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The first misfortune which arrives is this: He breaks a wrist while jockeying a race. As a result, he lost the race as well. His bones never do heal quite properly; He will not sign his name quite right again. Alack the day! O Misery!

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Why dost thou haunt him so? Poor Jesse, his heart filled with tortured thoughts, Decides to find the lever, and to pull, And thus to show the world his saddened heart. In Araby he haunts the pyramids; In Greece, pores over all the ancient tomes. He moves each stone in Stonehenge, climbs the peak Of Everest.

The Epic Tragedie of Nate the Snake - WasabiJane | The blog of Lisa Eldred

He asks Tibetian monks And crawls the sewage system beneath France. This takes ten years. He goes back to America to search. Rejoice, ye angels!

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For misery is soon to end this day. Once Jesse pulls the lever, all will end. And Jesse looks around to see who speaks, And seeing no-one, reaches out again:. From whence arrives this voice?

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Who speaks thusly? And Jesse looks around until he sees A snake, warming itself upon a rock. My name is Nate the Snake. This changes everything! Together, you and I could become rich. They find a road And hitch a ride from the next passing car.

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Their payment: Jesse asks, and Nate replies. The driver, so amazed, invites her friends And family to see their private show.

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They earn their room and board with this at first, And soon some extra cash, and finally They start a circus. This story entered my social sphere from a mutual friend who he and I shared performing arts classes with in high school. The first time he heard the story was backstage at a production of Fiddler on the Roof. It was relayed as friends jumped in to try to one up one another with their personal stories, and for general entertainment.

Nate the Snake

The account of the story was given over email. Analysis: This narrative builds up to the final punchline and is designed to allow the narrator to embellish as much or as little as they like, while remaining true to the story. I have heard telling in which the narrator went on a rant of all the different merchandise that the town people developed to celebrate Nate the Snake. The story features familiar troupes that locate the story securely in a Western society and one character that subverts expectations: Nate the Snake.

First, the narrator locates itself as part of the Western kingdom which is painted as witty yet aggressive. The East, meanwhile, favors peace and gives the West lavish gifts from their land. This plays into ideas in classic literature of the East as languid and indulgent peoples while the West has discipline and democratic practices to keep them vigilant. Second, this was likely developed recently, since it contains references to explosives and a single trigger switch, making the references to kings and kingdoms somewhat out of place. However, I propose this is done to age the story and make it appear like a traditional piece of narrative folklore—playing off ideas of folklore as being something out of medieval Europe.

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KutuluMike But the story does indicate that Nate had to find a mate to have Sammy, so magical creation is out and we can speculate it was probably a regular lady-snake, since magical talking snakes are hard to find : Nate watched Sammy disappear and then looked back at Jack.

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