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He never missed a single sporting event, and sat in the front row at my theater performances. He has been a rock for my mom and me. After college, I married my college sweetheart and I moved across the country for a job. We have three children and two dogs. Life is good. I video chat my parents at least 3 times a week. They like to keep up with the kids and see how life is treating us.

Especially with the kids, he had a hard time hearing what they were saying. He complained they were speaking too quickly. He claimed it was too noisy and made the wait staff turn down the music. Perhaps, just perhaps, he would be safe there after all. He placed his hand on the wall, and he brought his head right next to the window in the crawlspace.

With an ear-splitting screech, the other creature, lurking just beyond the house, plunged its arm through the window. Glass shards sprayed across the crawlspace as the creature reached in, flailing and grasping wildly. Troy fell back, screaming, as the other creature, the one that used to be his mommy, had made a beeline for the crawlspace.

The two growled at each other, and quickly they were at each other through the broken window. Their faces, snouts, snapped and barked at each other, each spraying spit and rage, though neither noticed as Troy backed away. He slipped away, further and further. Past the old boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments, he found his corner. His last hope. A little alcove that only the spiders and he could fit inside.

He moaned, feeling the sticky spiderwebs wrap about his head as he entered, and he twitched as he felt one of them scurry across his neck with its sharp, spiny feet. He squeezed himself in, deeper and deeper, feeling the dirt and bodies of dead bugs crunch beneath his naked feet. The two monsters fought, while he reached forward, grabbed the large, torn box that held their family Christmas Tree, and, with all of his might, pulled it in front of the hole. Somehow, his hiding place had worked. The sounds of the fight died down not long after he hid himself, and beyond that the basement had stayed silent.

The only noise he recalled was the sound of something moving on the stairs, and Troy hoped more than anything that it had been the sound of that thing moving on.

Divide the tasks

Giving up. It had been far too long for this to be a nightmare. His parents were gone. Those tears flowed, and they quickly became less silent. Troy was alone, with only his quiet, growing moans, and the awful spiders, to keep him company. Troy screamed as the moonlight beyond highlighted not one, but two sets of glaring eyes in the crawlspace.

The two, together, had found him. With his back against the wall, Troy brought his knife up, and he started swinging wildly. He screamed at them, hoping his cries would make them think twice. Perhaps he could find his parents in there, somewhere, and he could bring them back. Make them spare his life. In their smiles, however, Troy saw that his parents were long gone. Only the beasts remained. One moved in closer, the one that used to be his mommy, on all fours, and slowly it reached in after him.

Its deadly claws nearly reached him when Troy sliced downwards with the blade. Troy gasped as it fell out of the alcove, and right by the feet of the other beast.


How old is too old to call your Mother 'Mommy'? - Forums

While the one that used to be his mommy groaned in awful pain, the one that used to be his daddy crept forward. It pushed the other one out of its way, and with a grin it reached into the space. Troy pushed himself back, further and further until he was sure his body could flatten and fit no more. The razors passed inches by his face in slow motion, and he noticed that the beasts had to stretch. He was out of its way, but just barely. The claws fell by his belly, and they gently raked the shirt.

He realized it might snag it. It would snag his shirt and pull him out, so quickly Troy stopped his wailing and held his breath. Sucking in his gut, he pulled his shirt away from the beast and it worked. Troy was winning, and he was safe, but only for a short while. He would have to breathe again, and when he did it could try and snag his shirt once more. All it had to do was wait, and Troy was certain it could wait longer than he could hold his breath. The beast must have come to the same conclusion, for its arm hung there in the open.

He did, and the creature tried to snag his shirt but it missed! It roared in fury as Troy held another breath, but it was no matter. Troy knew it was a lost game. He had failed, and what happened next was inevitable. His face contorted as he thought about what his mommy had said earlier, all the awful things as she turned.

He saw her, recovered now, peering in behind his daddy. They both waited, wanting the same delicious prize. He hoped it would be fast. He took another breath, but the claw fell away. They sounded like they were in great pain. Both stumbled out of the crawlspace, and he heard them collapse to the basement floor below.

They wailed and squirmed there for about a minute more, and then they were silent. Troy cautiously took the chance, and he seized the knife back. Retreating back into his hide-out like a meerkat, he sat and waited. He waited and waited, watching as the light filled the basement. He watched as somehow it grew lighter and lighter.

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The night was finally over. Then, he heard movement on the basement floor, and he raised his knife. Breathing heavy and fast, he watched with wide eyes as something moved beyond the ledge of the crawlspace. Something with black hair. It turned, and looked at him. Troy, come here! Come on. Come here, Troy. Are you hurt?

5 Strategies to Break the Mommy (or Daddy) Obsession

Let me see you. He felt like his arm had been frozen in place. He hugged him tight. Troy hesitated, still unsure, but eventually he did hug his daddy back. Troy looked up to see his mommy coming to her feet. She looked tired, ragged, and had a new scar running across her upper lip. She brought her hands to her face seeing Troy, and her tears spilled over. She jumped up with them, joining in on the hug.

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Terrified, Troy closed his eyes and let the two embrace him. It had taken most of the month, but the shelter was impressive. It sat where the old shed used to be, but took up much less space. The only part of it you could see was the entry hatch on the surface. You could survive a nuclear blast in there, Buddy. You know how strong one of those is?

How old is too old to be receiving money from mom and dad?

His dad patted him on the shoulder, and the two exchanged a quick hug before his dad moved down into the shelter. On his other side, holding his other hand, his mom was very nervous. She looked to the red horizon, and then to the shelter, and finally to Troy. Troy looked at her, and silently hugged her torso. She kissed him on the head, and knelt down beside him. She stepped down into the bunker, and Troy quickly went and shut the door. They were sealed in there tight, and as the sun set Troy entered the house. His bed remained empty that night.

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The house was empty and silent. Troy had made his way down to the basement, and he pulled himself up into the crawlspace. Pulling himself far inside, he squirmed inside the alcove, holding his knife close, brushing away with ease the lone spiders that strayed across his skin. He looked to the empty basement once before pulling over the heavy box. Sign In Don't have an account?

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