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Sellos de goma de antigua biblioteca y etiqueta en la base de la tapa delantera. InetLlibre S. Original photograph silverprint 18 x 13 cm. Holandesa piel con filetes dorados en el lomo conservando las cubiertas originales la delantera con falta de parte del papel. Audio CD. Like New. Barcelona y su Historia. Mel Bay Publications, Inc. Zuerst Die Freiheit. Second Printing. Good in red boards. Owner name and book plate sticker. Ran de Mar. Proleg de Josep M. Arxiu de Tradicions Populars Page Publishing, Inc.

CD is missing. Kei was said to have a son named Garanwyn. Kei was killed by Gwyddawy son of Menestyr. Here, Kay was portrayed as a noble and heroic figure, in these early works. In the war against Rome, Kay and Bedivere distinguished themselves in battles. However, in the battle of Saussy, when Kay saw his companion, Bedivere, fall to Boccus, king of Medes, he managed to drive away the Medes, but Boccus mortally wounded Kay. Kay died when he returned to Britain. Later authors particularly romance writers depicted Kay as a braggart and a fool.

He had a surly manner and had a tendency to insult and offend people who were better than him. Kay seemed to have overwhelming confidence in his own skills as a knight. In the Chretien de Troyes' tale, the Knight of the Cart , Kay thought to escort and protect the queen by himself. Kay was beaten and imprisoned by Meleagant. Guinevere was captured and later rescued by Lancelot. In his Grail's story, Kay slapped a lady companion of Guinevere and kicked the court jester. Perceval avenged the lady, by unhorsing him in a joust, breaking arm and shoulder-blade. In Le Mort d'Arthur , Kay was attending a tournament, but forgot to bring a sword with him.

He sent Arthur to fetch a sword. Arthur pulled Excalibur from the rock. Arthur became king and made Kay, his seneschal. Kay was one of Arthur's best champions in Arthur's early wars Book I and his role in war against Rome was minor compared to the other heroes Book V , but was degenerated into quarrelsome braggart in the rest of le Mort d'Arthur. Bedivere was called Bedevere by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Bedivere was the butler or the cup-bearer and the constable of King Arthur. Bedivere was the brother of Lucan the Butler.

Bedwyr had a son named Amren. Kay rescued his body, and Bedivere was buried in Bayeux. In the Vulgate Merlin , he had fainted from a wound by Boclus Boccus. His nephew thinking that Bedivere was dead, split Boclus' head down the middle with his sword.

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In fact, according to stanzaic Le Morte Arthur c. His dying king Arthur ordered him to throw Excalibur into the lake. Bedivere witness Arthur taken on a boat, where the king was taken to Avalon. Bedivere then took holy vow and became a hermit. Lucan was better known as Lucan the Butler other says that Bedivere was the butler.

Lucan was the wine-steward in Chretien de Troyes' Erec and Enide. Lucan was the brother of Bedivere the Cupbearer. Lucan was cousin to Girflet , son of Do Doon of Carduel. However, Lucan died, when the mortally wounded king crushed him in an embrace. Girflet was the son of Do Doon of Carduel. Girflet was mentioned as one of the knights who sought Grail by Chretien de Troyes in Perceval. Girflet was the cousin of Lucan the Wine Steward. Girflet's first adventure was to fight King Pellinor in single combat, which Girflet had lost. It was Girflet, not Bedivere in Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur , who had originally threw Excalibur into lake, and witness a hand catching the sword, brandishing it several times, before disappearing in the water.

Yvain Ywain or Owain was the son of King Urien.

Translation of «posser» into 25 languages

Yvain was known in Welsh legend as Owain. According to Vulgate Merlin , Yvain's mother is Brimesent. The legend has it that Modron was the mother of Owain Yvain. Owain also had a sister, named Morvudd. In the Lady of the Fountain Mabinogion , his father was Urien, but his mother wasn't mentioned. His grandfather was Kynverchin or Kynvarch, and he was first cousin of Gwalchmei Gawain.

He was known as Yvain the Valiant or Yvain the Great. There were several characters that were named Yvain. Yvain also had a brother of the same name, but this Yvain was usually known as Yvain the Bastard. Yvain was the hero of the same story told by the Welsh, French and English authors. While the English version was called Ywain and Gawain c. Yvain killed the knight of the fountain known as Esclados the Red in Knight of the Lion and as the Black Knight in Mabinogion , but was trapped in his opponent's castle. Lunete Luned , a companion to the Lady of the Fountain Laudine?

See Yvain and the Lady of the Fountain for the full story. When he attended tournament, he overstayed at King Arthur's court, causing a separation between he and his wife. A separation that caused Yvain to lose his wits, until he was cured of the madness by a lady. Yvain won a strange companion when he rescued a lion, and killed a dragon. Yvain went on a series of adventure when he helped one lady after another. One of the women he rescued was Lunete. Lunete had lost favour with the Lady of the Fountain, and the lady's jealous seneschal plotted to have her executed.

Yvain defeated the seneschal and his brother through trial by combat. Lunete, in the end, helped Yvain to reconciled with his wife Laudine. Yvain was said to be the father of Idrus, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth. According to Geoffrey, Yvain became king of Albany Scotland , when his uncle Auguselus was killed fighting Mordred's army at the landing of Richborough. Geoffrey does not mention if Yvain died in the battle of Camlann or not.

Yvain rescued Arthur from the King of Northumbria, whom he killed. Yvain helped Arthur to remount, only to be struck down by Mordred. When Yvain found out about his mother's plot to murder his father, he rescued his sleeping father, before Morgan could strike a blow with her father's sword. Instead of having his mother arrested or killed, Yvain allowed her to escape, provided Morgan never attempt to murder her husband.

When Arthur revealed to the court of his sister's plots against him, he also suspected his nephew Yvain. Since he could not trust Yvain, Arthur banished him from attending his court. Through Gawain's love for his cousin, he left Arthur's court, and accompanied Yvain in their adventure, where they met Marhaus Morholt , brother-in-law of the King of Ireland. Owain appeared in the Dream of Rhonabwy , playing a board game gwyddbwyll against Arthur, while battles were fought between Arthur's squires and Owain's ravens.

Here, ravens were Owain's symbols. In Peredur , Owain was the first knight that the young hero Peredur Perceval met. Owain's name also appeared several times in the Welsh Triads , where names were grouped into three. Owain and his father Urien Rhegd appeared to be real historical figures living in the late sixth century AD, a generation or two after time of Arthur. Urien and Owain led the resistance against the invading Angles. In the Book of Taliesin , there was a poem or eulogy to praise and commemorate Urien and Owain, and those who died in battle.

Owain died in battle, killed by Flamdwyn. The Welsh poem found in the Mabinogion , called Gereint and Enid , was parallel to the French version written by Chretien. Erec was the son of King Lac of Ester-Gales. Erec was the French name of his more commonly known Geraint or Gereint in the English and Welsh versions. Erec fell in love with Enide, a maiden and niece of the Count of Laluth, when he fought against Yder, the son of Nut, known as the Knight of the Kestrel. Erec later married Enide at Arthur's court, before he brought her to his father's kingdom.

The amount of time Erec spent with his wife sparked talks about his lack of participation in the tournament and adventure. When Enide heard of the talks she was distressed, since they were blaming her for bewitching their lord. When she revealed to Erec of what they have been saying, Erec assumed that his own wife had low esteem for his prowess and skills. Erec proved to her that he had lost none of his prowess that he had displayed when he defeated Yder and won Enide's hand in marriage, as they journey through the forest beset with bandits, giants and treacherous counts.

Enide also proved to Erec of her love and loyalty to him, as she goes through all the ordeals in their adventure. Erec's greatest heroic deeds when he arrived at the town of Brandigan, when he ended the evil custom known as the Joy of the Court. The enchantment only ended when he defeated the knight and blew the horn. Erec gained greater glory as one of the greatest knights from the Round Table, after this adventure.

See Erec and Enide for the full story of Erec's adventure with Enide. Like the other knights he performed poorly, which ended in tragedy and disgrace. Erec made a promise to one evil maiden without realising the price he must pay. When Erec met his sister, the evil maiden asked for his sister's head. Aghast of this boon, he tried to persuade the maiden to ask anything else, because Erec loved his sister.

The damsel refused to listen to any plea. So Erec killed his sister, giving her head to the evil maiden. The maiden did not leave the place alive. Lightning struck the evil damsel dead. Later, Erec encountered another knight, where neither one could recognise the other, because they both wore different armour. Erec mortally wounded the knight, and discovered that was Yvain of the White Hands, a fellow-knight in this sorrowful quest not to be confused with Yvain the Valiant , son of King Lac.

Erec grieved that he had killed his friend. Yvain had also badly wounded Erec in the combat. When Gawain arrived and found that Erec had killed Yvain, Gawain challenged the wounded Erec to combat. Erec was astonished that Gawain would attack him, while he was injured. Gawain killed Erec's horse, who rebuked him for such cowardly act. Gawain then mortally wounded Erec where he lay. Thinking that he was dead, Gawain departed. Hector and Meraugis arrived and found the unconscious Erec. When Erec regained his sense, he related how Gawain had shamefully and treacherously fought him.

When Erec died, the two knights brought his body to Camelot. They had not brought news of Erec's death to Arthur, but King Baudemagus. Pellinor had thirteen sons. Both Pellinor and his brother Alan were suffering from some illness and won't be healed until the Grail is achieved. But in the Suite du Merlin Post-Vulgate, c.

According to the Suite du Merlin and Morte d'Arthur , it was a different story, and Pellinor was a different person. Melodiam could be Lamorak. He was also the father of Tor, who was his illegitimate son. Pellinor had seduced the wife of Aries the cowherd. In Chretien's story of the grail, none of Perceval's relatives were given any name, including his father and mother and brothers. Malory called him Pellinore of Listinoise. The knight who hunted the Questing Beast. At his death, the Saracen knight named Palemedes Palomides would take over his role as the Knight of the Questing Beast.

Arthur and Pellinor fought in single combat, where Pellinor broke Arthur's sword; the sword of the stone that won Arthur, his kingdom. Pellinor would have killed Arthur, had Merlin not saved Arthur's life by putting Pellinor to sleep with his spell. Pellinor became one of knight Round Table during the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere. Merlin sent Pellinor joined Gawain and Tor in the quest of the White Hart, brachet bitch-hound and the lady.

Pellinor was given the responsibility to rescue the lady. On his quest to find the lady, Pellinor failed to help a damsel in distress, over the wounded knight. When he succeeded in the quest, he returned to where he had found the damsel with the wounded knight. The wounded knight had died and the grief-stricken damsel cursed him, before taking her own life. Pellinor was distressed that he could not help the damsel. When he returned to Camelot, Merlin told them that the damsel who died was his own daughter Elaine, whose mother was the Lady of the Rule.

The lady Pellinor brought back on his quest was named Niniane , the Lady of the Lake. Lover of Isolde the Fair. The English writers knew him as Tristram; his name means "sad man". Roald le Foytenant Rual , Rivalen's marshal, was also Tristan's foster father. His faithful tutor and companion was named Governal Gorvenal , had trained him in art, music and fighting.

Originally, the medieval romances of Tristan and Isolde came from Celtic myths in Brittany. The popularity of the romance was that it soon spread over other countries, such as France, Germany, Britain and Ireland. Later tales have all the characters assimilated into the Arthurian legend. The best known story about Tristan, was the love triangle between his uncle, Isolde and himself. Four, if you add Isolde of the White Hands in the equation. Tristan and Isolde fell in love with one another, because they accidentally drank the love potion, meant for Mark and Isolde. Tristan's horse was called Passe-Brewel or Bel Joeor.

His dog was Husdant, comforted him in a brief banishment from Cornwall. When he went into exile in Brittany, Tristan gave Husdant to Isolde. When he left Cornwall in exile, Tristan returned to Brittany, where he married another woman named Isolde. The marriage was not happy one, since Tristan was still in love with Isolde the Fair Mark's wife.

The Breton Isolde remained a virgin throughout their marriage. In the end, she lied to her husband that Isolde the Blonde would not come to save him from poison. Morholt was considered to be best knight in Ireland. Morholt was a powerful and rich count in Ireland. Morholt was therefore the uncle of Isolde the Younger, better known as Isolde the Fair. Originally, Morholt did not belong in the Arthurian legend, but was associated with Tristan and Isolde romances.

In all the tales of Tristan and Isolde, Tristan killed Morholt in single combat. It was Isolde the Fair who recognised Tristan Tristan was disguised as Tantris , as her uncle's killer. She threatened to kill while Tristan was in the bath, but relented, because she would have otherwise married to the cowardly seneschal of her father, whom she despised.

See Tristan and Isolde. Marhaus was listed as one of the six knights who were better than Gawain. Marhaus was companions of Gawain and Yvain or Uwain , and undertook one of the adventures of the Three Damosels of the Fountain. He chose to follow damosel, who was 30 years old with gold circlet on her head. Marhaus killed a Duke of the South March and his six sons.

Marhaus also killed the giant, rescuing 24 maidens and 12 knights from imprisonment at the giant's castle. Marhaus later became one of the knights of the Round Table. Palemedes was a rival of Tristan for Isolde's love. Palemedes was in love with Isolde and was jealous of Tristan. Though Isolde pitied Palemedes, she was not in love with the Saracen hero. Palemedes hated Tristan, yet he could not help admiring the rival's superior prowess as a knight. Palemedes was as noble as any Knight of the Round Table.

In fact, Palemedes was even more Christian than some of the established heroes from the Round Table.

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However, he was a Saracen trapped in a Christian world and Christian ideal. The knights of the Round Table admired Palemedes' prowess and skills as a brave knight, yet some of them envied Palemedes, so he became victim of their prejudices and enmity. In the Post-Vulgate, Palemedes took part in the Grail quest. Palemedes encountered Galahad, the Grail hero, who had defeated him.

From Galahad, Palemedes accepted Christianity, and was baptised. Palemedes also became the newest member of the Round Table.

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In other version about Palemedes, he never was baptised. It was with the help of Galahad, that Palemedes was able to track down the monster. Palemedes had finally killed the Questing Beast. Gawain killed Palemedes when the Saracen was already weakened from his wounds. The only regret he had as he was dying, that he had never became Christian. Companion of Tristan. Dinadan was a knight of the Round Table, often accompanying Tristan in his adventure in the kingdom of Logres Britain. In the time of chivalry, where Arthurian knights sought out dangers, regardless of risk, it was rather refreshing to see knight who would preferred to avoid them.

Dinadan often grumbled to his companion, why it was needless to charge headlong into one danger after another, and risking life and limbs for lady or damsel when they are heavily outnumbered. Dinadan could not see the benefits of always fighting battles. Don't mistake this that Dinadan was a coward or a weak knight, for as Tristan's companion and sidekick, Dinadan was better than the average warrior was. Cador was the duke of Cornwall.

In the Welsh legend, he was called Cadwr, the Earl of Cornwall.

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Cador was one of the earliest followers of Arthur. Cador took part in the war against the Saxons, France and Rome. They were soon married. Cador took part in the war against the Romans, but was not mention in the war against Mordred. There were no mentions of his death. Hoel was the duke of Brittany, also known as Hoel the Great. In some other tales, Hoel was seen as a king of Brittany. Hoel was the son King Boudicius and Anna.

There is some confusion by Geoffrey of Monmouth, of whether Hoel was Arthur's cousin or nephew. If Anna was Arthur's sister, then Hoel was his nephew, but most say that Anna was the wife of Lot and mother of Gawain. Or else there are two women with the name of Anna. Hoel took part in the war against Frollo, and later against the Roman Emperor, Lucius. She died when the giant raped her. Arthur avenged her death, by killing the giant. However, since there are a couple of Hoel in Brittany, I am not sure they ate the same.

Agravain was also the brother of Gawain. Chretien de Troyes knew him as Agravain the Proud Knight. It was Agravain who tried to prove to his uncle, King Arthur, that Queen Guinevere was committing adultery with Lancelot. When Agravain tried to catch the adulterous lovers in bed. According to the Vulgate text, Agravain was killed by Lancelot, when he was escorting the queen to the stake, while Malory say that Lancelot killed him earlier, just outside of Guinevere's bedchamber.

Gaheris was also the brother of Gawain. According to Malory [ le Morte d'Arthur , Vol. Gaheriet had opposed of Agravain's plan to exposed the Queen and Lancelot of treachery to the king, because he and Gawain were good friend of Lancelot. By the order of Arthur, Gaheriet Gaheris and his brother Guerrehet Gareth were reluctant escorts of Guinevere to be executed.

The queen was to be burnt at the stake. In Mort Artu , it was Gaheriet's death that caused Gawain's enmity towards Lancelot, and prolonged the war war between Lancelot and Arthur. Gareth was also the brother of Gawain. In the final episode of the First Grail Continuation , as Guerrehet avenged the dead knight in the swan-drawn boat. Before he was knighted, Sir Kay had called him Beaumains and placed him in the kitchen, because he did not reveal his identity in Arthur's court.

See Sir Gareth in the Tales of the Knights. When Guinevere was to be burn at the stake for committing adultery with Lancelot, Gareth and his brother Gaheris were the reluctant escorts of the queen. Gawain's grief over Gareth's death prolonged the war against Lancelot, which would cause the destruction of the Round Table and Arthur's kingdom. See Mordred , under Minor Characters for full detail. Galeshin Galescalain. This make Galeshin nephew of Arthur, and cousin to Gawain and Yvain.

Galeshin was commonly known as the Duke of Clarence. Galeshin was the cousin of Dodinel the Wildman. Galeshin was one of the three knights who tried to rescue Gawain the other knights being Lancelot and Yvain , when his cousin was abducted by Caradoc of Dolorous Tower.

In the end, Galeshin and Yvain was also captured, but was eventually rescued by Lancelot. Galeshin was frequently mentioned, but in most Arthurian tales, he had minor or no role in the legend. Malory called him Uwain les Avoutres. Yvain was the illegitimated son of Urien, so he was not really related to Arthur. In the Vulgate Merlin , Yvain's mother was the wife of Urien's seneschal. Which was why he was named Yvain the Bastard, and he should not to be confused with his more famous half-brother, Yvain , known as the Knight of the Lion, who married the Lady of Fountain.

Guinglain Giglain or Gingalin was famously known as the Fair Unknown. His mother only called him Fair Son. See the Fair Unknown article in the Tales of the Knights for the full story. Guinglain often appeared in the Grail stories. In the Second Grail Continuation Wauchier de Denain Continuation or Perceval Continuation , where Guinglain fought the Grail hero to a draw, and later meets his father, during a long episode of Gawain's adventure. Hector took part of the Grail quest, mostly in the company of Gawain.

They had no success in the Quest, and Hector return to Arthur's court after Gawain was badly wounded. Hector supported his brother, when Lancelot came into conflict with Arthur and Gawain.

Meaning of "posser" in the English dictionary

Hector took part in the rescue of Guinevere and two battles against Arthur. Hector took part in the war against Mordred's sons after Arthur's death. At the end of the Vulgate Cycle , he found Lancelot had taken the monk's habit and Hector died before his brother. Lionel was also the brother of Bors de Ganis Grail hero.

He was named Lionel at birth, because his mother Evainne saw a strange birth mark his chest, in the shape of lion and the baby strangled it. Lionel became Lancelot's squire during Arthur's war against Galehaut. Lionel, like the other knights of the Round Table, he took part in the Grail quest.

Lionel was captured by two knights where he was badly beaten. His brother Bors had to choose either to save him or a damsel who was about to rape. Because his honour as a knight demand that save a woman before a fellow-knight, even if that the knight in trouble was his own brother. Bors rescued the damsel.

Bors discovered later that his brother had managed to escape from his tormentors. Lionel selfishly accused his brother of saving the damsel but not him. Lionel challenged Bors into a duel, who refused to his own brother. A hermit, who tried to intervene and save Bors, was killed. Calogrenant, a fellow-knight had also tried to intervene on behalf of Bors, but he was no match for Lionel, and he too died in combat. Only God saved Bors from Lionel's vengeance by hurling a lightning between the two brothers. Only then did Lionel realised his error. Lionel buried Calogrenant and the hermit, while Bors continued on his quest, meeting Perceval and Galahad.

Lionel sided with his cousin Lancelot, when there was conflict between his kinsman and Arthur. Lamorak was one of six knights listed as better than Gawain. Gawain and his brethren blamed Lamorak's father for the death of their father Lot. Gawain and his brothers continued their feud with Lamorak. Gawain and his brothers killed Lamorak. In Chretien's story of the grail, none of Perceval's brothers or other relatives was given any name, including his father and mother.

Agloval was the son of Pellehen Pellinor and brother of Lamorak and Perceval. Agloval and Perceval were two of the knights who found Lancelot and Elaine living on Pelles' island castle. During the Quest, Agloval was another victim of Gawain. Baudemagus opposed his son about the abduction of Guinevere. Baudemagus was a nephew of King Urien of Gorre. Uther rewarded Baudemagus for his loyalty by crowning Baudemagus as king of Gorre.

Urien retire to a hermitage. Baudemagus became Galehaut's deputy.

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Later, some time after Meleagant's death after the Vulgate version of the Charrette , Baudemagus became a member of the Round Table, when a knight named Sir Ganor of Scotland died from his wounds he had received from Lancelot at the tournament at Camelot. See Lancelot's adventure in the Tericam. Gawain killed Baudemagus during the Grail quest Vulgate Cycle.

According to Malory, however, Baudemagus did not died at the quest, and was one of knights, who opposed Arthur when Arthur warred against Lancelot. Sir Sagremor played a number of minor roles throughout the later Arthurian tradition. Sagremor was the son of Duke Nabur the Unruly.

According to the Suite du Merlin , Sagremor became the foster-brother of Mordred , when a fisherman found Mordred in a cradle on the seashore. The user must go into Morgana's past to reveal her future. If you choose the correct image from a short clip and a riddle that is given at the end of the same video, Morgana will show you a rune, and you will be one step closer from unlocking the secret that not even Merlin knows. Some riddles may require you to have good timing, as like the first riddle, you have to click on the square at the right time.

Start to play! Click the direct centre image or the top centre image between "" and "" and you will find the rune. The main clip was from the episode Valiant from Series One. Click the centre image between "" and "" and you will find the rune. Click the centre image or the bottom centre image between "" and "".

Gwen saved my blushes with loyal grace, The answer is there to obscure Merlin's face. Click the centre image or the top centre image between "" and "". Search for the moment When the flame grew and grew. Click the centre, top centre, right centre and top right corner images between "" and "".