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I have achieved excellent results, have enthusiasm for my subject, and care passionately about the welfare of my students. At the end of the class, the boy told me he had just experienced the most interesting and enjoyable lesson ever and he wished he had chosen to study my subject.

Yet teaching has blighted my life. It has ripped out my soul, eaten me up and spat me back out. I am no longer the carefree, garrulous individual I once was.

Wishes and unreal past: games for advanced students - Lesson Plans Digger

It has robbed me of my health, it has robbed me of my self-worth and, most importantly, it nearly robbed me of my life. The media is full of stories about the pressures of teaching. We are all too aware of the long hours, continual monitoring, obsession with data, observations and dreaded Ofsted inspections. What concerns me most, however, is the negative response to teachers when they have been signed-off work with mental health issues.

I have overheard too many derogatory comments about fellow teachers who are signed off sick with stress, or depression and anxiety.

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I have sat in back-to-work interviews that are no more than a tick-box exercise with the occasional platitude thrown in for good measure. I have observed a lack of compassion and a lack of willingness to address the problems that have caused a teacher to be signed off sick with mental health problems in the first place. It is no surprise that I felt that I could not share that I too was struggling with depression and anxiety. I knew also that there was little that the school could — or would — do to help me. I have also noticed over the years that the teachers who experience mental health problems are often the best in the school.

They have tried to hold onto some autonomy and preserve the methods and teaching style that works best for them and their students. They often do not toe the line. These teachers are unique; they motivate and inspire, and are the best the profession has. Too many good teachers are off work due to stress, too many are just surviving thanks to anti-depressants, too many are self medicating with alcohol and too many teachers have succumbed to the illness and killed themselves.


Something has to be done. I am speaking out because I want to play some small part in getting people to take notice and acknowledge that a solution needs to be found. And if you are interested in more, you should follow our Facebook page where we share more about creative, non-boring ways to teach English.

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Four scientific ways teachers can cope with stress

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    Secret Teacher: teaching robbed me of my health – and nearly my life

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