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Eat Your Veggies Men's Funny Pig Diagram T-Shirt | Headline Shirts

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Notify Me When Available. How Does It Fit Custom cut and sewn to deliver a premium quality fit. Not too big or small, just right. Take Care of Your Shit Machine wash cold, inside out, with like colors. Visit our Measurements FAQ. Once you have eaten a menu food, however, that food is now black-listed, and you can not eat it until your menu is reset.

How do your reset your menu?

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There are three game-modes available: 1. In cycle mode, you must eat every single food item on your menu before the menu is reset.

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In seasonal mode, your menu is reset once the world enters the next season. In yearly mode, your menu is reset every year or 70 game days. There is an options menu that you can access by clicking on the wrench that pops up when hovering over the menu. In the options menu, you can select your game-mode, the types of food items the mod should choose from for your menu, and whether to include rare, difficult, longterm, and cave food items.

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You can also reset your menu in here. If you do not know how to make a certain crockpot food, you can select the crockpot help button by clicking on the exclamation mark, and some helper text will pop up and tell you what the recipe is for the crockpot food. Hide the menu by clicking on the red star or pressing the keyboard button that's shown on the tooltip when hovering over the red star this keyboard toggle can be modified by the server owner, but by default it is 'B'.

If you want an only-meat menu, then select Wigfrid as your character. There are lots of options in the mod config.

Eat Your Veggies Bitch Tee

I'll go over some of the more interesting ones: 1. You can disable the food restriction element of this mod if you'd like. I figured maybe some people would like to use the crockpot help text without having to deal with the hassle of food restriction. You can make it so that non-admin players can not manually reset their menus. Newbies will just reset their menus whenever they're in trouble, and presto they have a whole new menu to select from. If you want to force them to complete their menus legitimately, then you can disable their manual reset.

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You can also select the default game-mode, menu food type, and a bunch of other stuff. Check the video up top to get more in depth info and to see what the mod looks like in action. This is just in general. Obviously Wigfrid will not be given non-meats, and if you selected a crockpot menu type, then non-crockpot foods won't be added, etc. Tatghoul 24 Oct, am. This mod is teen diet simulator,always changes. NGZE 9 Jan, am.

Eat Your Veggies (Special Order)

Just curious, does seasonal and yearly menus get refreshed if you complete the menu? Or is it ONLY when you complete the season. Ghostocado 25 Apr, pm. This would be so much easier with Warly. XD Klei, get on that. Shipwrecked NOW! Sphugne 16 Apr, pm. Hi Joeshmocoolstuff! I'm trying this mod on DST.