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You were a very unique individual and always in search of what you could never find. I hope now that you have found it. I will never forget all the stories of your life, the good and the bad. You have been through more than most could ever handle, so i will not be sad that you have gone, just happy that you lived, and never will i feel guilty to sit and laugh when i think of you. Our frienship and stories and the times we shared will always remain in my heart Kendra Petty, March 30, "cuddin pete" is what we called each other most off the time.

He was full of life, youth, and fun. He was adventurous and daring, but loveable too. I love you all and share in your grief, time heals. To many years. While we struggle to find the "right" words to convey our sorrow for your loss we also know that Deanie has been set free. He is with others that love him as you have. He has left this world only to be delivered to another. Deanie has left behind a legacy of fine memories that will forever shine on your lives. May God bless you, your family, and Deanie.

Keith Woodson, March 30, My prayers will be with the family. I loved to hang out with Ronnie, He would make me smile everytime I seen him. Love him to pieces!! Penny McCarty, March 30, We are very sorry to hear of your loss. Your family is in our prayers during this time. My God grant peace to your Family in this time of need. May the stars carry your sadness away, May the flowers fill your heart with beauty, May hope forever wipe away your tears, And, above all, may silence make you strong.

You will strengthen me and help me; You will uphold me with Your righteous right hand. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. From Lamentations Blessings for the whole! Ronnie was such a talented person, he could fix anything and build anything. The political right was appalled. And Washington was open for it. They were delighted. And, yes, it bothered the true believers.

It bothered some of the Californians. But I think it was ultimately a very smart thing. It was the same kind of thing as picking Jimmy Baker, even though the longtime Reagan people were very unhappy about that. Jimmy Baker made it possible, in my opinion, for Reagan to have two terms.

He had the street smarts about this town that none of us had. I think he was the one who doped it out in his mind that things would be much easier for them if they did give themselves a chance to spread some of that charm which came so naturally to them. He sussed everybody out before they met the Reagans. It was brilliant. She was the little girl with her nose pressed up against the candy-store window. Neither Deaver nor Nancy Reagan, however, was merely social climbing.

And in the long term their social strategy was successful, partially because the so-called enemy was no longer quite what it had been. Joe Alsop certainly was not. His brother Stewart was not at all liberal. I was liberal when I was young, but rather centrist in my grown-up period. That unrelenting earnestness of Democrats, particularly of Democrats who have made it, just really gets to be tedious after a while. No issue, no conversation, is too ephemeral not to try to draw the eternal verities from it.

Deaver was assisted in his bipartisan social approach by Muffie Brandon, the wife of London Sunday Times correspondent Henry Brandon and herself a Democrat. These lunches for six or eight women soon became the talk of the town. It was the damnedest thing. I was standing at the door. Ted Graber was with her, and all the Secret Service, and we just automatically embraced.

It was instantaneous liking. Because we were sure that nobody would ever understand our friendship. The lunches would go on for about three hours. I think we had one at the White House. You talk about a range of things—what they were sensitive about, or what was the press doing to them, or, you know, what the Post maybe was saying. On March 30, , 70 days into the presidency, while Ronald Reagan was giving a speech to 3, members of the A. The group had already attended a morning reception at the Phillips Collection, and Mrs.

Reagan decided to leave the lunch early.

Ronnie Self, II, MD

It was pretty scary. One of the six Devastator bullets fired outside the Hilton by John W. Hinckley Jr. Another Secret Service agent, Jerry Parr, pushed the president into the limousine as the driver took off for the White House. It was only when Reagan began coughing up blood that Parr ordered the driver to head to George Washington University hospital. The bullet had come within three inches of his heart. David Gens, one of the surgeons who helped treat Reagan, later said. But none of us knew it. Reagan returned to the White House 12 days later, wearing a red cardigan sweater over a bulletproof vest.

For three weeks his schedule was limited to two morning meetings, one with the Troika and one with the National Security Council N. The only outside visitor he had during this period was Terence Cardinal Cooke, who flew from New York and spent an hour with him on Good Friday. The plan was based on supply-side economics, the theory that tax cuts stimulate the economy and lead to increased revenues in the long term.

Meet The Owner- Ronnie Sidney II

If Reagan seemed invincible in the aftermath of the shooting, his wife seemed to become weaker and more out of touch. Her weight slipped from pounds to less than In the eyes of many journalists, she could do no right. And it happened to be Nancy. In May she gave a dinner for Prince Charles in the private dining room on the second floor of the White House. But here, as you know, all hell broke loose. The president was so sweet that night. In July, Mrs. The British press ridiculed her six-car motorcade of Secret Service men and her failure to curtsy to the Queen.

Although the Lenox China Company was paid by the Knapp Foundation of Maryland, the donor was not named in the original announcement. As you can imagine, the columnists and cartoonists had a field day with that one.


By the end of , Nancy Reagan had the highest disapproval rating of any First Lady in modern times. From mid to late , the country went through the worst recession since the Great Depression. Federal Reserve Board chairman Paul Volcker kept interest rates at record-high levels in order to force inflation down from As the newly homeless moved into the streets and parks of major cities, polls showed that 52 percent of Americans felt Reagan favored the rich. Reagan the day after she returned to Washington from her first tour of drug-rehabilitation centers, in February Nancy does not like smoking.

So please honor that. And there was Nancy sitting in a haze. The venue was the Gridiron Dinner, an annual event put on by a club of 60 print journalists for Washington power players. Traditionally the president and First Lady attend the dinner, which is essentially a roast of them. Tate says that she proposed having Mrs. But that summer, shortly after the Reagans returned from a tour of European capitals, including an audience with the Pope, the First Lady was hit with two terrible blows: the deaths of her stepfather on August 19 and of Alfred Bloomingdale the very next day.

Michael Deaver recalls that Nancy Reagan was with Dr. She could not let go. I could never get over the gap in perceptions between Ronald Reagan and the rest of the world when it came to Nancy. We all thought of her as a demanding and somewhat aloof person. But in his adoring eyes she was the sweetest, gentlest, most wonderful person in the world.

Some of us did a good deal of speculating as to why this was so. Our best theory was that Ronald Reagan intended to make this marriage work no matter what. Although he never said so, we sensed that the breakup of his first marriage was one of the great disappointments of his life.

It appeared he had made up his mind that this would never happen to him again and as a consequence he gave in to Nancy more than he might have otherwise. He was infinitely patient with her and only on the rarest of occasions would blow up at her—but then it could be in front of a staffer. Only once was I witness to it in the White House. She was relentlessly pursuing the ouster of a person and badgering the President mercilessly. I saw them every day after hours up in their private quarters.

He never came in without kissing her hello, and he never left for the office in the morning without kissing her good-bye. One year later an impoverished Vicki Morgan, whose lawsuit had been thrown out of court, was murdered by her homosexual roommate, Marvin Pancoast, who died in jail years later of aids.

She knows what a friend is. It was a good combination. Whatever else happened, I knew nothing about. Over the next six years Betsy Bloomingdale would probably stay at the White House more than any other Reagan friend. In fact, remarkably few friends were asked to stay overnight by the Reagans.

Among those who did spend a night or two were Bob Hope, the Reverend Billy Graham, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Houston oil-and-gas tycoon Oscar Wyatt and his wife, Lynn, who tells me that the first time they stayed over was after a dinner for Prince Rainier of Monaco. Both women had been appointed trustees of the Kennedy Center by President Reagan, and were in Washington for a board meeting. You have to take a picture of me. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. Richard Davis, and his wife and children, were usually there. Everyone took a turn.

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Including the president. Including Nancy. I just felt, here were these two superpowers sitting here, and it was silly not to get together. During the first two years of his administration, he launched the most massive military buildup ever in peacetime, including deployment of the new B-1 bomber and MX long-range missile system, and he declared that he would stick to a decision made during the Carter administration to install medium-range Pershing II missiles in nato countries in order to counter the SS missiles which the Soviets had introduced into Eastern Europe.

He instituted what came to be called the Reagan Doctrine, whereby the C. They saw that the policies and the man were one. No other politician could give a speech like that. The difference is, Ron had a message to communicate, as well as the ability to communicate it. I sat there almost purring, because I was so thrilled.

Not everyone was purring. Opposition to the Pershing II missiles was so great in Europe that it threatened to split nato. By that fall, East-West tensions were at their highest since the Cuban missile crisis. In September the Soviets shot down a Korean Air Lines passenger plane that had strayed over Siberia, killing people. In October, U. Marines were killed in Beirut by a car bomb driven into their barracks by a Shiite Muslim extremist.

Four days later the United States invaded Grenada, which the Reagan administration claimed was being turned into a mini-Cuba. Pershing II missiles by a vote of to The next day the Soviets walked out of the Geneva arms talks, which had been initiated two years earlier to negotiate an Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces I.

But when he called them an evil empire, half the State Department almost revolted, because this was undiplomatic. But Brezhnev was already ill, and died in November For them, the Evil Empire business was a daily mantra. For Reagan it was a tactic. The official stance of the Administration was that there would be no summit meeting between the leaders of the Soviet Union and our country until the Soviets took concrete steps on human rights and arms control. I need to All Doctors. Make An Appointment.

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