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Play sample. It's free and yours to keep. Accelerators Spanish steps. Spain, which rejoined CERN in , now has a vigorous and steadily growing high energy physics community making substantial contributions to physics detector development and successfully involving Spanish industry. However the embryonic accelerator community cannot yet generate an equivalent level of activity, and this important channel for introducing new high technology into industry has yet to be fully exploited. Nowadays, it is common to hear about the hydrogen potential as an energetic vector or the renewable character of fuel cells; thus, the conjunction between both of them as a way to produce electricity, decreasing pollutant emission, is often discussed.

However, that renewable character is only guaranteed in the case that the hydrogen used comes from some renewable energy source. Because of that, and due to the Spanish great potential related to natural usable resources like water, sun, wind or biomass, for instance, it seems attractive to make a meticulous study supported by the statistical Multicriteria Decision Making Method in order to quantify that potential and place it in defined geographical areas.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the contribution of the oil production will not be enough in the future. The study being carried out will try to elaborate 'The Spanish Renewable Hydrogen Map', that would contemplate, not only the current situation but also predictable scenarios and their implementation.

Family of marsupial centaurs

The Spanish flu in Denmark. The spread of H5N1 influenza and the similarity between this avian virus and the Spanish flu virus causes fear of a new influenza pandemic, but data from the Spanish flu may also be of guidance in planning for preventive measures. Using data on influenza cases, influenza deaths and total deaths Managerial style in Spanish. Full Text Available This paper aims to study the management style of the Spanish advertising agencies.

For this purpose, it explores the way in which the dimensions that define the nature of this concept arise in the sector chosen. The analysis begins with the definition of management style as concept followed by an exposition of its main functions and its fundamental dimensions. Then, the paper presents the methodology used to verify how these dimensions appear among managers as well as the results obtained during the fieldwork. Such methodology includes the achievement of in-depth interviews, with the help of a questionnaire of semi-structured questions, and the descriptive analysis of qualitative and quantitative information obtained from those interviews.

The revision of these aspects enriches the study of management at the advertising agencies since it contributes to understand why certain actions have as a consequence one particular kind of relationship between directors and collaborators or another. The spanish nuclear choice. The aim of this thesis was to examine the present state and projections of the nuclear energy development in Spain, the limits and conditions of this development, as also the industrial and politic-economical stakes resulting.

The analysis is considered through the evolution of the energetic balance up to , taking into account the exceptional role of the nuclear energy: description of the various economic and social development plans since , history of the energy consumption in Spain, structures of the nuclear sector mining, production, and the private industry , importance of the electric energy in the spanish industry, structures of the electric sector in Spain, roles and interventions of the government in the nuclear electric subsector. During the century XVIII, epoch of maximum effervescence of the baroque religiousness, they coexist in this monastery and under the guardianship Dominican two important corporations, which are paradigms of both trends.

A grieving process illustrated? The sudden death of Pablo Picasso 's closest friend Carlos Casagemas in came as a great shock to the young Picasso. From a young age, Picasso had ruminated on life and death; however, this was his first experience of bereavement. Following the death of Casagemas, Picasso 's paintings can be seen as a diary of his grieving process and clearly illustrate the five stages of the grieving process as outlined by Kubler-Ross in ' On Death and Dying ' Articulation Skills in Spanish -Speaking Children.

Such a test is needed because there has been little available to enable the diagnostician, whose clientele includes Spanish -speakers,…. Determinants of Research Productivity in Spanish Academia. This article aims to widen the empirical evidence about the determinants of Spanish academics' publication productivity across fields of study. Productivity is measured as the total number of…. The present study reports on the findings of a cross-sectional acoustic study of the production of Spanish vowels by three different groups of speakers: 1 native Spanish speakers; 2 native English intermediate learners of Spanish ; and 3 native English advanced learners of Spanish.

In particular, we examined the production of the five Spanish…. Patients and methods: Two groups were studied: one comprising patients with eating disorders; and another a group of students. The correlations with other instruments reflected adequate validity. The three-factor structure was tested by means of a linear structural equation model, and the structure fit satisfactorily. Conclusion: The TAF-SP meets the psychometric requirements for measuring thought-action fusion and shows adequate internal consistency and validity. Keywords: thought-action fusion, cognitive distortions, validation, eating disorders.

Visit of Spanish Government delegation. Delegates interested in advanced technologies visited the ISR workshop clean room, where Romeo Perin explained fabrication and properties of stainless steel, titanium and inconel components of vacuum chambers for experiments at the ISR. See also Spanish Young Generation has been very active during JJNN have mainly focused on communication activities, as conferences at universities, schools and nuclear companies. Lately, becoming in referent of the young politics, journalist and the young people in Nuclear Subjects is the new and most challenging target of the Spanish Young Generation.

In order to accomplish with their objects and commitments with their members, JJNN are developing all kinds of activities focused in the young people and the JJNN members. Spanish -cedar : Cedrela spp. From the earliest days of exploration and colonization in tropical America, Spanish -cedar has been one of the most important timber trees of the area. Spanish opinion polls There is widespread conviction among the professionals working in the nuclear sector that the image of nuclear energy held by the general public is poor.

In Spain we insist again and again that an overwhelming majority of people consider nuclear energy to be dangerous, contaminating and relating to war. Depending on individual experience, we even go as far as to venture percentages of acceptability. When asked to explain the reasons for this, some claim that the cause of this attitude of rejection is to do with wastes, others that it is fear of radiation, and so on.

Most of these claims are 'subjective perceptions' based on our own personal contacts and xperiences. With a view to establishing a reliable analytical basis and thus be able to carry out an objective study of the problem of public perception of nuclear energy in Spain, the Forum of the Spanish Nuclear Industry commissioned a group of external consultants specializing in this type of studies to carry out a survey designed to provide information on the causes underlying the rejection of nuclear energy and its measure.

This survey is one of the first performed in this country since the decision was taken to use nuclear power in the nineteen sixties. The survey, performed by way of telephone conversations, included 2, people aged between 15 and 60 years. Of the total number of interviewees, 25 percent lived in areas surrounding a nuclear power plant, but had no direct professional or family ties with the plant.

In addition to the telephone interviews, the study included also a qualitative investigation based on open interviews and focus groups. In general, the image detected during the qualitative phase is that in spite of its being technologically advanced and professionally directed and managed, nuclear energy arouses fear and mistrust. The structure of the survey was based on overall issues: the concerns of Spanish society.

Twenty-four percent of the interviewees claimed that the environment was. It was with great regret that all who knew and had worked with Emilio received the sad news of his death on 12 October. While being deeply interested in fundamental physics, he had a particular gift for leadership: transmitting enthusiasm, being open for discussion, but also capable of making hard decisions when necessary.

He obtained a staff contract at CERN in and later, as group leader, went on to mastermind the construction of a new, larger muon storage ring f MOURA is a compact, miniaturized, intelligent and low cost instrument, based on two sets of triaxial magnetometers separated one centimeter from each other to do gradiometry studies. It has a resolution of 2. Also, this technology has been previously successfully employed on board Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV to perform geomagnetic surveys in extreme conditions areas [3], and in several space missions for different applications.

These deviations were attributed to several error factors as the different locations between MOURA and SPT and other possible different geomagnetic conditions. Due to the above, a measurement campaign on SPT installations are been done. Each month BDN receives records of individual external doses from approved dosimetry services. The dose records include information regarding the occupational activities of exposed workers.

The dose information and the statistical analysis prepared by the BDN are a useful tool for effective operational protection of occupationally exposed workers and a support for the CSN in the development and application of the ALARA principle. The Spanish radiation passbook was introduced in and since then CSN, as regulatory authority, has required that all outside workers entering controlled areas should have radiation passbooks. En cualquier forma en la que se reescriba un texto literario bie Spanish Earth Observation Satellite System.

Borges, A. The ground segment development will be assigned to a Spanish consortium. The human-T cell lymphotropic virus is a retrovirus with various types known so far. We analyzed age, sex, place of origin, and place of residence of donors, and the reactivity using the screening test ELISA as well as the confirmatory test immunoblot.

Villa Facilities:

The donor population studied included 6, men and 8, women, for a total of 14, donors recruited between March 1, , and June 30, Our findings were consistent with those found in similar studies in non-endemic areas of the country and with those from studies at international level reported in the literature. Los tratamientos fueron: T1- discos del tallo, T2- yemas del tallo, T3- hijuelos y T4 cogollos. Abstract: Study of the circumstances in which there was the ruin of the old church of the dominican convent of San Pablo el Real of Sevilla in , and of the beginnings of its immediate reconstruction in baroque language by the architect Leonardo de Figueroa , based on the unpublished news contributed by an anonymous contemporary manuscript , preserved in the Montoto legacy of the University Library in Seville, which also illustrates us about certain devotional and artistic aspects related to this disappeared sevillian temple of the Order of Preachers.

This Spanish ecology packet contains resource units and materials for intermediate and advanced Spanish classes. It is designed to be used for individual and small-group instruction in the senior high school to supplement the Spanish language curriculum. Included are articles, pictures, and cartoons from Spanish -language newspapers and magazines…. Presents data from the Spanish of Quechua- Spanish bilinguals that exemplify a contact situation that gives rise to a process called structural interference.

Concentrates on the use of the diminutive in the Spanish of speakers of Spanish in the Andes. This article presents a case study of the perceptions of Spanish heritage speakers enrolled in introductory-level Spanish foreign language courses. Despite their own identities that were linked to the United States and Spanish of the Borderlands, the participants felt that the curriculum acknowledged the Spanish of Spain and foreign countries but….

Validating a Spanish Developmental Spelling Test. The creation and validation of a Spanish version of an English developmental spelling test DST is described. An introductory section reviews related literature on the rationale for and construction of DSTs, spelling development in the early grades, and Spanish -English bilingual education. Differences between the English and Spanish test versions…. Two experiments were carried out to investigate the processing of the empty category PRO and the time-course of this in Spanish.

Eye movements were recorded while participants read sentences in which a matrix clause was followed by a subordinate infinitival clause, so that the subject or the object of the main clause could act as controller of…. V Congress of Spanish Geochemistry. This proceedings book present the lectures of V Spanish geochemistry Congress. The sessions were: 1. Agentivity Marking in Spanish Nominalisations.

Discusses the rise of Mexican Spanish as a distinct variety of Spanish and describes the regional and social dialects of contemporary Mexican Spanish. Although countless similarities exist between Mexican Spanish and the Chicano Spanish spoken in the southwestern United States, Mexican Spanish shows greater variability. A mineral survey of the Spanish Peaks Primitive Area, Montana, disclosed a small low-grade deposit of demonstrated chromite and asbestos resources. The chances for discovery of additional chrome resources are uncertain and the area has little promise for the occurrence of other mineral or energy resources.

A reevaluation, sampling at depth, and testing for possible extensions of the Table Mountain asbestos and chromium deposit should be undertaken in the light of recent interpretations regarding its geologic setting. Performance of spanish wind turbines. In this document we can find a statistical evaluation for the wind energy generation from each spanish wind farm referred to , going on with the work that has been carried out since , by initiative of the Wind Energy Division from Renewable Energy Institute.

The purpose of this work is to contribute with interesting information for the wind environment and offer a global view from monthly performances of different wind farms. Romanian and Spanish Cultural Crossings. Full Text Available Much more appreciated and known in his time than by posterity, V. Urechia was ahistorian, politician and learned man, formed together with great personalities of the generation of the40's, A.

Cuza's collaborator the first ruler of the United Principalities, and also our first hispanist. After finishing his studies in Paris, he married Francoise Josephine Dominique Plano, the daughter ofQueen Isabela's of Spain personal doctor, Urechia showed a constant interest and maintained strongconnections with the Spanish cultural space that he discovered to be the origin of the foundingemperor of Dacia Traiana.

The subject-matter of the present paper is Urechia's "capital of Spanisheducation" enhanced in time, the contacts with the great personalities of the Spanish culture of histime , that can be reconstituted due to his work, his memoires, his letters a intercultural dialogue andarticles published in the Spanish and Romanian press, as well as the influence of those contacts on thepersonality, method, and purpose of his cultural approaches.

Moreover, we are to point out thecontribution that the personalities had in the intercultural dialogue in Europe, at the end of the 19thcentury. Pablo Verani y la UCR rionegrina. El caso de Pablo Palacio. La consigna de los solitarios. Spanish Splits. Through the analysis of survey and interview data, we investigated the attitudes and perceptions of 32 multilingual teachers of Spanish in Belize, a code-switching CS context where Spanish is in intense contact with English and Belizean Kriol.

More specifically, we examined teachers' and students' attitudes toward Spanish and CS and teachers'…. Considering the recent increase in Spanish use in the United States, particularly as reflected in the media, beginning Spanish students are entering their classrooms with knowledge of phrases such as "hasta la vista" and "numero uno," regardless of their amount of previous formal Spanish study. The present research focuses on….

This case study uses survey data to examine the attitudes and pedagogical practices of preservice and current high school Spanish teachers toward Spanish heritage language learners HLLs. The research questions addressed were 1 the extent to which participants were aware of the challenges facing Spanish HLLs who are enrolled in traditional…. Las uniones conjuntivas en espanol Conjunctive Correspondences in Spanish.

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This study of the medieval Spanish concept of order examines uses made of the word "y" "and" in Spanish medieval writing to join words and phrases connoting social, natural and human order. Text is in Spanish. The Suffix "-oso" in Central American Spanish. Examines the lexical formative "-oso," which is added to nominal and verbal roots to form adjectives to denote possession of the quality contained in the primitive, in Central American Spanish.

Concludes it is used with traditional Spanish denotations and has undergone various semantic shifts and is being applied to roots in a completely….

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Describes "Proyecto Sherezade," an Internet-based project publicly available to anyone. Founded in by a group of Spanish language and literature academics in Canada and the United States, the project began as an Internet literary magazine that published non-established writers's short stories in Spanish and commentaries sent by readers.

Forms of Address in Chilean Spanish. The present investigation examines possible social and linguistic factors that influence forms of address used in Chilean Spanish with various interlocutors. A characteristic of the Spanish of Chile is the use of a variety of forms of address for the second person singular, "tu", "vos", and "usted", with corresponding…. Cultural notions in Spanish Dictionaries for Foreigners. Full Text Available Although later than in English, Linguistics applied to the teaching of Spanish language has produced several didactic dictionaries for foreigners in the last two decades.

This dictionaries include grammatical information in order to facilitate pronunciation, and morphological or syntactical comprehension; cultural notions, however, are more difficult to include because they go beyond the scope of the lexicon. Los nuevos entornos virtuales de aprendizaje permanente MOOC. This study is dedicated to investigating the dynamics that characterize the interaction between theology and history in the New Testament.

To accomplish this goal, the author has chosen, as a test case, the biography of Paul of Tarsus, as it is presented in the letter to the Galatians and in the book of the Acts of the Apostles. Through a comparative analysis of both works, but even more, through the making explicit of the vision inherent in each work, we intend to bring to light how New Testament authors conceive this interaction.

Theology emerges, in this way, as a reflection carried out based on a concrete historical experience, in light of Israel's traditions, that receives a particular form as a result of a literary work. El caso de Tizoc, emperador de Pablo Salinas El caso Bru. Un desaparecido en democracia. Marea, p. Corridas, golpes, gritos. Una pausa. Morosi relata de form Forecasting Spanish natural life expectancy. Knowledge of trends in life expectancy is of major importance for policy planning. It is also a key indicator for assessing future development of life insurance products, substantiality of existing retirement schemes, and long-term care for the elderly.

Reward Yourself

This article examines the feasibility of decomposing age-gender-specific accidental and natural mortality rates. We study this decomposition by using the Lee and Carter model. In particular, we fit the Poisson log-bilinear version of this model proposed by Wilmoth and Brouhns et al.

In addition, by using the model introduced by Wilmoth and Valkonen we analyze mortality-gender differentials for accidental and natural rates. We present aggregated life expectancy forecasts compared with those constructed using nondecomposed mortality rates. Reconsidering Subextraction: Evidence from Spanish. Full Text Available This paper argues that so-called subextraction e.

Corver for recent discussion does not involve movement of a wh-phrase to a DP internal escape hatch position before reaching the CP layer. Instead, we claim that apparently subextracted wh-phrases are actually direct dependents of the verb after a process of reanalysis or readjustment; cf. Chomsky , Kayne applies. Bruening , Leu , Ott , and references therein, by leaning on new evidence from Spanish. The non-cyclic status of DPs is a fairly standard idea ever since clausal properties were assumed to hold for nominal domains cf.

Chomsky , Brame , Abney , and much subsequent literature. Slovenian and Spanish electricity markets. Spanish electricity market has served as a basic model in the construction of the electricity market in Slovenia. However, in the final phase of its development additional solutions were adopted from other European and worldwide electricity markets. The electricity market thus obtained is in some aspects more complex and in others simpler with regard to the original model. This article describes two of the new solutions on the Slovenian electricity market: the introduction of numerous standardized electric energy products Band, Peak, Off-peak, Hourly power etc.

The Dawns of the Spanish Geo technic. From a personal perspective, there are analyzed the first steps of the spanish Geotechnical Engineering history understood as an academic discipline but also linked in a very directly way the profession. This evolution is not foreign to the own history of the Geneticist in other countries of our cultural or geographical environment. The contributions discover that our predecessors transmitted important achievements to the international community. The direct presence in the international congresses of that time of the spanish geo technicians is analysed.

Three consecutive stages are distinguished, personalizing in each of them the participation of celebrated spanish Civil Engineers. This beginning through advanced Spanish text includes grammar explanations, readings, and exercises with the emphasis on situations involving travel and tourism. The introductory lesson covers the Spanish language, the importance of Spanish in the United States, the Spanish alphabet, pronunciation, capitalization, punctuation, syllabication,…. Use the Full Text Available This article develops an analysis of the internal functioning of the Spanish party Podemos and its structural make-up.

The used methodology consists of: 1 a descriptive analysis of the development of Podemos, based on the available information in the media; 2 an analysis centered on the presence of Podemos in social networks and the mainstream media, in addition to electoral results and polls. This study examined the impact of a min daily explicit vocabulary intervention in Spanish on expressive and receptive vocabulary knowledge and oral reading fluency in Spanish , and on language proficiency in English.

Big increase in Spanish reseach funding. The Spanish government plans to increase spending on civilian science research and development by between 8 and 10 per cent. The exact figure is unclear since it has been included in the budget along with military research projects 1 page. Lexicalisation Patterns in Danish and Spanish. In this dissertation, I investigate the theoretical framework by Leonard Talmy b on lexicalisation patterns in Motion events.

I examine his characterisations of Co-event languages e. Furthermore, my objective is to determine whether the predictions set forth by Talmy apply to Danish and Spanish from an empirical perspective, i. As a consequence, to identify Motion events and discard false positives is an extremely time-consuming process. I suggest that a context-free grammar is a way to facilitate the retrieval and analysis of linguistic data that contain Motion events.

Thus, I implement a context-free grammar for Spanish. Cancer Currents Now Available in Spanish. As part of our effort to more effectively reach patients, health care providers, and researchers with timely, authoritative, and scientifically accurate cancer information, we are now offering selected Cancer Currents blog posts in Spanish.

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Prevention of adolescent depression in the Spanish -speaking world. This paper aims at presenting programs targeted at the prevention of adolescent depression applied with Spanish -speaking populations that have been developed in Spanish -speaking countries and are mostly published in Spanish. These programs have been developed under different cultural contexts in Spain and Latin-America. The main goal of this paper is to make the studies and movements of the Spanish -speaking literature in this field accessible to the non- Spanish -speaking part of the research c The Spanish participation in the SKA.

It will be composed of thousands of antennas distributed over distances of more than kilometres on both Africa and Australia. From a technological point of view, more than 20 research centres and companies are contributing to the design of the SKA as part of 7 international consortia. In addition, the Spanish Astronomy Infrastructures Network RIA from its Spanish initials issued a recommendation on the interest of the scientific community and industry that Spain explores the possibility to join the SKA project as Full Member before the construction phase starts.

In December , the Spanish Secretary of State of Research, Development and Innovation sent a letter to the SKA Organisation Director General proposing to establish a dialogue in order to explore scenarios for Spain to join the SKA, what constitutes a further motivation for the Spanish community to continue its efforts. Internationalisation of Spanish fashion brand Zara.

However, there is little research about the firm in English as the majority of publications have been written in Spanish.

Barceloneta Beach by Picasso – Barcelona blog - Barcelona Spanish Civil War and history tours

This paper seeks to address this gap in the literature by examining the internationalisation process of Zara. This study adopts an in-depth case approach based on extensive secondary research. Literature published in both English and Spanish has been reviewed, including c Spanish Nuclear Industry in Lungmen Project.

This collaboration has given to the Companies, which directly involved, an in-depth knowledge of both Development Programs, as well as it has allowed to establish relationships with Nuclear Island DTN's coordination. Furthermore, the good working relationship which has been established has made way for other Spanish Companies to bid for other Project Packages. On a case by case basis the response of Spanish manufacturer has been irregular. In some instances manufactures have stopped manufacturing nuclear components, and in other instances a distinct lack of interest has been detected.

Airborne metals in Spanish moss. One hundred twenty-three samples of Spanish moss Tillandsia usneoides L. R-mode components analysis of the ash chemistry strongly suggests that at least five nearly uncorrelated factors are contributing to the observed chemical variation. Four of these factors are thought to reflect chemical properties of the atmosphere or airborne particulates; the fifth appears to be related in some way to metabolic activity in the living plant. The atmospheric factors are interpreted to be a the ratio of terrestrial dust to ocean-derived salt in the local atmosphere, b the regional variation in trace-element content of the terrestrial dust, c the local concentration of automotive or technology-related lead-rich emissions, and d higher concentrations of airborne vanadium east of the Mississippi River.

If the intensity of the lead-rich factor in each sample is used as an index of general atmospheric pollution, sets of most polluted and least polluted samples may be defined. En un segundo momento se recogen las afirmaciones acerca de las mediaciones humanas de la presencia de Dios en la historia. This qualitative study investigated the language ideologies and instructional practices of an entire Spanish language faculty at a high school in a new gateway state for immigration. The study examined additive and subtractive practices of teachers as they strived to teach Spanish to heritage language learners HLLs enrolled in mixed….

This research investigates the relationship between the perceived sense of humor of in-service Spanish teachers' n? Spanish -speaking parents choose to enroll their children in either an English only or English- Spanish dual immersion program when presented with both choices. This ethnographic study explored parent's perceptions of the purpose, advantages, and disadvantages of learning in school in English only or in a dual English- Spanish.

Through focus group…. Full Text Available Spanish articulatory phonetics, the classification of sounds and the physiological mechanism used in the production of phonemes are discussed in this article. The process of learning a language consists of classifying sounds within the target language. Since the learner may be hearing the utterance in a different way than the native speaker some objective criteria are needed to classify sounds.

If these distinctions are not mastered, he may be perceived as sounding awkward. Other phonological processes are applied in informal situations due to socio-linguistic factors such as age, social class, and education. Sound deletion in particular phonological environments are not done randomly by the speaker, but by necessity to retain semantic comprehension. Allophonic choices within phonemes make up the dialect for a particular area.

Presents an art activity where students learn about Cubism and color mixing. Explains that the students create camouflaged animals after learning about the work, "Female Torso" Pablo Picasso. Includes directions for how to create the pictures and states that the assignment can be used with students of all ages. Hispaania tuntumad arhitektid, disainerid, kunstnikud. Quantifying risk: verbal probability expressions in Spanish and English. To investigate how Spanish - and English-speaking adults interpret verbal probability expressions presented in Spanish and English eg, posiblemente and possibly, respectively.

Several terms that are regarded as cognates in English and Spanish elicited significantly different likelihood ratings. Several language equivalencies were also identified. These findings provide the first reported evaluation of Spanish likelihood terms for use in risk communications directed towards monolingual and bilingual Spanish speakers. Radiation protection training programmes Spanish approach.

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Radiation Protection Programmes are being considered the best way to promote safety culture and to spread and propagate European basic safety standards. It is widely accepted that training is an important tool to upgrade competence for radiation exposed workers. The Spanish Radiation Protection Education and Training Programmes provide a solid and integrated educational model, which takes into account the variety of applied fields, the different levels of responsibilities, the technological and methodological advances, as well as the international tendencies.

The needs for a specialised training on Radiation Protection RP for exposed workers appears into the Spanish regulation in National initial training programmes are well established since Individual certifications, based on personal licences are required for exposed workers. The Spanish regulation also includes continuous and on the job RP training.

The educational programmes are being continuously updating and improving. To achieve Radiation Protection objectives, new technological media for educational methods and material are taking into account. Nevertheless, Spanish RP education and training model has to be improved in some aspects. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the situation and the future needs to be considered in order to complete the RP training processes.

The Literary Independence of Spanish America. Memorias de infancia y juventud , op. IV, no. I, Harry H. Arte Norteamericano del siglo XX. Valencia: Fomento de Cultura Ediciones, KWY went through several different formats and was published at irregular intervals during its life span, between and XIII, no. The reproduction of the drawing is on pp. In the cited issue of KWY the text and drawing are published on pp. Seis Escaparates. Ediciones de la Rosa Vera publishers was run by Victor M.

José Milicua (1921-2013)

His contribution to contemporary culture through graphic design at his company Filograf made him a key player in the following period. It was also Ricard Giralt-Miracle who collaborated on the last portfolio Descubrimientos — Millares El Paso published its first manifesto, with copies, in March. Eusebio Sempere. Ida y vuelta. Cuenca: It will be cited again when dealing with Auto de fe La ciudad abstracta.

New York: Pierre Matisse Gallery, He was a high-school teacher in Philosophy and Arts. This aspect of his character forced him to escape from reality, and drink was one of his ways of dealing with this shortcoming […] Overlooking this lesser evil, I have wonderful memories of my father because I always held him in the highest esteem.

His intellectual capacity, his intelligence and his poetic sensibility always transmitted a sense of clarity, nourishing our blood and our minds with that part of him to which I now feel indebted. I am very grateful to Don Papas the name we called our father at home for what he taught me about humanity. Editing and sound: Manolo Millares.

Gerardo Rueda. Sensible y moderno. Madrid: Ediciones del Umbral, Santa Cruz de Tenerife: gaceta de arte , no. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Fablas , no. Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, We became friends. I was curious and he let me wet the paper and turn the handles of the etching press. Workshops at that time were fairly rudimentary; they were much more basic that today but they had a lot of character: etching presses, tools, paper, shelves with jars of ink, etc.