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Dry straw mulch will also help; remember to remove it in very early spring. Cold will also be a problem in zone 6 if you are trying to plant French or Spanish lavender, L. These tender beauties are strictly zone 8 to 9 material. That being said, consider also the dampness factor. Lavender needs very well drained soil.

It will die if its roots are kept wet no matter how warm it is. Pruners come in two basic styles, anvil and bypass. With anvil pruners, you have only one sharp cutting blade, which closes against a dull bed the anvil to sever whatever. Bypass types are more like scissors, with two sharp blades, one of which secures the branch while the other moves past it, cutting as it goes.

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Anvil pruners cannot be brought Bypass pruners come with all kinds of blade lengths and angles, with and without ergonomic handles, and in special versions of lefties. They also come in a wide price range, with the best-made costing two or three times as much as the cheapos. Fortunately, even the most expensive pruners cost less than dinner and a movie for two, so there is no reason to stint. Just remember the old saying: good tools make all tasks go lightly. This will let you go a bit longer between sharpening sessions. But those sessions are as important as the pruners themselves because it is absolutely essential to make clean cuts when you are pruning shrubs.

Wood that has been torn or crushed, as is guaranteed to happen if the pruners are not sharp, is literally an open invitation to disease. Clematis x 'Carnaby' Group 2. Clematis come in such wide variety that pruning them is a famously vexed question, yet most can be treated exactly like flowering shrubs. To complicate matters further, individual cultivars and individual plants! The ones that should have been pruned will simply produce fewer, smaller flowers, and they will be high on the plant. At the other extreme, clematis is tough.

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Finding out which group your plant belongs to should be easy, since most authorities label varieties by pruning group: either 1, 2, and 3, as above, or A, B, and C. The plant will tell you what you need to know. Group1 : This group comprises plants that flower on old wood. Some examples: C.

This may be all that is needed, but to be sure, try an experimental second pruning. As soon as the first flush of bloom is over, cut one or two stems down to strong buds that are about 2 feet from the ground. If this produces good results, prune all of them that way next year. Group 3 : This group comprises species and their hybrids that bloom on new growth, anytime from mid June to fall, some flowering repeatedly all summer long.

Way down. Down to a pair of fat, healthy buds that are about 12 inches from the ground 15 to 20 inches if the plant is an old, thick one.

Long Reach Pruners

How can I find out where they are? Sponsored by the Davey Tree Expert Company and published through American Forests, a private group founded in , the registry contains the location, heigh Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.

How to use tree pruners and branch saws

No, really. To use, simply place the palm of one hand around the adjustable lower grip and grab the handle on the end with the other. Now pull back as if using a bow and arrow — SNIP, offending branch removed in an effortless thrice. The SlimCut has two gears: a firm feel for short pulls — good for slim branches — and an easier-going gear that requires a longer stretch of the arms but is great for cutting through thicker branches. And all without having to stretch out your arms. If you do a lot of lopping in inaccessible areas, have short arms, or are a little frail in the muscular department, then this model comes highly recommended.

It will change your lopping life. A stalwart addition for your trimming needs. Shears are great for trimming hedges on the fly, general topiary duties and edging wayward grass around borders. However, this writer has found that some models are too heavy and large to wield about for long periods of time, especially with arms outstretched. By contrast, this pair of ultra lightweight Japanese-made shears are equipped with razor-sharp blades that are just the right length 14cm for regular use. The white oak handles, too, are relatively short and are sheathed in knobbly rubber that feels reassuringly grippy in the hands.

The blades themselves are made from SK steel a hardened alloy comprised of carbon and manganese , the preferred material of kitchen knife manufacturers. The Gardenas have two different jaw widths and come equipped with stainless steel blades coated in a high-grade plastic grip that feels silky smooth and extraordinarily comfy in the hand.

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As to be expected from a company renowned for its quality garden gear, they snip green stems and branches exceptionally well and are brightly coloured enough to stand out in the borders where you will inevitably leave them after a session in the rough.

These cool-looking bypass secateurs from power tool manufacturer Stihl are just the ticket for effortless pruning. The slim orange coloured grips fit perfectly in the hand while the smoothly textured, finger-shaped indents allow just the right amount of finger slippage when cutting thicker branches. The PG20s are equipped with two razor-sharp steel blades for snipping through stems and branches up to around 15mm in diameter. In the pantheon of standard manual pruners, the Stihls feel great in the hand, are extremely efficient and we love the look of that bright orange cladding.

We're bucking the non-powered trend in this instance and including a pair of battery-powered bypass secateurs that are definitely worth knowing about. Rather like an electric bicycle that adds powered assistance the harder you push on the pedals, these clever motorised secateurs provide motorised assistance only when the going gets tough. To put the theory to the test, we tried them out on a variety of branch widths and were frankly gobsmacked at how well they worked. Under normal circumstances when trimming slim green stems and branches of less than about 8mm in diameter they behave just like any pair of manual secateurs.

But as soon as you attempt to snip a branch of between 8mm and 25mm, a tiny motor kicks in to complete the task with effortless aplomb. The bizarre thing is that they give no real sense of adding any assistance. Sure, you can hear the motor whirring away but the effect is as if you'd suddenly developed superhuman powers. Before you know it, the offending branch is cut clean through.

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Despite the addition of a battery and other internal electronics, the EasyPrunes don't feel too ungainly though it must be said that they're much better suited to larger hands than smaller ones. If you have weak hand muscles or suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, these may just be the pruners to get you back into the flower bed.

This keenly-priced model measures 12 inches in total and is equipped with a seven-inch blade replete with etched measurements for planting seedlings and cuttings. The blade itself is concave shaped to shift soil in small measures and features a smooth edge on one side and a sharp serrated edge on the other.

The handle, meanwhile, is crafted from rosewood and feels reassuringly chunky in the hand. The whole thing packs away into a smart brown leather belt sheath for safety and easy access. Aside from the slim, easy-grip handles, this model is also equipped with two-stages of jaw width — 75mm for small delicate stems and mm for slim green branches. The combination of its SK5 steel blades and bypass cutting action, meanwhile, ensures green stems are cut with minimal bruising.

Gardena has really nailed the ergonomics with this excellent garden fork. Aside from being relatively light and shaped for better posture, its four flattened steel tines are tough enough to penetrate hard-packed earth, and gently curved and spaced just the right distance apart to lift large clods of earth in one go. Ratchet action secateurs are brilliant for cutting through tough branches up to 20mm in diameter. Simply place the carbon steel blades around the branch and perform the same hand pumping action you would employ with a normal pair of secateurs. The blade will cut only a few millimetres before resetting itself for the second, third and fourth cuts respectively.

And all without putting too much of a strain on the finger muscles. This model managed an even thicker branch of around 25mm though not without some struggle. Mind, the rotating finger grip a mechanism very similar to the Fiskars secateurs reviewed above was a massive help because the action does require having your hand outstretched.

Measuring just 98cm in length, this elegant, lightweight stainless steel digger is just the ticket for anyone of shorter stature. That sharp pointed tip is absolutely perfect for excavating hard-packed earth with minimum effort while its wide Y-shaped FSC-certified hardwood handle ensures a good level of comfort in the rough. Having been tested to a breaking strain of 90kgs, it's as tough as a boot, too. This short-scale, curved-blade model measures just In the pantheon of manual garden tools, Sneeboer manufactures some of the most desirable long- and short-handle manual tools on the market.

Aside from the high standard of authentic old-school craftsmanship, this rake is equipped with seriously sharp diamond-shaped tips that dig into hard packed ground with ease and without skating over the earth as would a more typically blunted model. The 1.

Power Pruner Accessories - Power Pole Pruners - Chainsaws

As Sneeboer tools are hand forged, there may be a short waiting time for your order to arrive. Just so you know. A leather hanging cord completes the package. This is an excellent piece of versatile garden kit that should provide years of effective hoeing and weeding. Grass edgers usually come in two varieties: smooth edge and serrated edge. It also carries a year guarantee. These Germanic grass scissors are a boon for trimming the edges of a small suburban lawn without having to reach for the electric strimmer.

Well handy. This is one of the most useful hand tools you can have in your horticultural armoury. For most grasses and weeds, simply draw the hooked blade backwards between the paving stones, or jab the hook end in and swivel the hardwood handle forwards to get rid of the most obstreperous weeds and grass roots. Gardening is a contact sport. The Garden Hound comes with an easy foot step and durable steel construction that will last for many spring seasons to come. The 8 ft x 4 ft structure has twin wall roof panels, crystal clear panels, an adjustable roof vent, and a durable galvanized base.

Gardening is tough on your nails. Fight back with the Garden Genie Gloves, which turn you into the Wolverine of gardening. Waterproof and flexible, these gloves allow you to dig, plant, rake, and more while keeping your hands looking like you spent the day inside. Make throwing out weeds, leaves, grass clippings and more easy on your back, hands and wrists with the NuVue Yard Scoop. The padded scoop lays flat to collect waste and can be folded to easily carry items to a trash bin.