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  2. We deliver technology that works for you, with cloud, network, and communications solutions.
  3. The Connected Framework

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  • The future of enterprise innovation is open source.
  • Connecting to the Cloud - The Ultimate Enterprise Solution.

Power team productivity and collaboration with fully managed solutions for small business to the enterprise. Our industry leading solutions include SharePoint and Office Each of our email solutions is managed by a dedicated team of experts.

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  • Connecting to the Cloud - the Ultimate Enterprise solution.

Our award-winning, Fanatical Support is delivered by email and productivity specialists and is just a call, chat, or ticket away. We give you more choices for email and business productivity. Our team of hosting specialists can help you find the right solution to meet your unique needs. Rackspace: We manage your cloud services. You run your business. Enter your search term here.

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Business Telephony Solutions. Get your latest Cloud Communications Smart Guide Embrace the cloud to enter a world of untapped opportunities.

Cloud Communications Guide. CPaaS Survey Read our findings on the evolution of digital engagement and how CPaaS improves the way we connect to people, things and processes.

VMware – Official Site

Hospitality White Paper. Transportation Fast Forward e-zine Discover articles written by ALE leading-edge experts providing insights into where the transportation industry is headed. Transportation Ebook. Blickle and Scherer Blickle and Scherer needed a cloud-based solution that would support collaboration while maintaining strict safety and data protection standards. Blickle and Scherer Government.

We deliver technology that works for you, with cloud, network, and communications solutions.

Kreativ House Kreativ House can now offer reliable easy-to-access WiFi to tenants and guests at their existing and future locations. Kreativ House Retail. Okada Manila Resort Okada Manila Resort hotel wanted a converged network solution to improve guest experience and handle the devices of up to 20, guests at any time.

Okada Manila Resort Hospitality. Thomas Holt Thomas Holt is adopting industry-leading technology to gain a competitive advantage in the aged care market and offer superior quality service to its residents. Thomas Holt Healthcare. Customer References. Build security and compliance into your process. Open source enterprises need continuous and traceable software lifecycles. Software teams of every size save time with automated GitHub workflows and industry-leading systems and integrations. Build with the largest open source community in the world: 36 million developers, thousands of open source communities, and over one billion contributions.

Discover the open source communities behind the projects you rely on. Open source developers can receive financial support from the people and communities that depend on their software with GitHub Sponsors. Open source enterprises adopt the same best practices to build internal software. Inviting more developers to work on your projects invites more ideas—and more code.

The Connected Framework

On GitHub, manual and automated code reviews are built into your workflow through pull requests. Get insights from your source code on GitHub. Find out how your teams are working together inside of your internal developer community. Then make data-driven productivity improvements.

Enterprise members can see and collaborate on code with each other, while keeping their IP confidential from outside collaborators. Access the best of the open source community, no matter where you run your code. GitHub Connect allows you to manage users and search for code across any environment. Open source comes with unique risks and challenges.

GitHub provides a complete approach to security and compliance, so your team can use best-of-breed tools and stay safe along the way. Build with security best practices—and the tools you need to support them. Protect branches, scan for credentials, require reviews, and more.