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Samantha Learns a Lesson

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The Song Rising is published at last, and I'm so thrilled with the response to it. Thank you. This book always felt like a risk, as it's so dissimilar to The Mime Order and you all had to wait two years for it, but I'm glad so many of you have enjoyed it. I feel like this is the last rosy glow of goodwill you'll have towards me before I smash all your hearts underfoot in Book 4. On the subject of Book 4: It has a working title I love. It kicked off with an event in Glasgow, then I was off to Edinburgh for the official launch party, organised by the fabulous Philippa and Janet from Bloomsbury.

American Girl: Samantha Series

Wine by candlelight, having my makeup done by Lauren Gollan, and a giant Join the Revolution banner — I had the time of my life. Thank you to everyone who joined me to celebrate my long-awaited publication day, especially those of you who made your way up to Scotland from other parts of the UK. Photo c Philippa Cotton. Afterwards, I did events in Manchester and London before crossing the pond for the US leg of my tour. In sweltering Arizona, after a ten-hour flight, I spoke with a host of great authors at the Tucson Festival at Books, including V.

In North Carolina, I was charmed by a Southern hotel with an old-fashioned bath, where the rooms smelled of magnolia, and even more charmed by the team at Flyleaf Books — Banshion, Travis and Colin — who were kind enough to make me proper tea in a pot! This is a big deal. Tea is scarce on tour. In Miami, I tried Cuban food for the first time. And finally, in snowy Toronto, I had one of the most enthusiastic audiences I've had in ages. Questions galore. Labels: The Song Rising , travel , updates. Sunday, 26 February The music machine.

Labels: book extras , gramophone , music , soundtrack. It's almost here There are now less than two weeks to go until The Song Rising officially hits bookshelves. I've gone all shaky.

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Signed Collector's Editions, all ready to go. By the time The Song Rising is published, it will have been over two years since The Mime Order went into readers' hands in January Back then, I was certain that the third book would be out within one year, as I knew The Song Rising would likely be the shortest of the seven. As I've discussed in another post , that was not to be.

Sometimes it's felt like the longest wait in the world. Now it's here, however, it feels like no time since I was waiting for The Mime Order to finally make its way into readers' hands, and had that fizzing cocktail of anticipation and terror and excitement sloshing around inside me. Now we're on the home run, I thought I'd talk a little about what you should expect from The Song Rising and the remaining four books in the Bone Season septology. There are various ways of approaching a long series.

One of those ways is to adhere to a pattern. In Harry Potter , J. Rowling followed the same rough structure for the first six books. We would begin with Harry at Privet Drive; he would then go to Hogwarts, discover a Voldemort-related threat to the peace, deal with that threat, and return to Privet Drive at the end of the school year. Search refinements Categories. Books Other Books 2.

Samantha's Winter Party | American Girl Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Nonfiction 2. Dolls Collectibles 2. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition. New Used Not Specified 1. After the others left for home, Samantha smiled at Nellie.


She suggests that they could get together and make presents for the other girls. Nellie looked uncertain as she asked if it would be okay to bring homemade gifts when the other girls would have store bought ones. Samantha assures Nellie that good gifts don't have to cost money as she recalled seeing someone make really nice Christmas corsages out of pine cones.

See a Problem?

Nellie loves the idea of making grown-up corsages and asks if Samantha still remembered how to make them. Samantha thinks she still does and suggests that they meet up tomorrow afternoon and collect lots of pine cones. Nellie smiles and says she'll bring the basket. The next afternoon, Samantha and Nellie walked through the woods just behind the Van Sicklen's house, filling up Nellie's basket with pine cones. Nellie warns Samantha that the area was marshy and could have some puddles the size of a small lake. Samantha assures Nellie that all of the puddles were frozen as she kicks the snow aside to show the ice.

Samantha looks around and comments it was very pretty, but Nellie adds it was cold as well and she suggests they go back inside. But making the corsages was a lot harder then Samantha had remembered, and the girls grew quieter and more discouraged as they struggled.

After a couple of hours, the table was sticky with glue and paint and littered with ribbon pieces, crushed holly sprigs, and clumps of wadded up paper. Samantha wrinkled her brow as she held up her angled-looking pine cone. She comments she must have forgotten a step as her pine cone looked nothing like corsages. Nellie sighs and tells Samantha kindly that the corsages were a good idea, but they weren't working out. Samantha suggests they could add jingle bells, but Nellie shook her head and grinned a little as she commented they'd need something more than jingle bells to make the pin cones look any good.

Samantha admitted she was right and they might as well throw their stuff away. The girls throw away their supplies into Nellie's basket and Samantha suggested they could make something else or even find something for the girl's gifts, but Nellie firmly says no. She knew Samantha was only trying to help her, but she couldn't Nellie tosses another pine cone into the basket and dusted her hands as she said Clarisse was right, that servant girls shouldn't try to 'keep up'.

Nellie simply didn't have the money to spend like Samantha and her friends did. Samantha felt helpless as she asked if Nellie was still going to the party. She told Nellie the party would be fun, with or without presents. She says no one expected or cared if she brought anything, but Nellie interrupts and says she would care. She picked up her basket, saying she would get rid of it, and left.

Samantha slumped at the table. She had hurt Nellie's pride, and now she might not come to the party at all.

Samantha's Winter Party

It seemed that the more Samantha tried to help, the more she made things worse. The day of the party was dreary and cold. When the girls went to the pond after school, Samantha was sad, but not surprised, to see that Nellie didn't come.