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Example Programs The Travelling Salesman An evolutionary program that finds quick solutions to a difficult routing problem. Langdon and Nicholas F. Features Multi-Threaded Evolution Engine - Takes advantage of parallelism to improve performance on multi-core and multi-processor machines. Non-Invasive - Objects of any type can be evolved without the evolvable class having to implement a particular interface or extend from a common base class.

This means that there are no restrictions on the implementation of the evolvable type and no dependencies on any framework classes. The evolvable type is completely decoupled. Alternatively, you can implement your own selection strategy quickly and easily. Flexible Evolution Schemes - The evolution process can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Use the provided operators, implement your own, or use a combination of both. Re-usable Operators for Common Types - Ready-to-use cross-over and mutation implementations are provided for several data types including bit strings, character strings, arrays and lists.

Island Model Evolution new in version 0. Steady-State Evolution new in version 0.


Evolution Strategies new in version 0. Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms - Support for user-guided selection makes the framework suitable for applictions in which defining an adequate fitness function is difficult, such as evolutionary art and evolutionary music. Distributed Processing - Support for distributed fitness evaluations using either Hadoop via the Apache Mahout project or Terracotta.

Swing Component Library - Re-usable components to simplify the building of graphical user interfaces for evolutionary programs.

Example Programs

Includes a generic Evolution Monitor component that provides information about a running evolutionary program. Unfortunately, his enthusiastic description of the process of circuit design was largely beyond me. I was able to glean two important facts: First, he used a computer aided design system. Second, his design was an enhancement of a previous design by another engineer, who based her design on an even earlier design, and so on; back through several decades. The engineer was also able to provide me with a very interesting pamphlet entitled A brief history of time-keeping.

This pamphlet traced the development of quartz clocks and watches back to a team of designers in the sixties.

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It went on to trace time-pieces in general back to the water-clocks of the ancient Greeks. It even contained a little speculation about the prehistoric people who built Stonehenge. The watch was the product of intelligent design and construction, but there was no single Watchmaker.

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The watch embodies the combined intelligence of countless entities over the course of millennia, from the geniuses who invented the semi-conductor, to the minuscule "intellect" of the silicon and quartz crystals, back to the Babylonian scribe who invented astronomy, and even the purely mechanical motions of the heavenly bodies that inspired him. Seeking respite from thoughts of watches and Watchmakers, I returned to the park. As I walked along, I found a flower.

Flowers in my experience do simply spring into existence. The flower grew from a seed, which grew on a flower, which grew from a seed, and so on. The flower is its own manufacturer. This makes the initial design of the flower all the more impressive. Before researching the Watchmaker, I might have supposed the flower had a single, super-human designer. With the Watchmakers firmly in mind, I contacted the nursery that produced the flower. A staff member described the process.

Steven Wilson - The Watchmaker (The Raven That Refused To Sing and other stories)

The flowers indeed grew from seeds. When I asked about the design of the flower, I was surprised to hear that they were a patented variety developed by a midwestern firm specializing in such things. A botanist developed this variety from existing varieties by selective breeding. The botanist knew what he wanted, but had no way of making the design changes directly.

The Watchmaker | Villains Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

There was also no way to communicate his desires directly to the plant. For that matter, there was no way for the plant to make the changes had there been a method of communication. There were small changes in each generation of plant, but these mutations were random. Together the botanist and the plants were able to make deliberate, intelligent changes through a process similar to a game of twenty questions.

The variations in each new generation were the previous generation's way of asking "How should I change? In times past, gardeners made it a practice to save seeds from the best flowers to use in planting next year's garden. In hindsight, I saw that this was a kind of selective breeding. Again the development was a cooperative effort between humans, and the existing varieties of flower. The gardeners had only a general idea of what they wanted, namely better flowers. The variety still asked the question "How should I change?

There was a blight at the turn of the century that nearly caused this species of flower to become extinct in North America. Video DVD. AU August 23rd, Warren Nunn August 31st, It is not possible to include everything in one article. That is why we provide so many articles free on this website.


The search engine works well, so enjoy browsing. Robert W. US August 20th, Great teaching article, more valuable each time it is read and evaluated. For an inanimate object with motion, the watch is amazing.

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Telling us when to start, when to stop, when it is too early and too late, and when we're right on time. It's designer put the pieces together And then gave it power. Paley did not have the benefit of seeing the industrial revolution IR. He, like Newton, Martin Luther, King James and The Apostles of Jesus Christ and on back through time, saw the designer of the universe clearly with a heart that imagined. Coupled with a mind that listened and learned. Fast-forwarding to this day, we read the history of the IR and consider modern technology which duplicates by the nano second, so that now we ask; Do we have "time" to imagine, listen, and learn the base things?

And the basest of all things is the first thought of the "designer", who thoroughly imagined the watch in its final form within his minds eye, and how awe-struck we should be that The Designer Of The Universe would not only design, but create in complexity the things we see, feel and touch. Not overlooking the power sources, not failing to love His Creation, and then to give us "the time of day". It is "time" to listen and learn. Chris B. CA August 19th, All the folly of man will fall away but wisdom and truth remain.

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