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Read more about Child of St Kilda. Cloud Forest. The fascinating story of Katherine Johnson, who yearned to know about numbers and the universe, and ended up calculating the flight paths to the moon despite numerous obstacles. An inspiring picture book for children to dream big and work hard.

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Cliff the crocodile discovers a slinky frock and some fabulous peals and heels, and feels divine in them! But when the hyenas laugh at him, he starts to worry about others finding out his secret. Just Read! There's so much fun to be had when you have a book This wholehearted celebration of reading would be a gorgeous addition to any bookworm's shelves. McTavish Takes the Biscuit.

Even Pa Peachey is determined to win a local Bake Off competition. Fortunately, McTavish is on the case to ensure that everything ends up as well as it can…. Read more about McTavish Takes the Biscuit. Nell and the Circus of Dreams. Nell finds a lost chick and cares for it, naming it Rosebud.

This beautiful, jewel-like book is a real star, all about friendship, magic and circuses. Read more about Nell and the Circus of Dreams. Somebody Swallowed Stanley. Written by an animal behaviourist and environmental campaigner, this gentle tale subtly educates children about the damage a simple plastic bag can do to wild animals. Lively illustrations accompany the rhythmic, repetitive text, which is perfect to read aloud. Read more about Somebody Swallowed Stanley.

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The Missing Bookshop. Katie Clapham's love of books and bookshops shines through in this absolutely delightful story, illustrated by the very talented Kirsti Beautyman, about love, family, books and community. Absolutely delightful. Read more about The Missing Bookshop. Can You See Me? Starting secondary school is a daunting time for any 11 year old — and Natalia is no exception. This is a powerful, readable and relatable story about trying to fit in.

Along the way, a host of assumptions and stereotypes about autism are smashed. Read more about Can You See Me? Clifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure. Bursting with intrigue and excitement, it is ideal for confident young readers who enjoy traditional, wholesome adventure tales. Level Up! A fun and mildly scary virtual romp through a computer game packed with space paraphernalia and gadgetry. Entertaining black-and-white illustrations add atmosphere and more than a few laughs.

Alfie used to be good at football, but now his mother is dead and he no longer has the heart to play. A friendship with troubled Alice helps him cope with grief. Marta: Ultimate Football Heroes. This biography showcases the srength of Brazilian footballer Marta, both on and off the pitch, and should be compulsory reading for every girl. Read more about Marta: Ultimate Football Heroes.

Owen and the Soldier. A beautiful tale of a courageous young man who overcomes his fears when he finds an unlikely companion in a park statue. Complex ideas of young carers, social anxiety and remembrance are sensitively weaved into a light and accessible story.

Read more about Owen and the Soldier. Runaway Robot. Alfie has one hand; Eric has one leg. Can a small boy and a giant, police car-crushing robot ever be friends? And do bad things in your past have to destroy your future? Hilarious, complex and hugely satisfying. The Middler.

This dystopian novel, set in a seemingly idyllic town, will send a shiver down the spine. A riotous rollercoaster of a read featuring fantastically weird magical creatures, a disgusting hotel menu and fiendishly wicked ancestors. Perfect for middle grade readers who love absurdity and wild imagination in their books. The Unexpected Find. This intriguing novel weaves together the stories of three seemingly disparate characters to create a rich tapestry of mystery, myth and adventure.

Extremely unusual and beautifully written, this is a compelling and moving read. Read more about The Unexpected Find. Even more alarming is when, through a madcap series of events, she starts to morph into a werewolf. Hilarious stuff. Summer Bird Blue. Rumi struggles with loss and anger and ultimately finds her way back to the thing that gives her relief: music. A stunning and visceral depiction of survival after devastating grief and the potential of music to heal. Read more about Summer Bird Blue. The Paper and Hearts Society. Tabby hopes that moving to a new town will release her from the relentless bullying of her ex-best friend.

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This debut novel from a well-known book blogger and YouTuber is an absolute must for anyone who is fed up with trying to fit in. Read more about The Paper and Hearts Society. Allison befriends a woman with dementia, and an unusual friendship develops against the odds. Looking for a great book on a theme?

Our booklists cover a large range of subjects, from everyday issues to genre, disability, diversity, sporty books, funny books and more. Looking for new books to get kids hooked? No matter how hard she tries to behave, mischief has a way of following her. But maybe her lively spirit is just what her new hometown needs.

After Jake fakes his way into a prestigious music school, he needs to come up with a plan before the last laugh is on him. Look for the sequel in , also. Chloe does NOT want to be at Camp Minnehaha—until she discovers her one true talent getting more demerits than anyone else.

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This collection of vignettes stars a group of neighborhood kids making their own fun during the summer. Kids love the intense action and adventure in this two-part, modern-day retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk from a fan-favorite graphic novelist. This sci-fi graphic novel is such fun. BFFs Sanity and Tallulah struggle to contain an overzealous three-headed kitten before it causes chaos in their space station home.

Kate DiCamillo, one of our favorite middle grade authors, never disappoints. Part sports novel, part WWII-era historical fiction—with a strong dose of girl power—readers will be cheering for Maria. This important novel introduces us to a brave transgender child and the family and friends who—eventually—help her live as her true self. When twins Alex and Conner Bailey fall into fairy tale realm, their adventures begin. These are some of our favorite fractured fairy tales because of how they add depth to the traditional characters.

This enchantingly illustrated story weaves together Norse mythology, a hero named Odd, and three wise-cracking animal companions on an adventure of redemption. Born with a club foot, Ada is isolated and protected by her small-minded mother. After her little brother is shipped out of London to escape the war, she sneaks out to join him, and her adventures begin.

A lovely story of a young Pakistani-American girl successfully navigating relationships with friends, family, and her faith community. Especially relevant in a time when minorities in the US are feeling victimized, this story highlights the value of diversity and the commonalities we all share. Charlie, an autistic boy who struggles to understand the world, travels across the country with his family to seek medical treatment for his injured father.

His ordinary life disrupted by this family crisis, Charlie holds on to what he can to make sure everything turns out okay.

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After Ethan loses his best friend, Kacey, his family moves to a small town in Georgia. There he meets Coralee, a girl with a big personality and big stories to tell. But is she be keeping a secret that could put them both in danger? Nine children live on an idyllic island where life is perfect, except for the one day each year when a boat arrives. Called the Changing, this is the day when a new child arrives to join the group and another is taken away.

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How will Jinny cope when her best friend is taken away and she is appointed the new elder? A wonderful story told in a blend of prose and poetry. When Reena moves with her family to Maine, the last thing she expects is to have to work hard on a farm and form an unlikely friendship with an ornery cow named Zora. A moving story of two friends who are caught in a war-torn world. When the army begins to recruit children, will Mathilde lose her best friend Megs?

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The fantastical story of a girl who finds friendship in the unlikeliest of companions—a young member of the Bigfoot clan. If you have sensitive kiddos, preview it first before reading aloud. What are your favorite recent 4th grade books? Elizabeth Mulvahill is a passionate teacher, writer and mom who loves learning new things, traveling the globe and everything Zen. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Imagine by Juan Felipe Herrera Help students imagine their own possibilities with this inspiring autobiographical verse that encourages readers to reach for their dreams. Posted by Elizabeth Mulvahill Elizabeth Mulvahill is a passionate teacher, writer and mom who loves learning new things, traveling the globe and everything Zen.