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  1. Sulle tracce degli antenati. L'avventurosa storia dell'umanità
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To "tread softly" would mean that you don't insist too forcefully or you are careful not to do something too strongly or you don't leave too much of a mark, not because you are secretive, but because you are holding back. And finally another possible translation is "tread carefully" which means to approach a situation with caution.

Sulle tracce degli antenati. L'avventurosa storia dell'umanità

In he A-B dialogue, it sounds like it means "be discreet" because one girlfriend doesn't know about the other two. But in the X-Y dialogue it sounds like it means "tread softly" or probably more like "tread carefully" - don't do something that will get your girlfriend mad at you. EyeCon said:. My Turkish is less than perfect, but I think the Turkish explanation says something like "to do something in secret without anyone noticing you" We can wait for a native speaker. But the original expression does mean something like 'walk on snow without leaving any traces. Thanks, now i need an explanation of the turkish explanation What's the literal meaning of the sentence, please?

proverb original version

It means do whatever you want but don't leave any trace, do secretly. I am new here. The other day i was watching something, and I saw a sentence in the Turkish language Funny that they mentioned the Asi river!! Is it the nonsensical dialogue to which the nonsensical interpretation can be attributed? However, the second review seemed to indicate that the theatre public, generally, was not dissuaded by such biting critical attacks.

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On the other hand, as we have seen, the production of Pygmalion by the Merlini-Cialente company with Merlini as Eliza at the Teatro Barberini in Rome in was a failure. They introduced new themes and original technical approaches in the theatre in line with those proposed by the Italian avant-garde, who scorned popular theatre and wanted to change it.

He even suggested that the social conventions and institutions, which were the very fabric of their lives, should be demolished.

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It was little wonder that in Italy, like in many other countries, some audiences failed to understand his plays, rejected his ideas and considered him a threat to the status quo they wanted to preserve. Works Cited Albini, Ettore.

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Genova: Edizione del Teatro Stabile di Genova, Cronache teatrali a cura di Giuseppe Bartolucci. Genova: Edizionedel Teatro Stabile di Genova, Alvaro, Corrado.

Cronache e Scritti Teatrali. Alfredo Barbina, Rome: Edizioni Abete, Apollonio, Mario.

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