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Although we are told little about that historic struggle it is evident that Wales' security is still under threat 43 years after the event. The action is largely set in Carmarthen and Myddfai although there are international ramifications and rumblings are heard as far away as Eastern Europe as the perfidious Anglo Saxon plot to undermine the Welsh body politic unravels.

The labyrinthine plot unfolds over pages steering the reader on a roller coaster ride of conspiracy and intrigue.

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The whole affair ends with a spectacular international embarassment for the English parliament which is described in the following terms In Rome, the Italian President actually there were two that day but the first one had got back into power by the end of the TV broadcast threw up his hands and declared a holiday so that everyone could have a laugh at the British Prime Minister. There are many humorous touches scatered throughout the book. Special agent Wyndham contacts HQ on his 'Blackcurrant' mobile phone. There is a thriving green tea plantation in Beddgelert and we discover that much of south west Wales is criss-crossed by a secret underground railway network the existence of which is known only to agents of the WBI.

The book is a must for all Cymruphiles with a taste for the whimsical and bizarre. Americymru: What is the significance of the title?

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Why Carmarthen? Gaynor: I had a plan to go to Cork in Ireland and I thought it might be fun and polite to try and learn a few words of Erse. As I was flicking through it, I came across the Welsh section where there was a phrase "Is there an underground train in Carmarthen? This struck me as very funny and a friend said it would make a good book title. Some time later, still not having made it to Cork, I sat down at my PC and started typing. I knew I had to have a first line or paragraph that would hold people's attention, but, at that point, I had really no idea of what the story would be.

Americymru: How would you describe the book to a potential reader? Gaynor: It's a light-hearted and warm-hearted mystery or thriller with, I hope, the potential to amuse, divert and inform to some degree. Beneath the humour, there lies a message that Wales is a separate nation with a rich history and we should not be ignored.

Thames What happens when the housing business turns deadly? Real estate lawyer David Friedman was halfway up the career ladder when the crash of took down the housing market.


Carmarthen to Wembley Central Underground Station - 4 ways to travel

Now he has just one year to prove himself as a potential partner before his job goes under. Ruthless real estate developer Frank O'Reilly is a dream client, and he may just be Friedman's only shot at making partner. Despite being involved in dozens of [ I had a marvelous time reading Unlikely Soldiers and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

It's most highly recommended. She's the woman he jilted years ago. When he returns to England with evil and magically corrupted Viking priests on his heels bent on murder and theft, Rook realizes his more dangerous challenge may be winning back the woman he still loves; Jessamy Powers.

Hell bent on keeping her safe from a secret she never even knew she held, chaos and blood follow their every step. But, she isn't the [ Rockefeller The fascinating true story of ancient Britain's greatest heroine -- now told in both Welsh and English in one bilingual volume! In 43 CE Roman conquest of Britannia seems all but certain -- until a chance meeting between King Prasutagus of the Iceni and a runaway slave of royal decent from the Aedui tribe in Gaul changes the fate of the British islands forever.

Perfect for students of both Welsh and English, improve your [ Fake Baked by N.

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Williams Conman Bryn Jones longs to pull the ultimate scam. Having studied the hustles of the greatest conman of all time - Victor Lustig, Bryn sets about planning a con that will go down in history. But when an insurance fraud goes wrong, Bryn gets caught up in the murky world of drug dealing and the even dirtier world of the fast-tan business. With time running out, Bryn and his team select the marks and begin a con that will [ Rockefeller Pam fod cigfran y Modron yn crochlefain? Dim ond Prydeinwyr gyda rhyddid yn eu calon sy'n gwybod!

Yn 43 OC mae Rhufain bron yn sicr o'u concwest dros Brydain - nes i Prasutagus, Brenin yr Iceni, ddigwydd cyfarfod caethforwyn o dras frenhinol llwyth yr Aedui yng Ngal wedi iddi ddianc oddi wrth ei meistres Rufeinig. Newidiodd y cyfarfod hwn dynged Ynys Prydain am byth.

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Safwch dros ryddid gyda stori wir Buddug: Brenhines Iceni [ The Rent Man is riven with deliciously black humour and the almost touchable caustic atmosphere of decaying urban Wales. Swansea is just one British port in the grip of the ruthless Rent Man Gang. If you have Kindle, you might prefer to download it from www.

The prologue can be read by clicking on the appropriate link on the left of the page. It is for sale online in paperback or from Smashwords. Having worked in the City of London for some years, she now divides her time between London and Carmarthen.

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Carmarthen is easily reached by road M4 or by rail. Local trains go to Swansea, where they link with intercity trains to London. There are also direct trains from Carmarthen to Manchester and Cheltenham.