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August Ruhs – Scheinbar aus dem Himmel gefallen

  2. Jimi Hendrix - "Up From The Skies" () on Vimeo
  3. Push The Sky Away
  4. No. 41: ‘EXP,’ ‘Up From the Skies’
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JIMI HENDRIX - EXP / Up From The Skies (1968)

The little constellation Corona Borealis, the northern crown, stands high atop the sky as darkness falls tonight. This prominent semicircle of stars is wedged between the bigger constellations Bootes and Hercules.


Saturn is shining at its best right now. The planet rises at sunset and remains in the sky all night. It is low in the southeast as darkness falls and looks like a bright golden star. Several of the biggest, heaviest stars in the galaxy dot the sky at nightfall. Deneb, the tail of Cygnus, the swan, is in the east-northeast.

Jimi Hendrix - "Up From The Skies" () on Vimeo

Antares, the orange heart of Scorpius, is in the south. Spica, the leading light of Virgo, is in the southwest. The planet is shining like a bright golden star. Saturn is low in the southeast as night falls, scoots across the south during the night, and sets around sunrise.

Push The Sky Away

One of the favorite constellations of summer soars high across the sky this month: Cygnus. It stretches across the east and northeast at nightfall.

Its brightest stars form the outline of a graceful swan, soaring through the Milky Way. New July 2 , pm.

No. 41: ‘EXP,’ ‘Up From the Skies’

I devised two slightly different solo forms. The changes retained the essence of the original Ex. I also felt that the bridge Ex. I decided to use much bigger voicings here Ex.

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As I played with the solo forms, I realized that I wanted to give the background some rhythmic texture. So I devised a scheme for the bridge in which groups of five eighth-notes are superimposed over groups of three Ex. One of the biggest challenges was presenting the melody of the song. It sounded great when Hendrix sang it, with his characteristic inflection and delivery.

First, I worked with the rhythm. I was also hearing the melody stated with a lush, cloudy voicing, played by all of the winds.

Arranging “Up from the Skies” for the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

I left the bass trombone out of the beginning ensemble, saving him for doubling bass figures. The seven remaining brass are voiced in a tight diatonic cluster Ex.

When this section is played really soft it sounds wonderful! I used a couple of other traditional techniques for more harmonic motion. Parallel planing of a voicing works especially well in embellishing half-step or whole-step melodic neighbor tones. And half-step approaches to a strong target voicing provide good motion in the inner voices.