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In time I can see Jack evolving into one monster of a metal player. Both seem to play well beyond their years, and their dynamic is cultivating something special here.


Investment for high growth technology companies – Seven Spires

Not confined by mere genre conventions and tropes, Seven Spires goes the distance to create a theatrical album that flows between beauty and extremity, and all points between. Despite small glimmers of hope, it is a grim tale with a heavy focus on escapism, death, and decadence. With distinct attention to melancholic power metal, melodic death, and black metal, Seven Spires fuse sounds from across the spectrum of metal with their great love for Romantic composers, and the atmospheric and storytelling capabilities of film scores.

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Seven Spires

Nobody wants their new record to be lost in the shadow of a bigger band's release!! We can't wait to share this with you!! Read Latest Update. Help spread the word! Update 2. Posted by Seven Spires. Update 1.

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Our first weekly video update!! This has been amazing so far, we are truly touched by the support. Lots of cool stuff coming up soon! Previous update. You're on update 2. Subscribe to Updates.

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