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INFERTILITY: You can’t make milk if you can’t make calves

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  3. Farmer’s heartbreak as a slow death of UK dairy industry claims his family business - Mirror Online

Are all dairy farmers paragons of virtue who never have a cross moment and greet every set-back with a happy smile? Unfortunately, yes.


We have a duty to the industry to identify and improve or remove the small proportion of producers or workers who do not treat their animals fairly and with compassion, not least because this damages the reputation of every dairy farmer. However, we need to remember good dairy cow welfare does not mean every practice on a dairy farm would be regarded as cruelty free to the untrained eye.

The average consumer has little agriculture knowledge and therefore cannot immediately understand the rationale for practices such as forcing a cow to her feet or dehorning calves, even when the short- or long-term health or welfare implications make it necessary. We face a dual challenge — to educate the general public about farming practices, while maintaining farming systems where we would not be ashamed or troubled by a consumer walking on to the farm on any given day.

Back to the 13 myths 5.

The myth: Cows compete with humans for food Activist groups often cite the quantity of feed or land used by cattle production as evidence we should not consume beef or dairy products, suggesting we could feed far more people if we grew human food crops to provide a vegetarian or vegan diet. The capability of cattle to graze on pasture and turn forages and by-product feeds we humans cannot or will not eat into high-quality dairy and beef should not be underestimated. Back to the 13 myths 6.

Back to the 13 myths 7. However, we need to examine whether the types or concentrations of hormones in milk and other dairy products are sufficient to have a biological impact on human health.

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Moreover, when we consume protein hormones they are broken down within the digestive system into their component amino acids the reason why insulin has to be injected and therefore have no biological effect. Furthermore, milk consumption has declined per capita over time — if we could correlate dairy hormone intake with health issues we would expect to see a decline rather than an increase over the past decades. It is crucial to note the concentration of steroid hormones within dairy products are low — for example, ice-cream contains nanograms of oestrogen.

Back to the 13 myths 8. JC Activist groups often promote this myth based on the fact young animals are weaned, and few adult animals actively seek milk as a food, therefore suggesting we should wean ourselves from dairy post-infancy. However, dairy products provide a balanced package of essential nutrients that are readily available to humans unlike, for example, many plant proteins and that convey additional benefits in terms of micronutrients such as conjugated linoleic acid that act as anti-obesity or cancer-preventive agents.

However, concern exists regarding the overuse of antibiotics within veterinary and medical sectors. As antimicrobial resistance becomes a significant global issue, dairy producers, animal health industries and researchers worldwide are working to eliminate medically important antibiotics from livestock production, while seeking alternative treatments to ensure than animal health and welfare is maintained.

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Back to the 13 myths However, this is an excellent opportunity to bust myths by inviting consumers to take part in farm visits or events such as Open Farm Sunday, or simply posting photos and video clips on social media. Myth: Cows have ankles manacled together out of cruelty.

EN The only time a cow could have a shackle is if she had an injury to her leg for example, and required the additional stability in order to stand. They stop cows from slipping over and making injuries sustained from things, such as calving, any worse. Shackles are a terrible name for a practical part of milk production and certainly not associated with any certain dairy system Neil Baker, farm manager. NB Shackles are a terrible name for a practical part of milk production and certainly not associated with any certain dairy system. When I was a kid, on a farm which had 4,litre grazing Friesians, we had shackles on more cows then than I have today.

Are they left on too long in some farms? Should they have a new name? When we put the sanctions on Russia, they banned our dairy imports and that was a huge market for the European dairy sector. My wife works full time as a community nurse and that pays for our food and house. Farmer Charlie Taverner, of Orange Elephant ice cream in Devon, explains how the robot cow milking system works.

Each farm has a certain number of robots, one for about 50 cows. Most farms on average have to cows. Each wears a collar with a microchip and when their udders are full they are trained to wander over to the machine. The machine senses which cow it is because of the chip, lets it in and uses a sensor system to put each sucker on each udder. Lots of people are embracing the system.

Farmer’s heartbreak as a slow death of UK dairy industry claims his family business - Mirror Online

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