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Films on the Passion of Christ, starting with the Annunciation and ending with the Resurrection, were extremely popular in the early years of cinema. No doubt the impetus was given by the already popular stage versions, in particular, the Oberammergau Passion Play, performed every decade at a small Bavarian town. Many cards were made for the Oberammergau Passion Play, already from the late 19th century onwards.

Émile Le Camus - Wikipedia

This inspired first the Americans to create their own Passion Play films in the late s. Caption: Joseph and Maria at Betlehem. Caption: The Sleep of Jesus. Caption: The Flight to Egypt. While most shots use painted backdrops, still all kinds of sets, props, and people were used to create some deep staging, even if on a modest scale.

What's On in Irish Cinemas – 100 Years Ago

Deepness could even be accentuated by diagonals of people simultaneously crossing the screen and approaching the camera, e. Also, at times, inserts cut-ins were used to stress details, such as the Veil of Veronica or the Ecce Homo moment of the scourged, bound Jesus, crowned with thorns.

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Miraculous moments were created by classical theatrical effects but also by modern cinematic effects such as stop motion e. Jesus walking on the water. Caption: At the Feet of the Sphinx. Caption: The Wedding at Cana. She plays the Holy Virgin Mary. Caption: The Entrance to Jerusalem.

A good example is the scene of Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem. In the film, we first see a lively street with many extras. They disappear when the holy couple appears.

In vain, Joseph and Mary ask for shelter to the innkeeper on the left, while later on the girl on the right directs them to an offscreen space on the right, clearly the stable. On the card, we see the innkeeper, the girl, the couple, and the extras altogether. Discussed is who directed the film.

La vie de prière de notre Seigneur - Paul Washer (French)

It is clear that Ferdinand Zecca , who also co-directed with Lucien Nonguet the version, was the main director for the version as well. There are suggestions the Spanish special effects 'wizard' Segundo De Chomon , who was probably responsible for all the trick photography in the film, may have been co-director as well for the film. He was a remarkable orator, and in he was invited to preach the Lenten sermons at Avignon , for which he was made honorary canon.

In Le Camus was appointed assistant director of the Dominican Order 's school at Sorez , France, but soon after he became head of the new school of St. Francis de Sales, which he established at Castelnaudary.

File:Naissance de Jesus by Candido Faria.jpg

Here he worked until , when he resigned his position as director in order to devote himself exclusively to the study of the New Testament. To equip himself properly for this study, and especially to study the topography of Palestine, he made his first journey to the East in the following year This was followed by several other visits, and the results of his travels and studies were published at various times. While pursuing his Scriptural studies, Le Camus also found time to preach several ecclesiastical retreats at Lyon, Montpellier, Paris, and Rome.

In he was elected theological canon of Carcassonne, and on 6 April , he received his appointment as Bishop of La Rochelle and Saintes. He was consecrated at Carcassonne, 2 July , by Cardinal Lecot.

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