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An old pink thing lacking one eye, with his good one he gazed.


Frere Jacques - Kids Environment Kids Health - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Were I to tell this to acquaintances they would brand him senile. His little carboniferous eyes glinted. He was not clean.

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A kid bucked and sprang. I asked him how long a goat lives. He stared, shrugged, and up the slope of wonder intoned,.

French – Frere Jacques / Are You Sleeping?

I asked how many in his herd, and discussed income. I started to turn over figures in my alien mind, doing. He watched me. He knew what I was thinking, and what I was going to propose. Monsieur , he chuckled, NO one needs more than eighty goats!

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All rights reserved. Source: M and other poems TriQuarterly Books, More Poems by John Peck. Medley of the Cut. A Twenty-fourth Poem about Horses. Monthly Newsletter.

Frère Jacques

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