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Nepotism played its part once again, when a former manager called me with a job offer. The hours are awful and the money's rubbish, but apart from that I'm quite enjoying it.

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Anyway, back to writing. I had a couple of false starts. I wrote some brilliant opening chapters, establishing characters, locations and relationships. The problem was that I could never get past that first chapter. It soon became apparent that plot, of all things, was something of a prerequisite. This threw me for a while. And then I had an idea. What would happen if a failed musician okay yes, me became depressed don't ask and killed himself, then got famous? That could be a plot. From that initial idea I sketched out a plot revolving around the friends and family of the musician in question, and found I was able to explore a diverse set of themes including social care, music, familial relationships, friendship and mental health issues, hopefully with a decent dose of humour and sensitivity.

Will You Love Me Tomorrow is the end result of many subsequent months of toil and frustration, and was selected as the Scottish Region winner of the Undiscovered Authors competition. The book was published by Discovered Authors in October Since completing the book I have written a number of short stories, something I hadn't attempted before. I've found this an excellent way to practice and polish my writing, as well as an opportunity to experiment with style, tense, point of view etc.

One of my short stories is due for publication in a future edition of Chapman magazine and another has recently been accepted by Bridge House Publishing. I have now completed my second novel, Scratch. It tells the tale of Jim Cooper, a Glaswegian thirty-something office worker who decides to leave his job, sell his flat, pay off his debts and start his adult life again from scratch.

Maybe this time he can do it properly and get or, rather, keep the girl. The fact that the girl is happily married and lives in another country, and her Bruce Lee obsessed father seems to want to be Jim's new best friend are only the beginning of his troubles.

One Jam to Rule Them All | Real Life Artist

Scratch is an un-sanitised, emotionally honest and hilariously candid story about what it is to grow up as opposed to simply change age, as told by a man who doesn't know what any of those words mean. Words: 37, Language: English. Published: August 1, Words: 36, Published: June 9, Words: 43, Published: April 6, I first came across MediaCore at an event in London last year that I was speaking at on the subject of digital media.

Naturally this video platform caught my attention and Stuart Bowness, co-founder was in attendance to explain in detail. Fast forward several months and we kicked the tyres of the platform for EdMediaShare. MediaCore quite rightly is going into this space.

Month: November 2012

Quite frankly I hope they can help solve our problems. Watch the video explaining the platform. This makes buying near impossible for the buyer and a likely large pile of clothing rotting in a warehouse under the end of season sale. The clothes item page. Missing the point by failing to let the buyer know what size is small etc.

But not always. At this point you just lost another customer.

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Go and see that Howies has a great sizing guide table that also rather cleverly shows you exactly where the measurement should be taken. Which leads to:. The result of which is that I am now a regular howies online customer as the sizing guide allows me to buy with confidence. If you want to go even further than Howies, put a link to the sizing guide right up near the sizing list — it may be lost in the footer.

Great quality shirt.. Whenever I come a cropper using a service I will document the experience. Skip to content idpf have just released all of the session recordings and slides.

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Our research findings reveal: Doctoral students are increasingly reliant on secondary research resources eg journal articles, books , moving away from primary materials eg primary archival material and large datasets. Authentication access and licence limitations to subscription-based resources, such as e-journals, are particularly problematic. Open access and copyright appear to be a source of confusion for Generation Y doctoral students, rather than encouraging innovation and collaborative research.

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This generation of doctoral students operate in an environment where their research behaviour does not use the full potential of innovative technology. Doctoral students are insufficiently trained or informed to be able to fully embrace the latest opportunities in the digital information environment.

The document can be viewed and edited by anybody so please do help me build this into something of value: Ebooks and digital publishing in Education and research, Google Document. The summary of the day grabbed my attention: Design Jam is a one-day design session, during which people will team up to tackle engaging User Experience UX challenges. Three states: pre, during and post-visit What should anybody care about these spaces?