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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Cruise of the 'Pandora by Allen Young. This book also contains original illustrations and are included in the back of the book. These illustrations are also available for viewing and download at www. This did not involve changing the substance of the text.

Contents: Introductory — Chapter I. Godhavn and the Waigat — Chapter V. Beechey Island — Chapter IX. Peel Strait — Chapter X. The Voyage Home — Appendix: — Notes — Illustrations Introduction This narrative has been printed in order that there may be an authentic record of the voyage of the B. Admiral on the Retired List Between and Smith undertook no fewer than five scientific expeditions to Svalbard and Franz Josef Land, yet did not publish any detailed accounts of his voyages.

Joseph G. The Intrepid was the steam tender to the Resolute. Though appointed to the Assistance, Toms served mainly in the North Star. I accompanied him when he got on the iceberg that overturned and lost him his life. Toms was likely the last survivor of the Franklin Search veterans. Tullet accepted an invitation to attend the commemoration, but died on 31 March One of only five individuals who appear to have been entitled to both the Arctic Medal and Arctic Medal Young commanded the troopships Adelaide and Marlborough during the Crimean War, but was a mercantile master and not part of the RN Transport Service, so not entitled to the Crimea Medal.

That written, in the c.

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Ironically, while celebrating Arctic history, there were strong appeals to look toward a great field of future discovery: Antarctica. In fact, in July , the International Geographical Congress met in London and it was decided that Antarctica would be the primary focus of new exploration. The meeting touched off a flurry of activity, and soon thereafter, national expeditions from Britain, Germany and Sweden, as well as private ventures, started organizing their assaults on the sleepy frozen continent. One such expedition, the British National Antarctic Expedition of , heralded the creation of the Polar Medal — a decoration that endures to this day.

In , the Arctic still held a mysterious allure for many explorers. The first sailing of a north-west passage was still a decade away, and the attainment of the North Pole a few years beyond that maritime landmark. Indeed, the Scottish Geographical Society's Franklin Commemoration put on a display beginning 4 June, touching upon both ends of the globe: The company then passed into the library to inspect the interesting collection of Franklin relics and objects connected with other Polar voyagers, both Arctic and Antarctic, which had been lent by various institutions and private contributors.

The exhibition was open daily during the remainder of the week, and proved a great attraction to many hundreds of visitors. European explorers conveyed their culture to the polar regions, right down to very personal items — like medals. The long and impressive list of widely varied artefacts and natural history items on public view contained notable medallic pieces. The primary object of the search was to follow up on recent Inuit reports that records and journals from the Franklin Expedition might still exist on King William Island.

On the western shore of the island, a grave built above ground with flat sandstone slabs was discovered by Klutschak. A skull and other human bones lay just outside it. During this long period it had even left a mark on the rock, and it provided definite proof as to the identity of the person buried here. At the bottom of the cross are obverse and reverse representations of his medal. The base below is carved with a relief showing crew members preparing to bury Irving, as a sledge bearing his body is dragged across the ice to shore.

The Erebus and Terror are shown beset in the background. Two Arctic Discovery medals. This was Lieutenant Colonel John Murray b. Polmaise Castle was his mansion in St. Ninians Parish, Stirlingshire. Presumably he displayed two medals in order to show the obverse and reverse designs. BY MR. Johns hailed from Penryn, Cornwall, and stepped aboard Erebus on 2 May , having been discharged from his last vessel the three-gun brig Pandora on 14 January He married Jemima Cooke just four months later in the parish of Gluvias.

Personal relics of Dr. Rae: Arctic Discovery medal, with clasps for , , , , and ; gold medal awarded by the Royal Geographical Society Arctic Medal —55 of Dr. Rae courtesy and copyright of the National Museums of Scotland Dr. Born an Orcadian, he became one of the most accomplished Arctic explorers of his day while working for the Hudson Bay Company. Though he did not have the edge engraved with his details, Rae had the upper point of the star reinforced, a straight suspender added, along with specially made up date clasps.

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Russian America & Polar Exploration: Highlights from the Martin Greene Library

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History, Theory, and Practice of the Electric Telegraph.

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