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Guide to Driving In Italy - Drive Safe in Italy

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Stephen Keeling. Emma Jones. Click to enlarge. Rules of the road. There are no specific laws for towing a vehicle. The police will rely on you using common sense in making sure others are aware of your actions. Speed limit signs are in black numbers inside red circles on a white background. Fixed speed cameras and mobile radar traps are becoming prevalent in Italy, some say mainly as a revenue source. If caught by a fixed camera, the ticket will be sent to your home address or via the car hire company which may charge an admin fee to pass it on. It's illegal to use a mobile phone without a hands free device in Italy.

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An on the spot fine applies if you contravene the rules. Traffic lights follow the Vienna Convention. You can only turn on a red light if an illuminated arrow indicates so. You'll sometimes see flashing amber which means you should proceed with caution, usually indicating a problem ahead. Milan has a congestion charge of five euros for cars.

There are dozens of toll roads in Italy but they aren't hugely expensive. Locals have electronic devices in their cars to deduct tolls automatically, but tourists can pay by cash or credit card at the toll booths. See our guide to toll roads in Italy here. Send to friend. Please enter email address. Please enter an email address. Please enter some message text. Police: Fire: Ambulance: Parking Information Parking regulations. Parking regulations. Parking is known as Parcheggio.

It is best to park outside the walls of the main villages as the roads inside can be very narrow. If you find a parking lot it is usually a good idea to just park as a lot of time can be wasted looking for a better spot. You can only park in the direction of travel unless it's a one way street in which case you can park on either side of the road as long as there is a three metre gap for cars to get through.

Blue parking signs indicate areas in cities where you must pay. Between certain hours and often on Sundays you can park for free. Where the parking duration is restricted, you'll find blue lines on the road and signs will give you the details. Ticket payment is usually at a machine nearby.

Enforcement of parking is done by the police and you may find you are clamped as well as fined.

Driving Laws in Italy

The cost for removal of clamps is expensive so be careful where you park. If you are causing an obstruction you may be towed away. Parking fines will set you back about 70 Euros. Emergency Information Emergency Information. The emergency number in Italy is the European standard for the police, fire and ambulance.

Italy's Dolomites Region: The Complete Guide

If you break down on a motorway, you should use the emergency telephones which will give you access to a mechanic or to the emergency services if required. If you're involved in an accident, minor damage can be resolved between the two parties. If it is major or if someone is injured you must call the police and, if appropriate, the ambulance. You should photograph the scene and if possible, leave the vehicles in position until the police arrive. They will issue a copy of their report which needs to be given to your car hire company. Road Signs.

See all road signs in Italy here.

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