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Unconvinced of Callum's guilt, Paddy links the murder to that of another little boy, Thomas Dempsie, some years earlier, allegedly killed by his father, Alfie, who has just hanged himself in prison.


Paddy interviews Thomas' mother and Alfie's widow, using the name of a colleague, Heather, who is later murdered. The police interview the journalists following Heather's death.

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When Paddy tries to persuade them that Brian's murder has the same hallmarks as that of little Thomas Dempsie, whose mother she interviewed using Heather's name, the police are not interested. Paddy speaks to alcoholic veteran hack Dr. Pete Walker, who is sure Dempsie never murdered his son. Then, with young reporter Terry, she finds evidence to suggest that mobile grocery van driver Henry Naismith, a witness in the recent case and Dempsie's cellmate, is the culprit — a fact seemingly borne out when she speaks to Calum.

Further investigations lead to a dangerous encounter before she gets her wish to become a fully-fledged reporter.

In , the miners are on strike , and in Glasgow, NUM leader Red Willie McDade is suspected of hiding their assets so that the government cannot freeze them. However, an Irishman assures the journalists that everything is alright and gives them money to leave. Later, the corpse of another lawyer Mark Thillingly, who supported the miners, is pulled from the river. Suicide is assumed, his widow claiming that he had been depressed and behaving oddly before his death.

Paddy hands the police the money the Irishman gave her, on which fingerprints of the Irish gangster Lafferty are found — though he is not the man Paddy saw at the house. New editor-in-chief Maloney arrives, announcing redundancies to streamline the paper and make it more populist.

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Gangsters firebomb the car in which Mcvie is staked out waiting for Meehan. McVie survives and, with Paddy, establishes that Thillingly was most likely murdered. They visit McDade to ask about his connection to the dead lawyers. Shortly thereafter the photographer involved in the project, Kevin Hatcher, is also killed in a staged drug overdose. In a separate and parallel story line, Callum Ogilvy, the year-old cousin of Paddy's ex-fiance Sean, has been recently released from prison for a murder he doesn't remember committing.



He is a shady character and must be housed in Sean's crowded home and kept from the prying eyes of the press. To add to Paddy's problems she is also not comfortable having him around young Pete. As the pace of the book accelerates, many questions get tossed around.

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To what ends will Paddy go to make sure that Terry's materials don't slip into the wrong hands? Will the Ogilvy plot line converge with the Terry Hewitt murder? Overweight and fiery Paddy Meehan makes for one tough investigator as she chases down the answers to these questions. And she takes it as a compliment. Don't mess with a woman's young, warns Paddy Meehan early on in the novel. Sure enough, as Pete invariably becomes the focus of the bad guy's threats, Meehan unleashes her fury and puts her all into seeing that justice is delivered right up to the tense but overly theatrical end.

Even if the essential mystery in Mina's latest is much more lightweight than her previous work, Slip of the Knife makes for a fast-paced and entertaining read. Paddy Meehan, graveyard shift reporter for the Scottish Daily News, has a problem. Right from the start, something seems to be not quite right about what initially seemed to be a routine night call.

First they were in Bearsden, a rich suburb to the north of Glasgow, a neighborhood not known for crime. Before she has had a chance to process it all, Paddy knows she has committed one of the most serious violations in journalism—she has accepted a bribe.

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