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  2. Luminary | Definition of Luminary by Merriam-Webster
  3. Can Luminary become podcasting's answer to Netflix? – podcasts of the week

Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, 30 Apr. Quah, N.

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Nieman Journalism Lab. Last modified April 30, Accessed July 5, The Nieman Journalism Lab is a collaborative attempt to figure out how quality journalism can survive and thrive in the Internet age. April 30, , a. By Nicholas Quah April 30, , a. Game of Phones: Podcasts and podcast apps are now treating each other like wary rivals, protecting their turf. Nicholas Quah. April 23, April 24, Joshua Benton.

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The latest from Nieman Lab. With a new round of funding, Wondery is ready to push podcasts overseas. Ken Doctor. When a local team wins a national championship, your daily newspaper will tell you all about it! Um, 36 hours later. Laura Hazard Owen. Third, subscription fatigue is beginning to set in. Meanwhile, streaming music services are avoiding subscription fatigue by offering all-inclusive audio with a single monthly price tag and very little exclusive or held-back content.

This is especially true of Spotify, which claims to be the second most popular podcast app after Apple Podcasts and is adding lots of original podcast content to its service. All this makes Luminary's strategy look incredibly ambitious.

Luminary | Definition of Luminary by Merriam-Webster

Its app will be able to play all of the free podcasts, but it will have to be careful not to alienate users by nagging them to upgrade to premium -- a problem that has plagued TuneIn, another podcast and Internet radio app, as well as Stitcher. Luminary will initially offer the first episodes of each of its shows for free; it intends to experiment with free-to-paid conversion tactics as time goes on.

It's as if Luminary is taking topics and hosts who are likely to appeal to existing podcast listeners and adding a dollop of celebrity wattage, but not going so far as to make its lineup crassly commercial. The company is confident that it can build a paying audience for its content. It claims that only a few hundred podcasts have audiences that exceed 50,, and therefore that it should be possible to distinguish their exclusive shows from the pack. That's uncharted territory for podcasts. Yet unlike Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and even Stitcher, Luminary also has to build an audience for this exclusive content mostly from scratch.

Subscription streaming music presented instant access to enormous catalogs of music for a flat monthly fee, where the existing alternatives were record stores, radio, and digital downloads. Subscription video services changed television from appointment-setting, TiVo-ing, video-store-going, and standard TV sets to an on-demand world on mobile devices. Podcasts are already abundant, ubiquitous, free, on-demand, mobile, and convenient. Shippen now has a deal to write books set in the same universe for Tor Teen, as well as that spinoff that will shortly debut on Luminary.

  • Can Luminary become podcasting's answer to Netflix? – podcasts of the week.
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  • How Luminary’s Messy Debut Ended Up Roiling the Podcast Industry.
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The budget she received to produce The AM Archives enabled her to hire new writers and actors and to double down on her commitment to represent the depth of diversity in audio fiction. None of that was possible without Luminary, she explained. The idea of paying for the thing vs. Shippen, like many other independent podcasters, experienced the classic Patreon dilemma of wanting to ask listeners to support the podcast itself but instead providing the extra episodes and livestreams for which people paid.

Can Luminary become podcasting's answer to Netflix? – podcasts of the week

Making that additional stuff is a lot of work, and while the contributions might cover that effort, the core product — the podcast — remains something the creator has to do for free. After years of cobbling together funding from lots of different sources, it was a great luxury, she said, to just have enough money to make exactly what she wanted to make.

Two Apple stories. Neither service publicly breaks out regional subscriber counts, and those figures include only paying users, excluding those in trial offerings that the companies can count in their public subscriber disclosures. Why does this matter?

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And, of course, all the potential services that come after that. I expect the four to be the next wave of Marzipan apps. Grain of salt, etc. Looming giants and narrative control. You might have heard that iHeartMedia, the bankruptcy-fighting broadcast radio giant and podcast upstart, is preparing for a possible IPO in a bid to raise funds to keep paying off its debts.

Of course, the answer is probably no, not by itself. Here are a few key lines from the document that helps us grasp the story iHeartMedia is trying to tell:. To phrase it more simply: How will iHeartMedia change the story of podcast advertising?

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  • How Luminary’s Messy Debut Ended Up Roiling the Podcast Industry.
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Although our primary focus is revenue, we also aim to maximize the value of our inventory. Moreover, we are continuing to develop platforms including podcasts that independently garner superior CPMs. The other probable major change agent in podcast advertising conduct is, well, Spotify, which is angling to drive a sizable chunk of podcast listening in the future — and is backed by some data that suggests it will probably do so. See Infinite Dial , slide Assuming, of course, that they flip on an in-platform advertising switch, which, I mean, come on. As it turns out, technical hiccups like these can happen to anybody — even the Los Angeles-based podcast collective led by Jesse Thorn, which has been doing these MaxFunDrives for over a decade.

The MaxFunDrive, which concluded last week, still went on to beat its public goal of 25, new and upgrading members, with a final tally of over 28, You just have growth. That year, the organization implemented a significantly lower goal of 10, new and upgrading members, and ultimately more than doubled the target with a final tally of 24, But perhaps another way to read the situation is to interpret a sense of consistency.

Between and , these MaxFunDrive campaigns routinely brought in more than 24, new and upgrading members. Some of that support strength, Chatterji observed, might have to do with a rising overt awareness among its audience communities about the harsh realities of the modern creative economy. It also helped, perhaps, that the team sought to be direct and transparent in as much of their messaging as possible.

You can see examples of that here , here , and here. How does the MaxFunDrive work? Where does my money go? Do you just convert it to gold doubloons and bathe in it? A thread, by Jesse Thorn. JesseThorn March 18,