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  1. UFO sightings in Thailand
  2. How Would Humans React to the Discovery of Alien Life?
  3. UFO sighting: 'Alien base on Mars' CONFIRMED in NASA archival photos - SHOCK claim

Additional work also being presented at the AAAS meeting looked at news stories reporting that the interstellar asteroid Oumuamua could be an alien spaceship—and the findings are the same.

Life is robust

More than respondents wrote down their anticipated reactions, which were analyzed in the same way as the news stories. I would find all the info online I could find. I would keep up with it until I saw pictures of the life.

Then, I'd probably lose interest," one person wrote. As before, the respondents used more words indicating positive emotions, both for themselves and for humanity as a whole. Lastly, the team asked a different set of approximately Amazon Mechanical Turk users to read two stories in The New York Times and write down their reactions.


UFO sightings in Thailand

One group read a story announcing the now known to be wrong finding of fossilized Martian microbes in a meteorite recovered from Antarctica, and the other read a story described the creation of synthetic life forms on Earth. As before, their responses were scored for positive or negative words, and as before, the responses were more positive than negative -- especially when it came to the alien microbes.

He notes that, for a few hectic days, it really seemed like Martian aliens had been found in Varnum and his colleagues say their results suggest that reactions to technological aliens are likely to be similarly positive.

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The work comes at a crucial time in astrobiological research, says psychologist Doug Vakoch , who works on crafting interstellar communiques with the Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence project, or METI. For one thing, Vakoch and others say, there are light-years of difference between acknowledging the presence of otherwise harmless microbes on the next planet over and being confronted with an advanced, technological alien race.

As well, reactions to living aliens, whether microbial or not, are likely to be quite different than reactions to fossils, which is the scenario the authors probed with stories about the Martian meteorite.

How Would Humans React to the Discovery of Alien Life?

An interview with a man claiming to be former Lockheed Martin scientist Boyd Bushman surfaced shortly after his death in August. In it, he goes into remarkable detail about his work at Area 51 and interactions with aliens, including photos like the one above.

Most incredibly, Bushman claims more than a dozen aliens currently work for the US government. As evidence for ancient Martians, this is about as strong as supporting the notion of gods living in the sky with last night's cloud that totally looked like a dude with a beard. Perhaps the easiest way to set conspiracy theorists afire is to send an unmanned Air Force space plane into orbit for two years and keep its mission and purpose classified.

UFO sighting: 'Alien base on Mars' CONFIRMED in NASA archival photos - SHOCK claim

Earlier this year, during the crazed, media-fueled search for the Malaysia Airlines jet that went missing, conspiracy theorists again jumped into the void. NASA has for the most part remained mum, but in the past astronauts have noted that light and other particles floating around space can play tricks on the eyes and photographic equipment.

This would seem to present all kinds of problems, but clearly most aliens seem to know what they're doing when it comes to this kind of thing. Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. Bones on Mars!