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The Global Intelligence Files - RUS/RUSSIA/FORMER SOVIET UNION

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Friendly buff orpington rooster george

Murphy AuthorHouse. Powell AuthorHouse. Fox Xlibris Corporation. Holbrook Lulu. In later years I have owned one hotel and owned two other hotel businesses. My dream is to eventually live in Jurien Bay in WA to write by the ocean. I started writing eighteen years ago, beginning with heartfelt poetry and after being let down yet again by a man, planned to do something terrible to him. So I decided to get my frustrations out by writing a thriller. Hence the trilogy.

The third Stone Heart book is a work in progress. Jessica takes a ocean cruise and romance and murders start again. I have also published a Children's Story "Wirra the Whale. All of these three books are available in paperback from my web site. I also have three published poetry books in ebooks. For purchase in paperback, contact me on email: kaye kayeedwards.

Monster of the Mountains: Copyright This is a work in progress A story of a middle aged doctor, who has just found out he has a brain tumour and refuses treatment. He has recently separated from his wife, due to her having an affair with the local policeman. He and his wife have had no sexual intimacy for many years. The doctor is starting to go out of his mind and when his wife leaves him.

He leaves town and finds and rents an old shack on the outskirts of a small country town at the base of the mountains, with a large shed out the back.

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It was previously used for dogs. He starts to stalk several women from a nearby town just for fun and then he progresses into planning to kidnap them for his pleasure. This eventually happens and he ends up doing some horrific thing to them and then murdering them one by one. He sends body parts to the local female police chief and then after a few days, they discover the bodies. Who knows where this story will end?