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Frame Tray Boxed Wooden Floor. Boxed 3D Jigsaw Accessories. Brain Teasers Educational. Action Animals Collectibles. Amusements Gadgets Jewellery. Animals Characters Classic. Hansen has stated that Leatherface is "completely under the control of his family. He'll do whatever they tell him to do. He's a little bit afraid of them". The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a direct sequel to the film. Tobe Hooper said on The Shocking Truth that he wanted to expand on the dark comedy in the original film, an element that he felt no one truly picked up on.

In this film, Leatherface develops a "crush" on one of his victims and, in one scene, skins off the face of her friend while alive and places it on her to hide her from the rest of his family. At the end of the film, he apparently dies in an explosion. Leatherface is affectionately called "Junior" by the members of his family. The filmmakers attempted to make the series darker and grittier like the original, but interventions from the MPAA quashed their vision and had them tone it down and change the ending.

An uncut version was released in In this film, Leatherface is given a new family, including a daughter. In this film, Leatherface appears much more aggressive and violent than in previous installments, a trait intentionally added, as it is explained on the audio commentary that Leatherface was in a childlike mode in the first two films and now he has reached the rebellious teen mode. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation apparently takes place in its own continuity, although the original film is mentioned in the opening prologue , in the same prologue it also references the other sequel films, as "two minor, yet apparently related inncidents".

This is the lowest rated film of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. The film features Leatherface as a yelping, pizza -eating transvestite involved in an Illuminati conspiracy to provide society a source of horror and, again, with a different family. In part 4, Leatherface is reverted to his original self, a screaming mentally ill killer with an identity problem. He seems even more feminine than his character in the original film, wearing a female face mask and a Gein-like female skin suit, a woman's dress, make-up, even painting his fingernails.

Texas Chainsaw 3D is a direct sequel to the original film and starts immediately after Sally Hardesty's escape. Sheriff Hooper arrives right after the extended Sawyer family gather to the house with shotguns, in which the sheriff demands Drayton, now revealed to be Leatherface's father, hand over Leatherface. Drayton attempts to justify his and "Jed's" actions by arguing that the characters from the first film were trespassing, but ultimately the family agrees to give him "Jed", with Drayton scolding him for letting Sally escape.

Just as they prepare to send Leatherface out to Sheriff Hooper, a group of townspeople led by Burt Hartman shoot up the house, killing nearly all of the Sawyer clan before burning the house down with a Molotov cocktail , killing all but "Leatherface", his cousin, Loretta Sawyer, and her baby. Loretta, wounded via a gunshot, attempts to receive help from one of the townspeople, only to be killed and have her baby taken. In the prequel, Leatherface , his background is explored further.

He initially recoiled at his family's crimes, but later agreed to participate. After helping his family kill Sheriff Hartman's daughter, he was taken to a mental institution where he was renamed Jackson. When Verna comes to visit him, a riot breaks out. Jackson and other patients Isaac, Clarice, and Bud escape, along with their nurse Elizabeth as a hostage. During the flight, everyone but Jackson and Elizabeth are killed. After Elizabeth sought help from a police officer, Jackson was shot through his cheeks by Hartman, caught, and hung by a chain.

The Sawyers rescue him, sewing his injured cheeks together, bounding them with a muzzle. He is then pressured to kill Hartman and Elizabeth. He uses the top half of Hartman's face and the bottom half of Elizabeth's to make his first mask. In all of his appearances, Drayton is an antagonist and appears to be the head of the Sawyer Family. He is the older brother of Leatherface and the rest of the family. He also gets mad at Leatherface for ruining the house. Drayton's name wasn't mentioned until the second film; the first simply referred to him as "the Cook" and "the Old Man".

His personality disorder has been discussed by Tobe Hooper several times, like on the audio commentary for 's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Drayton often bickers with the rest of his brothers and is abusive towards them.

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Although Drayton appears to be the head of the household , his brothers often mock and antagonize him and his authority. Drayton Sawyer made his debut appearance in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre , in which he first appears as the mild-mannered, middle-aged proprietor of the Last Chance Gas Station, a rural Gulf Oil gas station and barbecue shop with an unnamed car door window washer as an employee , where a group of teenagers stop for fuel while passing through the area.

He tells the teenagers that he has no gas for their van because he is supposedly waiting for the tanker truck to show up with fuel. When he learns that the teenagers destination is an abandoned house near his property, he casually advises the youths against going around there. Drayton's malevolent nature is revealed later in the film, when he beats Sally Hardesty Marilyn Burns unconscious and captures her after she approaches him seeking help when her friends disappear and her brother Franklin Paul A.

Partain is killed by Leatherface. Having been chased by Leatherface previously, she is highly hysterical after her shocking experience. Taking Sally to his home, Drayton torments her alongside his brothers, Leatherface Gunnar Hansen and the Hitchhiker Edwin Neal , before deciding to let the family patriarch, Grandpa John Dugan , kill her. When Grandpa proves too decrepit to kill Sally with a hammer, Drayton, the Hitchhiker and Leatherface attempt to aid him, but only succeed in losing grasp on Sally, who flees out a window. Drayton is the only one of the three active members of the family who does not pursue Sally, choosing instead to stay behind with Grandpa.

The more humane side of Drayton is revealed during the so-called "dinner scene" when he states: "I just can't take no pleasure in killing" after the Hitchhiker accuses him of doing nothing but cooking for the family while he and Leatherface do all the killing, which explains why Drayton beat and captured Sally rather than killing her. In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 , Drayton reappears, now he and his family are living in an abandoned amusement park in Dallas called Texas Battle Land , due to the intense police investigation sparked by the events of the first film, with what remains of his family, Leatherface Bill Johnson , Chop Top Bill Moseley and Grandpa Ken Evert.

Now a two-time award-winning chili cook selling his meat at a chilli cook-off dismissing the bones and teeth as peppercorns , Drayton appears far more unhinged than in the previous film, happily joining in on his family's murderous frenzies, which previously disturbed him somewhat. In public, Drayton displays a folksy and happy personality, but alone with his family, he displays his deranged mental disease and is very abusive with them. Drayton presumably dies, off-screen, at the end of the film, when, during the fight between Leatherface and Lieutenant "Lefty" Enright Dennis Hopper , he is accidentally struck by Leatherface and the hand grenade he is holding planning to commit suicide and destroy the hideout with explodes prematurely.

The only reference of Drayton made in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III was when Sawyer brother Tinker gives a large chromed chainsaw he crafted to Leatherface as a gift, on the saw's blade he engraved a quote of Drayton's from the second film "The saw is family".

Sawyer Mountain Highlands

In Topps Comics ' comic miniseries Jason vs. Leatherface , Drayton, only identified by the name Cook Slaughter, appears as a main character. After Leatherface and the Hitchhiker bring Jason Voorhees , the main antagonist of the Friday the 13th franchise home, Drayton befriends him and inducts him in as an unofficial member of the Sawyer family.

The comics expand on Drayton's back story , revealing that, though he aspires to gain fame and fortune using his culinary skills in the city, he stays in the Texan backwoods due to a vow he made to his younger sister Velma on her deathbed, promising he would always look after her children, the Hitchhiker and Leatherface. The comics imply that he is both their father and uncle and they were merely adopted and treated by him as brothers: they suggest that Leatherface and Hitchhiker were born of incest between Drayton and Velma Sawyer as they refer to Velma as having been both their sister and mother.

The comics also portray Drayton as much more apathetic and lax towards his relatives murdering of people, with him, at one point, stating that he wishes the Hitchhiker and Jason, who had just delivered to him a freshly killed couple, had brought him some children as well "their meat's so much more tender Drayton is also seen wearing an apron which reads "Kiss the Cook" throughout the series. When Sheriff Hooper arrives at the Sawyer house from which Sally escaped earlier that day, Drayton comes out with a shotgun and tries justifying his family's actions by arguing that the characters from the first film were trespassing.

Drayton is accompanied by Grandpa, two older male relatives named Boss Sawyer and Bear Sawyer, four unidentified gunmen and a younger woman named Loretta, who holds a baby named Edith-Rose Sawyer. Boss tries convincing Drayton to give Leatherface, whose real name is Jedidiah, to Hooper.

Drayton argues that Jed is family, but Boss retorts that "the boy is simple," to which Bear agrees. Drayton gives in, and Boss informs Hooper that they are bringing out Jed. Drayton goes to Leatherface's room and scolds him for attracting the police. Before he can be brought out, local residents of Newt led by Burt Hartman, arrive and burn down the house. Drayton is apparently shot to death. In , Edith-Rose, who survived, was adopted, and renamed Heather Miller, walks through the Sawyer cemetery at her grandma Verna's house, and one of the gravestones has Drayton's name on it.

Edwin Neal portrays him as a mentally unstable and murderous cannibal and grave robber ; he lives with his equally depraved family, the Sawyers, in the back roads of Texas , capturing, torturing, and feasting on unwary travelers. The character also has a bizarre speech impediment and a large port-wine stain birthmark on the right side of his face.

His speech impediment came from the actor who portrayed him, Edwin Neal, who played the Hitchhiker as someone who suffered from schizophrenia. Nubbins first appears in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre walking along a road, where he is picked up by a group of friends traveling through the area, who feel sorry for him having to walk in the heat.

The group ask him what he was doing out there and he tells them that he was "over at the slaughterhouse " where he and " his brother " and "his grandfather" used to work and shows them pictures of him and his family killing the cattle while telling them a story about how headcheese comes from the cows there when their heads are melted, all the while attempting to get them to drop him off at his home and even inviting them to dinner.

The Hitchhiker soon begins acting erratically after being given back the photographs by the disgusted travelers, slashing his own hand with a pocket knife ; after Franklin Hardesty Paul A. Partain refuses to buy a picture he took of him, the Hitchhiker sets the photo on fire and slashes Franklin's arm with a straight razor before being kicked out of the van.

The Hitchhiker briefly chases after the van, kicking, yelling and smearing a bloody hand print on it, but soon relinquishes his attack on it. The film later identifies Nubbins as one of the brothers of the main villain of the film, Leatherface Gunnar Hansen and of Drayton Sawyer Jim Siedow , as well as one of the family members of a mentally unstable and murderous family of cannibals. It's also revealed that he was the one responsible for the grave robbings mentioned at the beginning of the film. Eventually deciding to kill Sally, Nubbins, Drayton and Leatherface are at first content to allow their highly regarded Grandpa John Dugan to do so, but when Grandpa proves unable to kill Sally with a hammer, Nubbins and his brothers become impatient and over-eager in trying to help him, Nubbins forgets to keep a hold on Sally, allowing her break free of their grasp and jump out a nearby window; as Sally flees, Nubbins and Leatherface give chase to her, with the Hitchhiker catching up to her on a road.

While slashing Sally with a knife , an wheeler [8] fast approaches him. Not noticing this, he continues to try to kill Sally. He soon hears the honking of the truck but is too late to get out of the way as he watches in horror as the truck runs him over, killing him. Deleted scenes shows Nubbins' corpse lying in the road, his dislodged jaw spewing blood.

After the events of the film, Nubbins' remains were gathered and turned into a mummified puppet, seen in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. The corpse is treated as if he's still alive, and is most often seen with his twin brother, Chop Top. Nubbins' pouch contains a grenade, which Drayton uses to blow up the family's lair after Lieutenant Lefty Enright infiltrates their home.

In the Jason vs. Leatherface Topps Comics ' miniseries, the Hitchhiker bearing only a minor resemblance to his film counterpart appears as a main character. Encountering Jason Voorhees the main villain of the Friday the 13th franchise in the woods near the Sawyer house, the Hitchhiker, after seeing Jason non-lethally disarm Leatherface after a brief skirmish and decapitate a man he and Leatherface were chasing, befriends him and takes him home, where Jason is inducted as an unofficial member of the family by Drayton.

After a fight happens between Jason and the family, the Hitchhiker "kills" Jason by bashing him in the head with a hammer. The miniseries expands upon the Hitchhiker's character, revealing that he owns a pet dog named Sparky whom he killed by shooting in the head and treats as if it were still alive and that he creates furniture and sculptures out of corpses. The miniseries also showed the extent of the Hitchhiker's abuse of Leatherface whom the Hitchhiker constantly bullies for little or no reason although he apparently respects Leatherface's prowess at frightening and killing people, as he laments to Jason.

The comics also hint that the Hitchhiker, as well as Leatherface, were born of incest , with Drayton's younger sister Velma being implicated as being their sister and mother. He then informs his family and they attack the newly stranded people. The Hitchhiker's bizarre birth mark also changes shape several times throughout the comics, at one point it takes the form of a swastika and a lightning bolt.

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After "killing" Jason, the Hitchhiker's brother Drayton called Cook Slaughter in the comics implicates that the Hitchhiker killed his own cousin named Emery with a two-by-four after a losing a game of checkers, to which the hitchhiker replies "He shouldn't have laughed at me".

Director Tobe Hooper stated on the audio commentary for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 that Grandpa is kept alive by drinking the blood of his family's victims. Snippets of Grandfather's history prior to the events of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films occur throughout the series; it is revealed that Grandfather was originally a worker at a slaughterhouse whose skills at killing and butchering cattle were unmatched. After new technology was implemented in abattoirs , Grandfather quit his job due to "the shame".

Grandfather later apparently settled down with the unnamed Grandma and began a family, the cannibalistic Sawyers how they became cannibalistic is never revealed, though it is implied that they resorted to cannibalism in order to survive starvation , because the family was already poor when Grandpa and the rest of his family quit working. He is first seen briefly during Leatherface's chase scene, where heroine Sally Hardesty Marilyn Burns approaches him seeking help but assumes he is dead when she sees how old he is.

Later after Sally is captured by his grandchildren, Drayton Jim Siedow , Leatherface Gunnar Hansen and the Hitchhiker Edwin Neal , Grandfather is taken from the second floor of the house and brought to her by them. Leatherface proceeds to slash Sally's finger and forces it into Grandpa's mouth, so he can suck her blood proving that he is, in fact, alive , an event that causes Sally to fall unconscious. Some time after Sally is awakened, Drayton, Leatherface and the Hitchhiker decide to allow Grandpa to end her life through the use of a hammer; due to his advanced age, Grandpa is largely incapable of using the hammer efficiently and continues to drop it.

The hassle that ensues with Grandfather's continued dropping of the hammer and his grandchildren's over-eagerness to help him allows Sally to break free of the Sawyer family and jump out a window, though he and Drayton do not attempt to follow her. Grandpa Ken Evert , now years old, later appears in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 , inhabiting an abandoned theme park named the "Texas Battle Land" with what remains of his family; when the film's heroine, Vanita "Stretch" Brock Caroline Williams , is captured by his grandson Chop Top Bill Moseley , Grandpa is brought forth to kill her in the same way he tried to do to Sally with help from Chop Top, unlike in the first film here he actually lands a hit, though he succeeds in only causing a minor head wound to her with a sledgehammer and a second wound caused by an impatient Drayton.

When Lieutenant William "Lefty" Hardesty Enright Dennis Hopper , the film's male protagonist, engages in a chainsaw duel with Leatherface Bill Johnson , Grandfather attempts to aid his grandson by throwing a hammer at his opponent, only to hit Leatherface instead and subsequently fall to the floor which alludes the first film's climax. Grandfather apparently meets his demise when a grenade, accidentally set off by an injured Drayton Jim Siedow , Lefty and Leatherface, detonates in close proximity to him.

Mihailoff and his new extended family who regularly pour blood into his mouth to "feed" him; when one of the film's protagonists, Benny Ken Foree , opens fire on the Sawyer house with an automatic rifle, Grandfather's body takes several shots to the chest and one to the face, but the body is left for the most part intact. In the Leatherface comics by Northstar Comics, which are based upon Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III , Grandfather appears, though he is portrayed as extremely different in this appearance than in others; instead of the solitary and silent figure he is usually shown as, this version of Grandpa is depicted as a rambling old man with a habit of telling non-linear stories, he also seems to be much younger and more in shape than in the films he still seems to be much more sane and harmless than the rest of the family though and appears largely oblivious to his surroundings.

It is also revealed by the character Mama that Grandfather is not biologically related to the featured version of the Sawyer family and that he was abandoned as a child and subsequently adopted into it. Grandfather appears throughout the Jason vs. Leatherface comic miniseries by Topps Comics ; also in the comics, a picture depicting a much younger Grandfather is found by Jason Voorhees in the attic of the Sawyer house. John Dugan reprised his role in Texas Chainsaw 3D , in which Grandfather is shown sitting inside the Sawyer house with his relatives as they are confronted by Sheriff Hooper.

He is present when the residents of Newt burn down the Sawyer house and kill the family members inside. Chop Top is one of Leatherface's many brothers. Chop Top also has the same bizarre birth mark as his twin brother Nubbins, except Chop Top's is on the left side of his face. Both director Tobe Hooper and actor Bill Moseley state that if he scratches in the right spot, Chop Top will instantly "get off". It is in Vietnam where Chop Top receives his head wound by a "lucky gook with a machete ". Chop Top has pale skin, like an albino.

Tobe Hooper stated on the audio commentary for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 that Chop Top's character was originally that of the Hitchhiker, who had a metal plate grafted onto his skull after the events of the The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and was referred to as "Plate-Head", but the character later evolved into his twin, Chop Top. Chop Top is a deranged and sadistic individual who gleefully murders people when given the chance.

He possesses a " hippie "-like mentality and view on the world around him, stating that "music is his life" and revealing that he is a fan of the bands Iron Butterfly and Humble Pie. Chop Top often remarks about Ho Chi Minh and napalm , as he is a Vietnam veteran , and he also talks about having flashbacks from the war. Chop Top adorns himself in a variety of tattered, multi-color clothing. Together they attack a pair of drunk high school motorists who are in a smaller car on a bridge.

Chop Top and Leatherface kill the two men, not realizing that their attack on the drivers was being recorded at a radio station the two drunken teens had called using a car phone prior to the attack. When DJ Vanita "Stretch" Brock Caroline Williams plays the recording of Chop Top and Leatherface's attack on the drivers over the radio, the two brothers break into the radio station with the intention of killing Stretch, but the brothers' plan is not carried out. Leatherface, having become infatuated with Stretch, tricks Chop Top into believing he had killed her.

When the two leave the station, they take an injured co-worker of Vanita's with them. When Chop Top and brother Drayton Jim Siedow discover that Stretch is still alive after finding her in the Sawyer family's home in an abandoned amusement park called the Texas Battle Land which Chop Top bought using government checks , [17] the brothers hold her captive and decide to let the decrepit patriarch of the Sawyer family, Grandpa Ken Evert , kill her with Chop Top's help.

Vanita is saved when protagonist Lieutenant "Lefty" Enright Dennis Hopper arrives and engages Leatherface in a chainsaw duel. The battle between the Sawyers and Lefty reaches a climax when a hand grenade , accidentally set off by Drayton, explodes and kills Grandpa, Lefty, Drayton and possibly Leatherface, as well as presumably destroying the puppet-like corpse of the Hitchhiker. Narrowly escaping the grenade explosion, Chop Top follows Vanita to the top of the Matterhorn attraction in the Texas Battle Land, which the Sawyers converted into a shrine known as "Chainsaw Heaven".

Though Chop Top does not appear in the Leatherface by Northstar Comics, a reference to him is made through the use of his catchphrase "Lick my plate! The film was to serve as a prequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. The film was to feature Chop Top who had been captured and placed into a psychiatric prison.

Memories of how his family became killers and cannibals were to feature in the film, as he was interviewed by a tabloid television journalist. Bill Moseley portrays Chop Top in the film's trailer. Grandma Sawyer died at an unspecified time before the first film's events, although her obese corpse has been preserved by the family and was originally kept in the attic of the Sawyer ranch. Her corpse also appears in the comic book series, Jason vs. First mentioned by Drayton in the second film, who states "Oh Great Grandma in chainsaw heaven!

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  • A hitchhiking cowboy and brother of Leatherface, Edward simply referred to by the shortened name Eddie completely despises his real name - for unknown reasons - and prefers to be called "Tex", and goes into a rage when referred to by his true name. Tex is also seen wearing a female's cooking apron and painted fingernails, leading to the possibility that he is sexually ambiguous.

    Sawyer Brown Live - All These Years

    Tex is portrayed as the most normal looking family member, which helps in his family's capturing of victims, who believe Tex to be a regular person, however, when enraged Tex becomes highly psychotic. Film writer David J. Schow likened him to Norman Bates on the film's audio commentary. In the rated and unrated versions, Tex is killed when set ablaze by survivalist Benny, after Tex attacks him with an ax. In the alternate ending, Tex is set on fire, but survives, and then is killed when Michelle pushes him into a spike trap.

    Tex never referred to as Eddie or Edward is portrayed as one of the more sane members of the family in the Leatherface comics, actually showing some level of remorse for his actions. Tex is killed in the comics by Michelle, who beats and disembowels him with the very knife he was planning to butcher her with.

    Another brother of Leatherface and easily one of the least sane members of the family, he has a transradial prosthesis hook in place of a right hand for unknown reasons and an affinity for machines, chrome and technology. As he goes by two different names his real name remains unknown. Tink often makes devices to assist his family in the slaughtering of people, he also drives a very large, suped up pick up truck , which is basically a monster truck.

    One of the devices Tech makes is an extra large chromed out chainsaw for his brother Leatherface, engraved on the blade, a sort-of tribute and reference to his late brother Drayton, the reference being a quote of Drayton's from the second film "The saw is family" , another invention of Tink's is a swinging sledgehammer machine which quickens the family's slaughter methods, something brother Tex is grateful for as he personally dislikes the "hit to the head business". Tech also calls one of the main characters, Benny, an African-American , a "darkie", "brotha" and refers to him as "dark meat", leading to the possibility that he is a racist.

    Tech also tries to discipline his brother Leatherface by throwing his brother's walkman into the oven, however, this plan backfires when Leatherface forces Tech to retrieve it with his good hand. In both the rated and unrated versions as well as the alternate ending Tech is wounded, possibly fatally, when Benny opens fire on the families' house with an automatic rifle, blasting two of Tink's fingers off, as well as an ear. He appears to have died after the shooting, as he is heard saying to his brother Tex that he would be in Hell for breakfast.

    In the Leatherface comics, Tech is depicted as a former party loving hippie , like his brother Chop Top from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 , and is fixated with classic rock music and a "Chrome Machine God" he believes controls everything. He also mentions taking quaaludes and hash and lush and the purest lysergic acid ever come from Hashbury. Tech is fatally injured in the comic by being shot repeatedly by Benny, later dying in Leatherface's who admired Tech, who was his favorite brother arms.

    He is portrayed by Joe Unger. Another brother of Leatherface, he appears to be highly demented and perverted and suffers from a speech impediment and heterochromia. He wears a tattered jumpsuit and drives an old pickup truck. Alfredo is also seen kissing a severed head, which implies that he has engaged in necrophilia.

    At the same time he kisses the head, he mentions that he had a girl in Tupelo , but that she had to "go down below", implying that Alfredo has murdered women outside the state of Texas. He often rants and complains about having to clean up for his family, which includes tossing body parts into the bogs and swamps surrounding his family's home, he also bickers with his brother Tex, who explains that after Alfredo lost his job at the local slaughterhouse , he became insane.

    In one of his bizarre rants, Alfredo refers to his brother Leatherface as "stupid fuck-face". In Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III , Alfredo serves as the film's antagonist and is killed when, attacking Michelle with a sledgehammer in his pickup truck, she grabs his shotgun lying on the truck's floor and blasts him, his last words being "What are the chances a brainless bitch like you knows how to use that thing? It is revealed by his brother Tex, that Alfredo worked at the slaughterhouse, but like the rest of his family, he lost his job and went insane.

    The Leatherface comics depict Alfredo - drawn with an eye patch for unexplained reasons - as even more perverted, insane and dangerous than his film counterpart. Alfredo is killed in the comics' final issue, being forced underwater and drowned by Michelle. He is portrayed by Tom Everett. The mother of Leatherface and the rest of the Sawyer brothers, Anne is a bitter, aged woman who uses a wheelchair full-time and also has an electronic voice box, possibly from a tracheotomy.

    When Benny begins to blast the families' house with an automatic rifle, Anne dies after taking several shots to the chest as Tech watches on in horror. Anne's role is expanded upon in the Leatherface comics, which depict her as a stereotypical kindly old woman, capable of speaking under her own power and is also shown to be more dangerous than in the film. She's never referred to by name in the film, being called simply "Mama," instead. Mama meets her demise in the comics when her face is smashed in by Benny, who she was holding at gun point, using his automatic rifle.

    She is portrayed by Miriam Byrd-Nethery. Babi is Leatherface's daughter, apparently conceived from the rape of one of his victims. Babi carries around a dead infant doll, which she refers to as "Sally". In both the rated and unrated versions, her fate is unrevealed. In an alternate ending, she's seen at the end in the back of the Sheriff's car, probably arrested, however, her hands weren't cuffed. In the comics based on the film, no reference is made to Babi being Leatherface's child, with her appearing to be just another one of his relatives, possibly Leatherface, Tex, Tink, and Alfredo's younger sister.

    She is portrayed by Jennifer Banko. Vilmer is a rage-filled, psychopathic sadist and head of a family of serial killers , which includes two brothers: the excitable Walter Slaughter and the chainsaw-wielding transvestite Leather unlike the other films in the franchise, The Next Generation does not call this character "Leatherface".

    Vilmer is accompanied by his wife Darla, a woman who, while independently minded, often suffers abuse at his hands. Vilmer and his family live in an old dilapidated farmhouse.

    Walk with Me, Sawyer Bear by Richard Tepler | | Booktopia

    Vilmer drives around in an unidentified rural Texas town in his tow truck hunting down fresh victims to bring back to his house. He wears a leg brace due to unspecified injury; according to Walter, he has been shot and run over several times throughout his life. Vilmer primarily uses a Buck knife , but his leg brace itself can also be used as a weapon. Darla claims that Vilmer is part of a longstanding murderous conspiracy, the Illuminati.

    He is killed by a low-flying airplane while he and Leather chase a would-be victim, heavily implied to have been arranged by the Illuminati. Vilmer displays characteristics seen elsewhere among the murderous families in the franchise. Like the Hitchhiker in the first film and Chop Top in the second , he practices self mutilation ; like Leatherface in the third film , he wears a leg brace, although Vilmer's is a custom-built mechanical leg brace made from a hodgepodge of hoses, metal rods, and electrical devices, controlled by several television remote controls he keeps in his pocket.

    He was portrayed by Joe Stevens. A relative of the Slaughter family, Walter, like them, is an agent for a powerful shady government organization who has the family forcibly employed for the purpose of terrorizing society. His fate in the film is left ambiguous, as his head is bashed with a hammer by the increasingly unstable Vilmer Slaughter , seemingly killing W. Despite his somewhat stereotypical redneck appearance and general insanity, Walter Edward Slaughter who is nicknamed W. He often bickers with Vilmer's wife Darla, stating that before she entered the family, it was Walter who "put things together", referring to the murders.

    Walter also favors a cattle prod while torturing people, and his brother Leatherface for that matter. During dinner, Walter is seen talking to his mute Grandfather about the decline of family values. According to the original film's art director Robert A. Slaughter's" by Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel as a joke. She routinely suffers abuse and domestic violence at Vilmer's hands. Darla is one of the more sane members of the Slaughter family.

    She works as a local real estate agent with her office inside a small trailer near her home and frequently contacts Vilmer and his brother Walter over the telephone to tip them off as well as assist them with tracking down and capturing or killing would-be victims that pass by her office. She appears highly disgruntled under Rothman and Vilmer's control and is hinted at once having a normal life, making references to another husband living elsewhere. After Walter 'W. In the movie, Darla also speculates that her lover Vilmer is from outer space and that either Vilmer or his employers has implanted a device in her head which will kill her.