX: Steps to making your web presence more successful pm - Practice what you preach: behind the scenes of top CEX pm - Questions and answers with your personal expert Are you interested in talking to our experts? February Bonn. February St. Gallen and HTW Chur, offers a variety of opportunities to get to know interesting young professionals. The combination of walk-in, business lunch with students and a company presentation about career and entry opportunities are a perfect combination to receive insight into PRODYNA.

Visit us at our booth and take part at our company presentation at February Stockholm. Das Nordic Enterprise Mobility Forum brings together speakers and thought leaders from organisations across Europe. Connecting the enterprise of tomorrow! Visit our booth and take the opportunity to talk with our experts. February Amsterdam. February Belgrade. The success of any product or service is determined by expectations and delivered quality: but how to manage the underlying business needs as well as its related requirements? Turn them into high-value solutions with the disciplines of Business Analysis BA and Requirements Engineering RE by utilizing their variety of processes, tools, and techniques.

While establishing targeted elicitation, consolidation, validation and management of requirements, you will clarify objectives, prevent resource-wasting and therefore complete projects in time and within a budget. All these success-factors will be facilitated by underlying principles and characteristic like stakeholder collaboration or coping with individual structures, comprehensive systems, and terminology barriers. Our Business Analyst and Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering, Thomas Emmerich, will share some key skills needed for you to successfully apply methods and techniques to fulfill your stakeholders' expectations in high quality and with product success.

Meetup is for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge of professional business analysis and requirements management to contribute to customer satisfaction and successful project realization. Are you interested? If you are looking for a new job, the London Tech Job Fair is the place to be! London Tech Job Fair is a chance for job seekers to talk to companies that are hiring in person. March Stockholm. March Bonn. Machine learning, deep learning and AI are some of the many buzz words currently haunting the media.

It seems that many do not know what is behind these terms. In this Meetup, we want to clarify and throw a look behind the scenes with TensorFlow. Finally, there is a practical demo for the use of TensorFlow for image recognition. Would you like to know more about this interesting topic? Then join our free Meetup and register now. March Berlin. The number of participants is limited to 20 people.

Data protection regulations and terms and conditions apply for all participants. JavaLand4Kids focuses on the programmers and developers of tomorrow. The children 8 to 11 years and teenagers 15 to 18 years get to know to programme in a playful way and creatively explore the use of computers in exciting workshops. The event is in cooperation with Devoxx4Kids. In this advanced workshop, we will discuss graphene and its uses in Java.

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  7. After a basic introduction, it's all about building up, evaluating and visualizing relationships yourself. The young people expect a broad technical overview with their own creative freedom.

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    The sixth edition of JavaLand will take place from 19 to 21 March You can expect an exciting lecture program with top international speakers and a lot of activities from the community. At the following training day, the new knowledge can be put directly into practice. The presentations of the two-day main conference will cover relevant changes in Java 9, 10 and 11 as well as Java EE 8, but will also give an overview of what we can be expected in the future and what is going on outside the official Java standards.

    The focus here will be on trend topics like microservices, containerization, machine learning or the connection to JavaScript. PRODYNA will also be represented with a stand at this event and to give the participants an insight into the diversity of our portfolio we will provide a Cocktail-Machine. This will be a Raspberry-Pi which controls a set of juice-pumps, allowing visitors to order juice-cocktails using a touchscreen.

    The machine is implemented in Node. March Frankfurt am Main. The number of participants is limited to 30 people. March Stuttgart. Language assistants are becoming more and more accepted in everyday life. Soon, the functions of a variety of devices can be controlled by voice - right at the forefront are smart home devices and automobiles. Language assistants and bots are also of interest for marketing since they enable the development of new interaction channels with prospects and customers. Intuitive speech interfaces are the basic requirement for pleasant user experience.

    In this two-day event, you will learn the possibilities and limitations of language assistants in general, and in particular Amazon Alexa. In addition to lectures on the theoretical basis, three types of skills are presented and implemented in hands-on sessions. At the end of the event, everyone will have a broad base of knowledge that explains the use of language assistants in the project. One challenge. Two hours. Many solutions! Let's have fun, get together, and share our passion for coding. Traditionally in Coding Dojo, participants take turns to work on a coding challenge.

    Our Sensei will introduce the surprise challenge to you at the beginning of the event. From there on, collaborate to create! You're free in how you do it, except: Be open-minded towards everyone's ideas Agree as a team Use Java Use the TDD approach If you love solving problems with friends, using best-practice approaches to Software Development, this is your group! Register now for free and be part of the "Open Coding Dojos Berlin" team! April Stockholm. Contrary to the typical User Experience event, we won't just talk about fancy interfaces, we will combine these with the best technology for insight generation and massive scalability for a world-wide rollout.

    However, most of us just think about the presentation aspects of UX when dealing with the topic. We claim that at least three very different aspects are crucial to a positive UX in the enterprise. Creative ideas and a brilliant front-end is one. Insight generation using knowledge graphs to deliver what your users want is the second, and cloud native applications permitting global delivery and high performance reliability is the third.

    Agenda am: Registration, coffee and breakfast am: Welcome am: User first — Utilising User Experience to drive the solution am: Knowledge Graphs - Key for handling complex data and generating insights that were never possible before am: Cloud Native Computing — Key for delivering a brilliant user experience at scale am: Summary and Close am: Coffee and networking am: Official end Are you interested in talking to our experts? April Amsterdam.

    The Beta Career Event is a career fair for students and hosted by students. With a wide range of businesses, workshops, and face to face conversations you will have the opportunity to find out your future step. Are you interested in developing new technologies? April Braunschweig. Apache Spark works by default with tabular data and is used to process large amounts of data in parallel.

    Iryna will introduce different tools and ways to understand how linking and processing of graph data can work. Then, together with you, you focus on bringing together the power of both tools for the smooth processing of your linked data. April Hamburg. April Belgrade. Connecticum is one of the world's largest job fairs.

    PROMATIS BPM Business Process Management (deutsch)

    May Bonn.